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Episode #11 - When you expect your post to do great...and it doesn't

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on Thursday 11th May.

You know that feeling?

The one where you spend loads of time creating a post, thinking it's going to be AMAZING and everyone will like it. Heck it's so good, you may even go viral!

Then when you do's crickets. Nobody like or comments. Hardly anyone appreciates the amount of work you put into that reel/story/post and you're left feeling totally deflated?

What makes it worse, is that someone posted a picture of their lunch the other day and everyone went crazy for it.

There just seems to be no rhyme or reason for it sometimes and it's infuriating!

I wish there was some secret sauce that I could give you to tell you exactly what steps to take to get that desired reaction from your followers, but sadly there is no such thing. If there was, then everybody would be popular wouldn't they?

Join me as I talk about why that's not important and why you shouldn't take it personally.

Well , hello there , my fellow wedding, florist friends, and welcome to the wedding florist social podcast. This is the podcast for wedding florist to learn all about acing their online presence. I'm your host Vicky Laffey and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now, and a certified digital marketer, I want to help you get the right clients, get more followers and never be stuck for content ideas. Again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding Florists guide to social media content creation today. So this week we are talking about something quite interesting. I think , um , we're talking about that feeling you get, you know, that , um , that feeling you get when you create a , um , when you , when you create a post or you , or you put something out there online and, and it just doesn't do as well as you, you think it , um , it should , um, we've all been there at one point and , and what's, what's made me think about that this week is something that's happened within my own business. Um, that very business, that very wedding that I was , uh , telling you about , uh , a little earlier that , um, where , where I was just so busy and I didn't have time to do any of the other content creation stuff that I, that I do, it was purely focused on weddings. This wedding was, you know, a , a , a big one and , uh , it's pretty well , pretty decent size for me. And , um, it just didn't do half as well as, as I thought it would online. And this is kind of, what's really made me think about this topic today. And what's made me want to speak to , uh , you guys about it , um, because we've all been there and I want to tell you why it doesn't matter if it doesn't do very well online. Um, and why, why , why it means absolutely nothing about your work and, and what you do and your business. Um, so I'm gonna go into more detail about that in , in a little bit into my sort of specific story that kicked that off. Um, but I wanna talk a little bit more generally first, you know, about, about the sort of thing. I mean, so you , what , you've all been there, I'm sure. And , and let me know , um, please do get in touch if you know , this resonates with you, that , that feeling, why you spend loads of time creating a post and, you know , thinking it's gonna be amazing and everyone will like it and, you know, maybe it'll do so well. It might even go viral. It's that good? You know, you feel that feeling when you feel really good about , uh , something and you think, oh , this is amazing, but then when you do post it online, it's just crickets everywhere. Or maybe , um, not as many people like or comment on it , uh , as , as you would've thought , um, you know, it's , it's not as good to them. It seems as it, as it, as it is to you . And, you know, maybe hardly only one appreciates the amount of work you put into that real, that story, that post, or that wedding. And , and it's kind of left you feeling a bit, deflate it a bit confused, a sad , um, but you know, what makes it worse is that's the one posted a picture of their, their lunch or their cat or something the other day. And everyone went absolutely crazy for it. Um, and there just seems to be like no rhyme or reason , uh , for this. Um, and it's not consistent either, and it's just infuriating and , and it's a little bit , um, a little bit sadden sadden sometimes, you know, you , you think, oh, but I thought that was really good and why don't other people think it's really good. And, and honestly, you guys, I , I wish there was some sort of , um, you know, like a secret sauce or <laugh> , you know, recipe or textbook or something that I could give you to tell you exactly what steps to take , um , that, to , to get that sort of desired reaction from your followers online. But hon honestly, there , there is no such thing. There is no secret source . And , but if there was like everybody would be popular, wouldn't they , um, you know, everybody would be, you know, at exactly the same level online. And honestly it would make my job redundant <laugh> if , if the , if it was that easy, because I could just create a blog telling you the steps of what to take to , to be popular online. And that would be the end of it. And , uh, there'd be no more reason for me to run this business. So, plus there'd been no more