If you never know what to say on social media posts, then this is for you. You procrastinate and prevaricate and end up posting nothing at all or very little. In this week's podcast, I talk about this 'staring at a blank page' feeling and give you a framework to help you know what to post.

You feel like nobody is seeing your posts and don't know how to fix that. Join me on this episode as I talk about the reasons why your followers (aka potential bookings) may not be seeing your posts and what you can do to change that! You make beautiful wedding flowers, so lets make sure the world sees them!

People are always telling you stuff like 'you need to post more on social media' & 'you can't have a business without social media' etc blah blah (That's me. People is me). But you just don't see the point in it so you have no inclination to post anything whatsoever. It's a chore. A grind. Is this because you tried it for like 5 minutes before and it didnt work? I get it. You want to see followers growing, more sales/bookings, physical money in your bank! But you tried it and didn't get those things straight away. I want to help flip that mindset. Social Media DOES work. The algorithms aren't against you. You just need to change what you're doing. Join me in this podcast as I talk about 3 reasons why you should be using social media in your wedding Florist business.

Join me as I interview Sam Jacobson of Ideaction Consulting about what a huge difference it makes to both you AND your business when you work with ideal clients as opposed to just taking on any job that comes along. Be purposeful about what kind of clients you attract and accept in your wedding Florist business and you will lead a more profitable and enjoyable business!

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Instagram Reels, everyone is always talking about them. They are pitched as the next big thing, but why do we need them? Listen to this podcast and let me explain some of the basics.

Join me today as I chat to Michelle from SavvyCelebrant.co.uk all about inclusivity and diversity within the wedding industry and how we as wedding florists can make sure we're including couples of different race, gender, sexual orientation with our online presence.

Michelle, as you'll hear on the podcast, actually runs a course which teaches wedding industry professionals how to be more inclusive, and I'm  so grateful that she gave up her time to chat to us about this issue.

LGBTQ EQUALITY WEDDING GUIDE - You can get this from Ky @the.career.queer

or /and

Access Michelle's course via


I get it, this past couple of years through the pandemic has been devastating to the wedding industry and emotionally exhausting to people like us Wedding Florists who work in it, so social media and website maintenance hasn't exactly been at the forefront of your mind.
Join me today as I give you a motivational pep talk and chat about why you absolutely need to put the effort in with your socials.

As a Wedding Florist of over 10 years, a certified Digital Marketer and a self confessed content creation nerd, I bring to you, Wedding Florist Social! 
At The Content Quarter, I help Wedding Florists across the world to boost their online presence. Get the right clients. Get more followers. Never be stuck for content ideas again.

Join me on Wedding Florist Social, where I chat all about life as a Wedding Florist, give you valuable insights and info to boost your online presence and share interviews with experts. Get your FREE guide - The Ultimate Wedding Florist Guide to Content Creation here - 

Join me on this awesome interview with Brandee Gaar  - Mentor to wedding professionals all over the world, social media pro and host of the She Who Dares podcast - as we chat all about Instagram reels, why they're important, how to come up with ideas and why you don't need to spend lots of your precious time doing them!