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Episode #14 - How using a proposal software can help you convert clients

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on Thursday 9th June.

There are lots of online tools/software out there to help Florists create proposals and quotes, but why should you use them? How can they benefit you? Join me as I talk to Steph from Lobiloo, about how using systems, benefits both Florists and potential clients alike.

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Speaker 1:0:06

Well , hello there , my fellow wedding, florist friends, and welcome to the wedding florist social podcast. This is the podcast for wedding florist to learn all about acing their online presence. I'm your host Vicki laughy , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now, and a certified digital marketer, I want to help you get the right clients. Get more followers and never be stuck for content ideas. Again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding florist guide to social media content creation today. Right . Uh , hello and welcome to this new episode of wedding FLOT , social. Um, I'm really, really happy to be talking to today's , uh , interviewee. Um, we actually have stuff from lo Lou , uh , which is an amazing system. Uh , well, I'll let her explain it to you in , in a second , uh , was it's an amazing system to help us florist with our , uh , proposals, quotes, things like that. Um, and the reason why we've gotten her on to chat is because I'm very passionate about as , as you all know about working smarter rather than harder. And , uh , I wanted to talk to her about the, the general subject of using an online tool to onboard our clients and how that can help us convert more inquiries into bookings and , and make our lives easier. So, you know, we're talking initial inquiry through to providing a quote or proposal and , and then actually booking the , the , the client the themselves. So , uh , Steph, first of all , uh , welcome and thank you for joining us despite the , the distance and the technical difficulties. <laugh>

Speaker 2:1:40

Thank you. I'm really excited to do this. I've been , uh , looking a lot at how floes work in your part of the world. And we actually have a lot more in common. We have a lot of similar gripes, like , yes . What are you talking about with clients ,

Speaker 1:1:55

Whatever country you're in. Yeah. <laugh> it happens like that. Yeah. Um, so step , um, you know, you work , you work for Lolo and , um, you , you know, I use a system called 17 hats and there are many out there, right there . There's honey book , there's curate there's , there's all sorts of systems like that , but I think generally what these systems are designed to do and why it fits in well with the podcast. And what we're talking about is because , um, I'm all about, you know, using the online presence in general to , um, you know, just to make our lives easier. Really. So there's, there's kind of two sides to this. So there's , um, impressing clients , um, you know, with maybe a , a quick turnaround or a great looking professional system and, you know, helping them envision the day and, and things like that. Uh , and then there's the, you know, making your life easier, making the flourish life easier by having , uh , more of a, like a slick process, the like an automated process and being organized and , and keeping track of , um , your information and , and things like that. So there's the , the , the two sides to it really. Um, but using, using an online system, as opposed to , um, you know, just typing up an email or a word document, or, you know, a PDF or something like that. Um, could you explain a little bit about why you, you feel that that kind of benefits florist cuz cuz you're a florist, you , you see yourself as , as well you've got experience there.

Speaker 2:3:25

Yeah. So it sounds like first of all, you totally know all the pains of being a florist . And I do think , um , in my opinion, you impress the client when you can customize your proposal. Well, and also when mm-hmm , <affirmative> , you've shown that you're actually listening to their needs , um , which goes into budget, which goes into inspiration, which goes into like timing and mood and , and all of that. Um, so for me, having an online tool is really important for that. It's for the efficiency. I don't want my client to wait around and shop and get nervous and cold and go with someone else mm-hmm <affirmative> . Um , but I equally don't want to just give them like a , a proposal that looks a little rubbish that looks like I haven't really put a lot of thought into it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> so , um, I think that's kind of like really the key thing, whatever system you choose to go for mm-hmm <affirmative> it does need to meet those needs. It does need to, it , it does need to be easy to use. It doesn't need to be pleasurable, right? Like accounting's not pleasurable paying your taxes is not pleasurable <laugh>