space for people online if everyone was just as popular as each other. So it's, it doesn't really work like that. Um, but honestly it's just about, it's mainly about continuing to just put your best self out there and doing your best and not obsessing over the results of every single post. Excuse me. Um, you know, you , you might be asking what this , um, this , this story is of mine and , uh , I'll sort of go into that a bit now. Um, but this one didn't , you know, it was one of those kind of big impressive ones, the ones that are great for your portfolio, you know, the , the sort of thing that, I mean, and I thought, you know, this is so good. People are bound to go absolutely crazy for it, but believe it or not, I actually lost a few followers on Instagram after posting about it the other day. And I , I was , it was , I was a bit puzzled by it to , to , to be honest, I thought, you know, that this is so good. It's , it's bound to attract followers if anything. Um, but then I remembered what I teach you guys <laugh> . And , uh , I started to take my own advice a little bit, and I remembered that the amount of likes and comments and things that this received on Instagram or Facebook actually bears no relevance to the quality of my work whatsoever. And, and honestly, guys, I could look at this piece of work, feel free to hop onto my Instagram and, and have a little look if , if you like, and let me know what you think. Um, but I, you know, I can look at that work and , and honestly hand on heart , say job well done. You know, I , I , I loved it. Um , there was a big arch, there was a huge aisle meadow . There was enormous statement pieces at the beginning of the aisle. And , um, and , and honestly the , the amount of likes and comments it got on social media is , is really only part of the story. I can honestly hand on heart , look at that and feel confident that yes, I've done a good job. Um, it looks amazing. Clients are happy, you know, heck I even made the bride's mom cry when she came to check out the venue on the morning , uh , happy tears. I'm pleased to say , um, I even got a handshake and a pick on the cheek off the bride's dad. Everyone was just over the moon with this. And , uh , it was, you know, it , it went down a storm. Um, and , and also what , what went really well , uh , for , for me is , um, I got lots of comments, not only from the other suppliers involved with the wedding, but also from the people who ran the venue. And this means a lot to me, this , um , they were saying things like how comment on things like how , how smooth smoothly the setup went and how , uh , quickly I put that arch up and, you know, just how chilled and smooth and, and quick everything happened. And that that's huge to me, that that means an awful lot to me. Um, it means just as much as the couple being happy because you know , what , what my peers think of me and , uh , how I'm seen by them , um, is , is , is huge. Um, so I can honestly hand on heart , look at that and say , I'm happy with that. Um , job well done, but I think one of the other reasons for it not doing as well, and this is one thing I've learned over the, my years of, of doing this, I've been doing this 11 years now is the color scheme. Um, so a lot was absolutely beautiful wedding. It was very sort of bright summary colors. And , um, although it's, it's , it's absolutely beautiful. Don't get me wrong. But if one thing I've learned over the years is that it , that's not going to appeal to the masses in the same way that , um, you know, the, sort of the safe blush ivory , um , kind of eucalyps sea sort of weddings do. Um, and that's not to say that it's not as good, it's just doesn't appeal to that many people, you know, the , the , the B bushes , the whites ivory, eucalyptus, you know , you know, the sort of waiting , I mean , um, there that that's safe, you know, that's, that's, it's gonna appeal to a lot more people cuz it's safe. It's pretty it's wedding E um , and that, those sorts of things in my experience anyway, have always done much better online , um, than the ones that are, you know , bright summary colors or strong auto sort of colors. So you , you know , those things are fantastic, but they're not , they're just not gonna appeal to as many people in my experience. Um, so this is why I wanted to sort of tell you why , why I'm actually not that bothered that I've lost a few followers over it because your online presence is , uh , all about attracting the right sort of people for you. And , and this is the thing it's not about getting, you know, 20 million followers or , um, you know, each post getting thousands of likes , uh , all those , those things are always great and you , and if you get those, you should absolutely celebrate them. But it's about attracting the right people for you. And I'm always saying this, I'm always saying, it's not about the , the big numbers. It's about quality rather than quantity it's , uh , it doesn't matter one jot if you get a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, if none of them are going to be converting into paying customers at some point, you know, or , or if those are people that just aren't your ideal clients, because what will happen is your inbox will be full of people who are just not right for you and it's gonna make your life a headache. It's gonna waste a lot of your time. It's those people are either