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3 Tips to Boost Your Website & Rank Higher in Google Search Results!

In today's episode of Grow Your Business, I want to give you small business owners 3 actionable tips to help you boost your website. 

As a business coach, content creator and digital marketer, I often see clients not paying attention to their site and wondering why they aren't getting traffic/enquiries/sales. Whether it be because they don't know how to make changes, what changes to make or how having an effective website will benefit them. But these 3 actionable tips will hopefully get you excited about your site again and help you start seeing results!

So enjoy listening. It's available on all the usual podcast places, Google Podcasts, Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and also on Soundcloud.

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In addition to this, i'd highly recommend that you get set up on Google Analytics so that you are able to track your progress, gain valuable insight into your website statistics and see if the changes you make are working.

Transcript of the podcast below -

Hello everyone. It's Vicky your content coach and welcome to my excellent podcast series. Grow your business. I hope that you find it inspiring. And please remember to subscribe while you're here so that you don't miss out on any useful advice or business knowledge. And you can also follow me in all the major socials, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Well, hello, and welcome back to my new grow your business podcast series. This is for all of you business owners, self-employed folk and entrepreneurs out there. I want to use my almost 10 years of experience in business now to help you grow your own business with stories and tales and tips from my self-employed life. Now, today, I wanted to give you some real actionable tips that you could take away with you and put in place in your own business. Being involved, primarily in online content and digital marketing. I tend to get super nerdy about SEO websites and buyer's journey and knowing how they all affect your business and increase your online presence in general. Now, one thing I do for prospective and inquiring clients is to do a free review of their online channels so that I can then in turn, make recommendations for them to improve.

Now they'll often come to me saying things like, 'Oh, Vicki, my website is doing absolutely nothing for me', or I'm getting no traffic or inquiries through my website, or, you know, I don't know why I bother with my website because I get all of my inquiries through Insta anyway. Now most of the time it's because they're doing absolutely nothing with their website. I don't think people realise that, websites take work and Google loves fresh content. So if you're not putting anything on or not the right things on your website, but you're posting on your Instagram every other day, um, then no wonder you're getting all of your enquiries and activity on there that just stands to reason. So today I want to give you three actionable tips for you to kind of take away, uh, take on board and kind of implement within your business so that you can start seeing results from your website in the next couple of weeks.

Now, just a little disclaimer here, you know, of course digital marketing can be a very complex and skillful thing. So, um, I just want to say that, you know, make, just making three changes, won't get you to the top of Google rankings or anything, but it is a start. And most importantly, they are actions that will help you to understand your site better. Uh, it'll help you understand what sort of things your, your site needs so that when you need to make changes or to it in the future, um, you know, a bit more about the sort of the, the backend of your site and, and what search engines require. So number one is your homepage, uh, or, or landing page. Um, I always say that you should think if your website, like you would your home now bear with me on this one.

Now, if you were to invite someone to your house for dinner, for example, you know, you wouldn't just expect them to turn up at your house with no front door and leave them wondering how to get in, you would have an attractive front door or at least one with your house number on it so that they would know it was yours. Then you would greet them, thanks them for coming, take their coat, guide them through to the living room. For example, offer them a drink, tell them whether loo is just in case they need that later on, for example, and all that sort of stuff, you do that so that they have a great first impression of your home and you, and that they're not left wondering where to go or what to do next. Um, they're going to have a much better experience at your house and feel welcome, and they're more likely to come back and tell other people how good your house is.

So basically your site is just like that. I would say have not only an attractive homepage, but, but one that tells people what they should do next. You know, if people have to spend any length of time and we're talking only a few seconds here, figuring this out, then it's going to be frustrating for them. And they're going to click off, they're going to lose interest. They're going to go elsewhere. Um, or just, you know, just not remember you, which I think is probably worse. they need to be led around your site with, you know, buttons, graphics, attractive images, uh, that sort of thing. So, uh, when you put this into action, bear in mind, what goal you want to achieve with this particular page? Uh, for example, with, uh, one of my other businesses, my wedding floral business, the aim on that site for me is to eventually get people to fill in the online inquiry, every form.

So there are at least three, three points on the homepage where the user is clearly, uh, directed to, um, the inquiry page. There is a button at the top and the header section, there's a link a little bit further down, and then there's an image further down at the bottom that you can click on, uh, that takes them straight to the inquiry page. Um, then there's also clear instructions as to what are the things they can do as well. So if they would prefer to sort of click on to view the four to gallery first or, or look at the testimonials, you know, that they might want to just be on my site to look at my work first and check me out before they inquire, uh, which is absolutely fine as well. But, you know, on those gallery pages, I also have buttons to direct them to my site.

It's kind of, you know, you like what you see here, great in choir, you know, and it's really easy for them and they don't have to search all over my site to wonder how to get in touch with me. It really is all about the user's experience with your sites. And in fact, Google algorithms, rewards sites with good user experience. You know, so if your site is taking too long to upload like longer than a few seconds, and, uh, you know, the, the, the people are just, for example, just viewing one page on your site and then going straight off it, then your bounce rate will be higher. And that indicates that they're not having a good experience. You won't keep pushing people to sort of keep on your site longer. I always say, you know, keep your website sort of sticky, you know, uh, lead them around your site, keep them on there for longer, make people fall in love with what you do, um, and make it super easy to get in touch.