Speaker 1:4:30

No, no, it's not. I , I think you , you , you hit the nail on the head there. When , when you said the word , um , sorry about the, there's a slight delay folks. If, if , if you're listening and we talk over each other technology is not always our friend . Um, but I think you , you hit the nail on the head there, Steph , when you said the word efficiency , um, you know, it's not only is that good for the client. That's good for , for us, you know, I , I can get a quote out within 15 minutes of hanging up the call. I could do it while I'm with the person mm-hmm <affirmative> if I , if I wanted , um, whereas in the past , um, I've had people, you know, I , I I've , I've perhaps met with them in either in a , in , in my studio or , um , mm-hmm over the phone or wherever it might be. And , and we've gone through a lot of detail and, and then it's, you know, it goes onto my to-do list, right. And , and then it can take about, you know, a week or two weeks sometimes to, to get done. And I don't feel good having all of this stuff adding up on my to-do list and the client, well, they , they , they want it as quickly as possible. Don't don't, they, they get excited. They want to know what it is. They want to make a decision. Um , so, you know, it's good for, for both of us to be able to get quotes out quickly and to be more efficient, because like I say , you don't wanna be working smarter rather than harder. Right.

Speaker 2:5:49

Mm-hmm <affirmative> absolutely. And I think these days , um, clients prefer to have an ongoing conversation. Mm-hmm <affirmative> don't know about you, but I frequently revise a proposal because she may, of all of a sudden said, oh, I wanna add this table piece. I'm gonna use it . Wasn't a wedding as an example. Mm-hmm <affirmative> because I just think it's something that we both share a lot in common sure . Is all about and stuff . Yeah . Right . But so let's say I'm having a conversation , um, with, with a , with a potential client and, you know, I give them a quote and they say, oh, what about this? And they draw something from Instagram or Pinterest and I have to change proposal. Um , so I , I do feel that proposals, these days are not like one paper and set that would make our jobs so much easier. We could just give the paper, go back to designing and mm-hmm <affirmative> , you know , when everything's done <laugh> , but , um , these days it's more of a conversation. And I actually think the estimation process is really important. Mm-hmm <affirmative> it saves youth . It saves them time as the client. And it saves me if someone doesn't like how I price something, they can just say no and find another florist . And that's good for me. Like it opens up , right. It opens up more time for a different booking or client that I actually may enjoy. So I do think online tools also accelerate the process , um , of decision making for you as a forest. I actually see them as more empowering, like, yes, it may take like two hours, actually. It takes less than that to learn a lot of people, frankly , mm-hmm <affirmative> . Um , but it may take you a little bit of time to understand the process, but what you're doing has such , such large ramifications for the rest of your workflow , it just makes things easy. And , um, as , as we talked before the podcast, like the two , my least fair task are selling and pricing. I don't like to attract clients . I'm like, if I could just stay behind, you know, the door and not do any marketing, I would totally be that girl. I just like, wouldn't we all , yes, <laugh> right . I just wanna like stay in my flowers, sleeping alone. Um , and the other thing is like pricing because it , and you know, there's so many floors who are, who are female, who, who struggle with this and all of us, we all underpriced ourself. It's like the biggest thing in the industry. Mm-hmm <affirmative> , you know , I know I need to do this. I have templates, I have proposals. I have all these flower recipes that I've done and I've priced successfully. And I can look back at the history and go, I don't care. I I'm gonna be confident of my pricing. I have my online tool. I know what I'm worth. It's calculating the math for me. Yeah . I'm just gonna go the price . Um, and I think that's what also what I find a lot of the newer tools like, so for lobby blue , for example, with the , a cost calculator, mm-hmm <affirmative> and a lot of other tools do as well. Um, I think that actually is the biggest difference between, of course you can use Excel or pen and paper. Um, but the online calculator there's so reassuring about it, there's something so reassuring, you know , when you put in stem counts it's oh, I can , right. You can put in 11 or 17 and yeah . Um , and I think with the online calculator, you can actually be more creative. You can actually put in even numbers, you can add tabulations, you can tabulate in like a labor cost and a delivery fee and all those things I don't know about you, but I get so excited. Like I've actually done this before for a client where I do something pen and paper, and I use my online tool mm-hmm <affirmative> and pen and paper. I , I forget to charge things.