not gonna result in a , uh , a booking or if they do, it's gonna be a difficult one. Um, and it's just, it's not gonna work you guys. So , um, I am happy that the stuff that I put out there is, is gonna be attracting my ideal clients. You know, my , my work is more about a , a style and a color, and I'm trying to move more into the colorful things, because those are the things that are giving me a creative buzz right now. And, and that creative buzz is one of the reasons I got into this industry and, you know, I really need it and I thrive on it. Um, you know, if I'm making something and looking at something and you know, what that feeling you get, where you go. Yeah, I made that. It looks fab, you know, and you go O <laugh> , um, that's, that's huge to me, to my job satisfaction. And so I wanna attract people who are , um, also who also want that sort of thing who are gonna order that sort of thing. I wanna attract the sort of people who will order these , um, the , these big arches and aisle medals and impressive looking things for the portfolio. Um, like this customer did last week because I, and apologies if you can hear the neighbor's dog in the background there , uh , hopefully not, <laugh> , it's barking away. Um, but yeah, I , I , I want to attract those sorts of people , uh , who have the budgets for those sorts of things who, who have the eye for that sort of thing. Um, so that's what I'm gonna post online. So the fact that I lost a few followers on Instagram, it means nothing to me. Absolutely nothing as far as I'm concerned, those are people who , um, weren't my ideal client anyway. And, you know, they're actually leaving space for people that are, because if your Instagram is full of people who, aren't your ideal client, they're not gonna engage with your stuff that you're posting. They're not gonna appreciate you in what you do or what's important to you. And, you know, honestly, those people leaving, that's fine. And you know, your Instagram always , um , you know , and Facebook as well, you know, likes and followers and things like that will always go up and down anyway. Um, but I did think it was interesting that I lost a few followers after this particular one. And that's, what's kind of prompted this conversation here. Um, so I essentially, what I'm trying to say is it , it's, it's, you know, all these likes and follows and things like that. It's only one part of the story. There's so many other , um, things you can measure your success against, and the fact that this post or this, this wedding , um , don't get me wrong. It did well, but it didn't do half as well. Uh , as I thought it would online , um, the fact that that happened , uh , it , it really doesn't phase me whatsoever because I am confident that I can look at that work and it , and know that I did a good job for everyone, not just for, for me, but for the venue for the couple everyone. And I know it's good. I , I don't need a few likes on social media to tell me that. Um, and like I say, those people who left, that's fine, they can go find their ideal florist and , um, not waste any of my time, you know, if, if they they're hanging around then that doesn't do the algorithm, any, any good. Um , you know, if , if , if you've got a hundred thousand followers that , um , people are , um, you know, kind of, they're not engaging, it's the algorithm sort of thinks. Hmm . You know, it's, it's not really going to be , uh , very interesting. So I'm not gonna show this to any more people. So those people leaving are actually doing you a favor. Um, no , I know someone's , uh , someone's watching this live actually has, is mentioning that , uh , they might be saying, you know, but can , you can afford to lose a few followers, but not when you've barely got any like me , um, what I would say to that is , um, you , you can afford to lose those followers too . You know, if you've only got a small following, then concentrate on building up that following with people that are your people, that those people that are your ideal clients , um, you know, this , this was only like a handful of followers that , that I lost. And it doesn't matter whether you've got thousands of followers or, you know, only, you know, a , a couple of hundred, those few people that leave. That's fine. Do not pay any attention to those people that leave or unfollow. You, you need to be building up , you need to be concentrating on your en concentrating your energy on , on putting out their , what your ideal clients want, not what everyone wants. Um, I can't stress you enough. It's not about the amount of followers that you have. It's about the , the quality of the followers that you do have. So keep putting out their stuff that your ideal client wants . And I'll go into more detail about ideal clients on , on courses that I do and things like that, and how to kind of figure out what they are and who they are. Um, but you know, essentially, you know, if, if you don't like making bright, colorful things, don't post bright, colorful things . Um , you know, because what , as , as , as people who work in a creative medium, you need to be able to , um, enjoy what you're making. Uh , so if you prefer making whites and blushes and, you know , uh , eucalyptus or whatever, then that's the sort of thing you should post. Um, if you don't like making the colorful things, don't post the colorful things. If you