You know, so bear in mind when you're making these changes, what your goal is and adjust your page accordingly. Um, so keep the page attractive, engaging, welcoming, and reflective of your brand. And, uh, you know, as I said, make it easy for people to know what to do next. Now, number two is to create some sort of an opt-in email, uh, to, to, to build up your email contact. Um, and is this critique the form of, you know, many things people don't like to give away their email addresses for no reason. Um, so creating something like a sign up to my newsletter or sign up to this event before such and such a date and get an early bird discount, or, you know, like what I have on my, a couple of my other business websites, I have subscribed to my site and receive your free smart goals template, enter your email address and get your free wedding planning, guide, you know, things along those lines.

And I'm sure we we're, we're all, we've all been in that position before. Haven't we, where we, um, you know, you'd hate giving over your email address. You know, you, you, you feel like you're just going to get spammed or, you know, things like that. Um, but if people are benefiting from putting in their email address into your site, um, you know, not only are the likely to, you know, it's more likely to keep them on your page for longer, you know, cause they're gonna feel like it's, um, more beneficial to them and it, and it's, it's their sort of page. So the one-on-one guests investigate further. Uh, but, but you know, it gives them a great impression of your company as well. Um, you know, they're going to have this, uh, you know, this early bird discount or this free template or, you know, free guide or whatever it is your giving in return for this email address. And they're going to look at that and they're going to think, yeah, I remember them there. They were a very helpful company. I'm going to come back to them again, but more importantly for you, it helps you to build your email list and helps keep people kind of keep on your site for longer.

Thirdly, and finally, uh, is your S E O and now a lot of people have their websites through, uh, the, the sort of template website builders, uh, such as Wix, which is what I use because that's my absolute favorite. I feel like I have control, uh, as much as much control as I need with that. Uh, but there are many others such as Squarespace WordPress press, um, and you know, GoDaddy. So, um, now one thing that can easily be done to increase your web presence and rankings is to go into each page of your site and make sure they all have an SEO title and description.

Now, this, these are just, uh, just to explain for anyone who doesn't know who's listening, or these are behind the scenes things on your site, these aren't something that the user sees on your site. So you will have to go into your, uh, Wix or whatever it is that you particularly use. Um, and you would have to go into each page on that, uh, into, into the appropriate section and enter an SEO title and description. Um, now everyone's sites, uh, will, will be different, uh, of course, but so I would recommend you research that a little bit. Um, but it's definitely worthwhile doing now, be descriptive about what's on the page as well. Every single page needs a different title and description. You can't just use the same one across every single page. Um, it does physically allow you to enter that if you want it to put the same one, but it really wouldn't benefit the end user.

Basically, if you are appearing on search engines, you know, if someone is looking for, uh, you know, an accountant in your area, you know, then you want to have it appear on that search result. Uh, but if you have, um, if a page comes up that isn't relevant to that search, then that's not going to be very beneficial to them, and they're not going to click on it. So be descriptive about what's on each page and use key words and phrases that are appropriate to that. So let's say for example, um, if you're an accountant and you have a page on your site about, uh, understanding HMRC obligations. So the, the, the title on that page could be something like what your HMRC obligations are in a small business. The description could be something along the lines of a radar guide to helping UK small business owners and limited companies understand the HMRC obligations, you know, or, you know, if you're, if you work a specific area or you want to target particular area, then, then you could, um, you could type something in addition to that.

So, you know, accountants in Manchester, for example, um, I think that's particularly important if you, um, if you do work in a particular area, because, you know, if, if you were searching for, if you want to appear on searches for accountants in Manchester, but you're coming up on searches for accountants in London, don't, you know, that's, that's not going to really work for you. Um, now exactly how you do this will, like I said earlier, depend on your site. It'll, it'll what, you know, what you do on Wix will differ from what you do on WordPress, for example. But I would recommend that you research how to do this, uh, SEO sort of health check on yours and carry that out as it will help you rank higher in the search engine results for the right searches. Um, so just to sort of recap a little bit, uh, number one, tip number one is to create a welcoming homepage that's reflective of your brand and has call to action, such as click here or check out or go shopping.

You know, you need to lead people around your site. Secondly, create an email opt in. So, you know, the, this is great for keeping people on your site for longer. Um, it gives them something in return, but it also lets you build your email contact list, which is great for reaching people in the future. And finally, uh, SEO. Uh, so, so as I was just saying there, you know, make sure each of your pages has the correct SEO title and description using keywords and phrases that you want to target. So hopefully, you know, with a mixture of these three tips you will in, in, you know, two, three weeks or so see some results on your site. It does take a, um, a little while to, to, you know, change organic search results as opposed to paid results. Uh, but I think it'll really benefit you and give your site a great boost. Thanks for listening to everyone. Well, thank you so much for listening all the way through and reaching the end of my podcast. I really do hope that these episodes help you to grow your business and help you thrive on your journey as a small business owner. And if you want to find out how I can help you grow your business through a mix of great effective content and expert, business coaching and advice from an experienced business owner, that's me, then get in touch through my website, email or social channels"

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