Speaker 1:9:28

Mm-hmm <affirmative>, mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. It's , it's down to human error . Right, right. And , um, I think , you know, from a , from a , a professional wedding florist point of view here , um, you know, it's, it's very easy to, like you say, be more of a florist than a business person or a marketer, or , um, so when I'm, I found it much more useful to have a list of, of prices that I've figured out in advance, I put them into my system. So I just need to click bridal bouquet on my system or table center , a piece or whatever it is for , for the client. And it inputs the , uh , the , the item in , into the quote or proposal or whatever you choose to call it. Um, and , and that massively helps . And of course there will always be things that , um , you know, for example, if you want , you , you have a standard price for a bridal Booker, but this particular bride, once it dripping with orchids everywhere, and it's gonna be a bit more expensive, but you can easily change that. Um, but it's not figuring it out from scratch. It's not having to type it all into an Excel document every single time. It , you know, it's , it's , it's click, click done. Um, so I find that process , um, fantastic. And, you know, my , my clients are always well impressed that I can mm-hmm <affirmative> um , you know, and when I say to them at the end of the consultation , uh , okay. Uh , that'll be with you within the next half an hour, keep , keep an eye out in your inbox for me. And they're like, oh, okay. <laugh> um , because they've spoken to other floors , another wedding supplies and had to chase them for quotes. And , uh, it's just been a real grind, you know? Um, so , so that in itself helps me convert more clients because they think, oh, well, this is brilliant. Yeah . Um, you

Speaker 2:11:12

Know , yeah, yeah, no, absolutely. I think , uh , exactly what you said, having far recipes really help , um , for using them like substituting things. And I , I do feel like online tools do allow you to focus on what's really important. Like after you've done the estimation after half an hour, you can send it to them. You know, you can actually focus on sourcing the flowers. Mm-hmm , <affirmative> figuring out if you can even take the project with like multiple bookings or if you're , if , if you are a brand new for designer , um, you know, figuring out like who to use as a wholesaler, like that is actually the stuff that you wanna pay attention to and not really oh, you know, da , um , definitely.

Speaker 1:11:56

I mean, I'm , I'm always a huge fan as well. If , if not doing too much work in advance before you've gotten an actual booking, you know, before someone signed on the dotted line and I see so many other LORT , um , you know, on Facebook groups and, and things like that, sort of saying , oh , Hey, can anyone, I've got a , I've just had a consultation with a couple. And , and , and the bride wants this , uh , wants the roses to match this brides made dress color, and can anyone recommend a rose type for blah, blah, blah, you know, and , and all this sort of thing. And , and people are getting , um , putting a lot of effort into this, and mm-hmm , <affirmative> thinking about exact varieties and , and exact mm-hmm <affirmative> , you know, all of this other stuff. And before the person's even booked before , you know, they're just compiling the quote at this stage. Yeah. Um, whereas for me , um, I have my prices where it leaves a little bit of wiggle room. Um, you know, the designs are kind of up , up to me. I just know the , the colors that, and the style that the person wants. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and , uh , I can just say, click, click done it's in the quote. And then I even have the , the emails automated. Yeah . Um , well , well , a pre you know, the templates there, the , the templates for emails and things are set mm-hmm <affirmative> . So if I need to , um, you know, when I click to send the quote, they , they , I , I pick the email template and , um, within a couple of clicks, the quote is sent out there's , there's no typing out , uh , a long email to someone , uh , you know, it's just personalized. It's, it's almost automated. Yeah . Yeah . Um , so , so that process in itself as well really helps I find mm-hmm

Speaker 2:13:28

<affirmative> I totally agree with you. I also , I also secretly hope no clients are listening to this <laugh> cause if they knew <laugh> , you know, like, so for example, Lulu we're actually , um , we're linked to for abundance. So we have a depository of flowers, so I can just pull things quickly. And often I just pull like shades of white and shades of pink. And , you know, I'm like, honestly, most clients don't know roses from Carnation. I'm something there until I find the exact shade you want , but at least I've sent something to you . Um, I'm a very visual person. And most people come to, to as a kind of more visual, even the Pinterest and Instagram. And it really helps when I'm able to just connect their photos of inspiration. And I literally, I could , you know, I blow up the photo, I take a pen and pencil. I'm like, I'm counting this. And that's how I arrive the stem count . And I add like 20% , you know , just in case mm-hmm . Um, but that has been so illuminating for a lot of clients who think, oh, this looks simple. I just pulled it off. Pinterest mm-hmm <affirmative> five colors or five different things we haven't included, you know, just like the vessel itself. Um ,

Speaker 1:14:39

Okay . Okay . <laugh> sure the account cost much , right?