want to appeal to higher budget clients, then post arrangements of pictures , um, sorry, post pictures of arrangements that , uh , are the sorts of things that those clients will, will want. Don't post things of, you know, tiny little jars of flowers that they, they probably won't order. Um, so, you know, you can absolutely afford to lose those followers to , and in fact, they're doing you a favor if they, if they do leave and no matter how many followers you've got , um, concentrate your efforts on putting your best stuff out there, that , that the stuff that's gonna attract, the kind of people that you love working with. Um, and honestly the rest will follow. Um, you know, interestingly someone's just commented on, cause this goes out, out live as , uh , we are recording this , um, um, that they worry that people won't take me seriously enough if I have a huge following. And that's, that's very interesting actually. Um, uh , if you don't have a huge following, sorry, but, but they absolutely will. You, you know, if anything, you know, that can have , uh , cover sort of a benefit really , um, you know, it's, it's people , it's a small crowd, you know, and , and people might feel more valued perhaps, you know, but honestly, please, don't worry about the size of your following. It's about the quality of the people you attract, whether you , like I say , whether you've got like 10 followers or 10,000 followers , um, if, if you know, you could have a hundred thousand followers, but if none of them are buying from you or if they are buying from you, but it's a complete headache every time, and they're all just stuff you don't like to make, or, you know, anything like that, that then it's not going to , you know, that then that's absolutely pointless. You , you may as well have a following of 10 people that do regularly buy from you or regularly get in touch and engage , and who are a pleasure to, to work with who tell their friends about you because they think you're so good. Um, so please do just concentrate on that rather than , um, you know, the , the amount of, of followers you've got or the , the amount of likes or comments you get on a post, please don't take that personally. Um, you just, you just keep putting yourself out there and , uh , the rest will follow. So I hope that's been , uh , useful for you. I've just seen another comment here. Um, I found that I wished I lost a follower rather than getting taken advantage of by a halfhearted customer that yeah , yeah . AB absolutely. Um, yeah, this is it. You know, if , if those , uh , if those people are just gonna be difficult to work with, or you they're gonna take advantage of you , um, you know, things like that, I can't say your name, whoever posted that, but , um, um, yeah, you , you're absolutely right. You can do without the hassle. You absolutely can do without the hassle. Um, you know, it's not worth your time. It's not worth your effort. It's not worth the stress or the mental energy that goes along with , um, you knowing someone that, that isn't your ideal client, honestly. Um, it's Catherine in excess six making the coin . Hello , Catherine . Yeah. Um , yeah. Sorry about that. Cuz I'm streaming on stream yard . It doesn't show me the , the , the , the names of, of people. Um, so yeah, so you've got 80 follows on Instagram, but it did get two wedding bookings. Exactly. This is exactly what I'm talking about. This is , this is the bonus. Yeah . Um, you see, on the flip side of what I was talking about , uh , during the recording there , um, they , this , you know, although this post didn't do, I mean, don't get me wrong. It did okay. This , when I was posting about this wedding. Um , but it just didn't do, you know, as well, you know, in my head it was like, wow, like <laugh> , but it wasn't, it just didn't have seemed to have that effect online, but that's fine. I don't need other type people to tell me that my work is good or isn't. Um, uh , but anyway, I digress. So, so I , I posted about this and it didn't do half as well. I lost some followers, but I did get two inquiries <laugh> for that venue. Um, so there you go. That's what I want. That's had the desired effect, you know, sometimes you can get, you know , uh , you know, thousands of views on something or, you know, a ton hundreds of likes or something, but none of it results directly in , in , in bookings or inquiries. Um, so which of those has done a better job, you know, I know what I would rather have. Um, so yeah, Catherine AB absolutely agree with you there. Um, okay. You guys, so , uh , I'm gonna leave it at that and , um, let you enjoy your day. I have a delivery to condition , um, in the, in the workshop. So I'm gonna go in and do that for this weekend's wedding. Um, hope that's been useful to you. Um, please let me know , um, if , if it has or hasn't or if you've got any thoughts on the matter or anything you want to know about in the future. And , um, I look forward to hearing from you, but , uh , you take care, enjoy the rest of your day and , uh , flower on you guys. Well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding, florist , social, remember to hit subscribe so that you don't miss out any future episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the worldwide wedding flourish community group. I look forward to seeing you there .

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