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3 Ways To Make Time for Social Media

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on Wednesday 6th April.

🌸Any of these you?🌸 . . Or maybe all 3? I've found that the 3 main reasons people struggle with posting on social media (or being consistent with it) are - 🌸 Lack of Time 🌸 Lack of Knowledge 🌸 Lack of Inclination I'll hold my hands up and say that in the past I've struggled with all 3! This week I want to talk to you about the lack of time. I know you're a busy florist and you've got like a gazillion other things to be doing, but making time in your schedule for both capturing the content (photos/videos) as well as posting it, is JUST AS IMPORTANT as turning up at a wedding venue, making a bridal bouquet, or holding consultations. Pro tip - When calculating your delivery/set up charge, always incorporate at least an extra half an hours time for taking photos, videos and reel content.

Well , hello there , my fellow wedding florist friend , and welcome to the wedding florist social podcast. This is the podcast for wedding florist to learn all about acing their online presence . I'm your host Vicki laughy , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now, and a certified digital marketer want to help you get the right clients, get more followers and never be stuck for content ideas. Again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding Flo guide to social media content creation today. Yeah, so I guess , um , so basically, well welcome everybody. I , um, will want to, I , I wanted to talk this week about , uh , well, you may have seen me post earlier in the week. Can never really hear me. Okay . Yeah. Everybody can hear me now. I think definitely just, I've just <laugh> it didn't work twice before, so I think what third time lucky were . Okay. <laugh> um, yeah, so welcome everybody. Um, now you may have seen me post , uh , on my socials earlier in this week , uh , about the , the three things , um, that stopped people posting on social media basically. So , um, those three things are lack of time, lack of knowledge and lack of inclination , um, that inclination are biggie, right? Because even if we do have the , the , the time or the know how , um, of the inclination , um , tends to get in the way, you know, there's other things to be , to be done in the day. Isn't that now I wanna specifically focus on the time for social media part of it today. Um, you know, it's something that a lot of us struggle with, you know , there's never enough hours in the day is a business owner basically. And , uh , social media is the often takes the , the backseat , you know, while , while you deal with, you know, with a life stuff and , and business stuff , uh, like school runs, dog walks, replying to client emails. Um, you , you know, actually making the flowers that you meant to in , in your , in your business , um, excuse me , uh , you know, having consultations things like , you know, the list goes on , um, and even if you do make time for it, it's , it's usually lasting at night and, you know, let's face it. You , you're not exactly at your best or bringing in enthusiasm to your social media when you're, when you're tired and a after a , a busy day, are you , um, so, you know, by the time you do sit down, know it , it's , it's more of a , a chore and a grind and, you know, it's certainly , um, it's not gonna help you be your best online, is it, or, or post your best stuff. Um, so you'll end up kind of just posting for the , the sake of it, really, for the sake of getting something out there on your Instagram, because you haven't done it in ages and that prompts this kind of this vicious cycle of , um, you know, posting it and then, you know, it not being effective. And then you getting disheartened because it didn't bring in the likes or the bookings that you wanted, or, you know, so , so you end up thinking why bother and then so on, and then it gets worse and worse. Um, so, you know, and do, let me know in the comments , um, or, you know, in , in the , if you're watching on listening on the podcast , um, let me know in the, in , in the notes and the comments there, depending on what platform you're viewing on , um, let you know, let me know what your thoughts are on that. Is that something you struggle with? Um, so what are the three things that we can do to, to help you with this basically? Um, well, firstly, I would say , um, remember ABCs , uh , you know, always be capturing content. Um, I mean, okay, that, doesn't exactly , uh , you know, <laugh> slot end of place. Um, but always be capturing your content , um, you know, throughout your day, be making time to take photos and videos of literally everything you do. I'm always saying, and my flower up members will attest to this. You know, I'm always saying everything is a content creation opportunity. And, you know, if you , um, if you haven't taken any photos of videos yes. Simply not gonna be able to post anything simple as that, you know, you'll , you'll not have anything to make a , a reel out of, or a story out of, or a , you know, to put on your Instagram good, or your Facebook page, anything like that. Um, you know, with all the best of intentions, when you , when you do sit down on , on the nighttime, you are really stuck. You , you're making a rod for your own back in a way because I , um , you , you're not giving yourself anything to post with. You're not giving yourself a choice of lovely images and videos and things like that. So literally be taking photos of everything. You do everything from a cup of coffee that you're drinking to , um , you know, something amazing that you've made at a wedding venue, like literally be taking photos of everything. And that kind kind of leads me on the, the next one as well. Um, which is changing your mindset on it and, and kind of open the importance of it. Um, you know, when , when you , when you start realizing that it's, it's just as important as any other task in your business, you know, it's just as important as sweeping the floor at the end of a busy day or delivering those wet and flowers a venue, or, you know, doing your bookkeeping at the end of the , the week or the month or <laugh> however often it is yet , yet you do it that they're , they're all just as important to each other though . There's , they're all important elements of , of running your business. And , um, so since you start realizing that it's just as important as any other task , um, that will help you give it a higher priority throughout your day, too. So when you're making it part of your work in practice , um , you know, I even for example , um , have a , you know, when I'm , when I'm doing a quote for a wedding, I even build that in to my , uh , delivery and set up charge. I always build in time to take photographs. Um, so you know it , but , but you , you won't be able to, you know, do do all this . If , if you are the kind of person who just , uh , is, is constantly rushing around and, and is , um, you know , if all you're thinking is quickly, we'll have, have to get to that wedding venue, oh , we'll have , then we'll have to get back. Cause we've got consultations this afternoon, or, or we've got like , uh , loads of funeral pieces to make , uh , this afternoon or , uh , you know, we have to get back. And then , and then by the time you get back, you're thinking, oh, no, I forgot to take some photographs, you know , um , build that into your day, be photographing these things as you go as , as well as, you know, photographs, if you're finished pieces at the end, if you're setting up at a wedding. Um, so you know, it it's just, just give it a higher priority basically. Um, and the third one is, is that there's always the option of , uh , outsourcing too . You know, I know it's probably not the cheapest option, but if it really , really isn't your CHAM , then absolutely , um, feel free to outsource it. I do the same with my accounts. I have an accountant and , uh , they take care of that. Um, you know, you may have a team member that could share that responsibility with you and take some of that , uh , load off your back. Um, you , you know, I mean, maybe you're in a business partnership with someone who, who could, you know, maybe that's more their thing than yours. Um, you know, they could take care of that and you could take care of other things that they don't like to do. So it doesn't have to cost you anything extra, but you know, if you've got help, then, then absolutely get someone else to take care of it. Um, it there's always the option of , uh , professional agencies as well to take the , the bulk of the task off your hands. Uh , I mean the caveat to that is , um, they must be good and , uh , you know, otherwise you might as well just throw your money down the toilet. So , um, you know, make sure you pick someone who, you know , maybe knows your industry and , uh , knows what people respond to. Um, another caveat is , is that you , you must still so maintain a personal presence on there too. You know, whether that , um, be, you know, posting to your stories for , for example , um, uh , you know, appearing on your stories or , or , or making sure your social media manager is posting in a conversational way, at least, you know, kind of getting across you on, on your, of social still, because if all your posting is just, here's pictures of pretty things that we've done, that's not very engaging. It doesn't give people any insight as to who you are or what your business stands for. Um, so hopefully that's helped you , um, let me know how you get on with that. And , um, thank you for listening. Well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding, florist , social, remember the hit subscribe so that you don't miss out any future episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the worldwide wedding florist community group. I look forward to seeing you there.

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