Speaker 2:14:42

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I , I think that's also like one of the things where I feel like having , um, an online tool that has visual components.

Speaker 1:14:53

Mm-hmm , <affirmative> , mm-hmm <affirmative>

Speaker 2:14:56

Those clients and share a picture, but when we see a picture, we see focal flowers, we go, okay, that's not in season. Boom. I gotta get something else, replace that we see, like foliage have no idea what that is. I'm just going to guess and estimate prices and there's this and there's staff and , and , you know, we , we sort of think things differently. Yeah . Um , and that's like one good example, but as another example of a , of a bride maybe who comes to you and goes, oh, this is like my mood, this is my venue. And you have to design things from scratch. And that is like infinitely harder.

Speaker 1:15:32

Mm-hmm <affirmative>,

Speaker 2:15:32

Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, what , what do you do in a situation like that? I'm curious.

Speaker 1:15:37

Yeah. Well, well , I , um, I , I, don't like to be too specific in the beginning, you know, if a bride or a groom or whatever they choose to identify as , um, you know, if they come to me with an image from Pinterest , for example, I know they're not exact , they're probably 99.9, 9% of the time. They're not looking for this exact bouquet . And I , I see this on Facebook groups a lot as well. Can anybody help me identify this, this flower on here and this , this circle a little flower in a , in a Pinterest picture that the , this , the screenshot from the bride , um , or the client and , um, you know, that then they're not looking for, for that. Um, they're not saying here's my inspiration picture, make me this bouquet. And if they did, I would strongly discourage them from that. Anyway, just the , the way I work, I , I would say to them, well, you know, we work with a natural product in , in a creative medium. Um , mm-hmm <affirmative> , so that's not possible. I could have the exact recipe for that bouquet. And , and , and still, it won't look like that, cuz that's another flu work and , and nature might make the orchids a little bigger that day or smaller or , you know , mm-hmm , <affirmative> , it's just not gonna be the same. So I don't even go into sort of stem counts and things at a , a quote stage. Um , it's literally, you know, that's my, my price for my , um , bridle book is , or centerpiece or whatever mm-hmm <affirmative> um, and I make adjustments , uh , like, like I said, if they want a particularly luxurious one or, you know, that sort of thing, I , I would kind of add to that, but I don't, I don't even promise exact flower types. It's all , um , probably a bit unusual in that respect, but it's all , uh , very, it's all about the creativity for me really. And , and I look at , um , the kind of style , um , that the , the , the clients after, and , um, I'll, I'll price them accordingly. You , you , you know, I will create something near the time, you know, when I'm shopping for their flowers online a week or two before the wedding, and I will say, oh right, that , that flower there would look beautiful that would achieve the sort of style that they want and that sort of thing. Um, so initially I think putting lots of effort into things like stem counts and , and things can be, well, it can feel like a bit of a , a sting when someone doesn't book, you know, I , I often used to, to do that , uh , you know, in the first half of my career and, you know, you put all this effort into it and then someone doesn't book and you feel really deflated. Um , it's quite sort of a kick in the , in the teeth, I suppose, when you put all this effort into it, someone doesn't book and , and sometimes they don't even get back to you. Um , and which is another subject, but right .

Speaker 2:18:28

Yeah . Right , right . Um , I do feel, yeah . Some counting can be , um , controversial, like in that way. Um , also because it does feel, you know, a little bit like crappy to go, okay, this and this and a bouquet can only have this amount of flowers and it's sort of like, it does go against the creativity a little bit,

Speaker 1:18:47

But a lot of florist work like that though, you know, they're more say numbers minded or , um , you know , they're very

Speaker 2:18:53

Specific. Yeah. And I think it comes from also the fact that we're working with a perishable product. Like not , not everyone, but a lot of people, I know account, you know, extra mm-hmm , <affirmative> always extra because you just make a delivery that has like two flowers that bent you're like , I wish I ordered a couple more. Yeah . <laugh> um , so it's sort of things like that, that I think like stem , counting is particularly important when it comes to learning, when it comes to achieving , um, your profit goal mm-hmm <affirmative> . But once you've had those templates and the recipes, and once you're really confident in your mockup formula and your profit goal, like that does get easier over time. And that's also, I think, like that's a whole point of learning these formulas. It's like learning what works for you, learning what works for the bride, learning what works for an easy client, or maybe a more challenging client. Um, and I think for like, for a lot of Flores , also , we, we are not great with our marketing, the statement of the , but where we do get a lot of clients is through word of mouth. Mm . And all brides know to each other, you know, you go to a wedding and you see something beautiful. And like , I mean, I dunno about you, but the first thing I'm like, where are the cards? Who is the forest ?

Speaker 1:20:11

Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2:20:11

I just , you know , and , or like, you know , same thing goes with the dress and the venue, like all of these things, you ask your friends, you trust your friends, who've gotten marry , you trust them and go on. And so like , um, they also tend to be like trends within the friend group. Like one bride will have all kids, as you say, and the next person will go, oh my gosh, it's beautiful. Have that color. I want brighter. Like , mm-hmm , <affirmative> , mm-hmm , <affirmative> brighter bouquets instead . And so on . So people use templates repeatedly because of word of mouth and they , and that's actually where the stem counting , um , and the profit margins and thinking about that becomes more natural, right ? Because you're getting all those customers from word of mouth. It's not a brand new customer where the stem counting and getting to know them, the estimation gets really tedious. Like oftentimes when someone's referred to, by word of mouth, the negotiation is, is , is usually quite smooth. Not always, but a little easier. They know your work, they trust your work.

Speaker 1:21:11

Absolutely. They've probably been to a wedding, like you say , of their friends. And, and they've said your flowers were amazing. Who did those? And the amount of times I've had people come to me saying, oh, you did my friend Kate's wedding or whoever. Um, and yeah, that , there's a, there's a hurdle overcome before they've even gotten to you there, you know, because there's a trust element there. Yeah . Um, so, you know, if, if you have that and then in turn, get a quote out to them or estimate, or proposal or whatever you do , um, you know, quickly whilst on the call or, you know, a few minutes after that , then it's a win, right?

Speaker 2:21:48

Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. I think the simplest tool , um, really works and also simple does not mean simple is not, does not mean the same thing to everybody. And so what is simple for me might be like a lot of work for you. I , I, for example, I , I don't really understand canvas still . So when people do the proposals in Canada , I'm like, Ooh , there's a lot of work. Like,

Speaker 1:22:13

Well , that's said it makes it look pretty, but where's all of the, you know, you have to the information manually and move the boxes around .

Speaker 2:22:21

Goodness . Yeah . But, but some people love that and it's also, again, part of their creativity and part of their artistry. Mm-hmm , <affirmative> , I , I do think proposals, you can think of them as like a way to express your art. Um, like

Speaker 1:22:33

Yeah . Yeah . Well, it gets your style across. Does doesn't it? Right. Um , I mean, certain systems , um , I , I mean, tell me if this is the case with , with yours as well with Lolo , um, you know, certain systems allow you to adjust the , the colors , uh , you know, that , that you can have your branded colors or you , you know, that sort of thing as , as well. Um , so yeah, I mean , there's a whole host of reasons , um , why it's , it's better for the client, why it's good to impress the client and, and things like that. Yeah . But in , in terms of making our lives easier, cuz I'm a firm believer in yeah . Building a business that you enjoy running and that isn't a complete chore. Um, you , you know, I'm, I'm a huge fan of kind of having slick kind of automated, easy couple of clicks kind of processes mm-hmm <affirmative> um , which is why I love these systems. Um, because you know, our time is precious and I dunno about anyone else listening, but you know, say you've, you've finally sat down of an evening, you've had your dinner, you've relaxed. And , and then you get an email ping through, on your phones , uh , saying someone's filled in an inquiry form on your website. Um, and even if you don't deal with it there and then it's , it's on your mind and you're thinking mm-hmm <affirmative> all right . Um , I'll add that to my Dodo list tomorrow. Now you can see the emails building up and you're thinking, oh my goodness, this is what I'm gonna have to deal with in the morning. Um, yeah . Whereas with, you know, with my system that I , I use , uh , 17 hats, like I say , and , and it's probably the same with , with , with Lolo mm-hmm <affirmative> , um , you know, I can , um, literally just within a couple of clicks because I've got my email template set up mm-hmm <affirmative> I , I can click onto that. Um , the button on that email, I can click to say inquiry decline or inquiry , uh, response , uh , you know, if I want to invite them for a consultation, it automatically fills in the email and then a click send, you know, so it's like three clicks I think, and it's done automatically. So that in itself , um , you know, it , it takes a load off me because I am not thinking, oh my goodness, I've got all this stuff to deal with tomorrow, but, and , and , but I'm also not interrupting my evenings by having to manually type out a huge email every time. Um, but also, you know, being organized and keeping track of information as , as well. So to have one system that you can just log into and all of the information is there, you know, if you wanna check on , uh , like a particular client , uh , you , you have to recall how much deposits they've paid or something like

Speaker 2:25:16

That. That's really simple . That's a , that's a big request on our end. You would , we would be surprised how many people like actually do do use that. Well,

Speaker 1:25:26

Absolutely . I wouldn't be surprised at all. Cause it's, it's , it's huge. Like you it's. Um, when I used to use , um, a manual kind , I used to type it up on a word document and then save that as a PDF. Oh, wow. Um , and, and , uh , it was just all confusing and don't , I don't wish to ever go back to those days, but , um, you , you know, I would have to, I would have to remember to keep all of this electronic stuff in one folder on my computer, back it up somewhere else, but also printed off for my file. And then I'm also thinking, okay. Right. Um, so , so when did they pay their , their booking fee or their deposit, or how much did they pay? And , um, just all of the details about that client are on one system. So, so I don't have to worry. I mean, I still print things off, but that's more to have a , um, a double, double check. I like to have things , uh , in two places. Yeah . But , um, yeah, it's , it's good to have everything in one place and , and

Speaker 2:26:21

It's true . Isn't , it's true . I do know floors who also have more robust systems, like they'll have a CRM and then something else for their website and a proposal system . Um, and you know, they do really well with that. Mm-hmm , <affirmative> so major props to them . And then there are others that are like much more like , uh , more like us who prefer to have one system deal with everything. I , I also have the same thing. Like with ALU , you can just put in , um , a web to lead form mm-hmm <affirmative> , so clients can actually direct directly just contact you there, request code. Um, you can send like, I , I can send just payable invoices and track payments on very easily . And so you can just make your invoices, like click to pay. Yeah . And I find that so helpful because I can just go back to one portal and check if they're paid. Yeah . If they haven't paid or if , if they haven't finished their payment. Um, but I think also, you know, it takes time to come up with a system and to get comfortable with a tool. And yeah , I have to say with, well, with , with any tool, I think you really need to know what's the intention, that's the first thing, like what your workflow is. Like, if you are someone who, you know, when you see an email, you're just like, oh , it's in your head , like , da , da , you have to set up like a fail safe for that. You know, like, I think that that's important with any tool. Um, you also need to understand your workflow . Are you the kind of person who, like, after you get off the phone, you'll send a consultation or do you have someone else who can do that for you? Mm-hmm , <affirmative> , that's a different workflow . Um, you also have to know, like, I , how are you with tracking payments? And let's be honest. Like it's always a little, oh , it's a little awful

Speaker 1:28:06

<laugh> but , but yeah. So keeping track of everything , uh , there's a whole , there's a whole range of, of ways that this can be easy , you know, being organized, keeping track of everything , um, you know , you know, making sure you're charging correctly, mm-hmm , <affirmative> , um , just kind of listing bullet pointing all the, the , the , the , um , benefits of a system like this really , um, having a quick turn around , you know, having a professional look to your system, helping them envision the day.

Speaker 2:28:32

That's just a

Speaker 1:28:32

Whole bunch of, of , of reasons really, while why having a system, as opposed to, you know, just a word document or a PDF or something like that helps. Um, and, you know, just to chat about more about inquiry forms there briefly before we go , Um, having, like you say , like a website lead form , um , that , that , that links directly into your system, whether it be lo Lou or 17 hats or whatever it is you use , um, it's, it makes that process all the slick, but , but also, you know, us flourish get DMS through Instagram or emails saying, Hey, you're free on that date, et cetera , et cetera . So people come from all over the place. Yeah . And , and to have that single point that you can refer people to and just say, yeah , that's great. I'm free on that date. Here's the link to my inquiry form. And , and , and they go to the website, they fill that in , um, helps massively because you can personalize , um, that you , you know, your form, you , you can personalize your, your , your quotes, you know, the , the whole thing and the whole workflow re really mm-hmm <affirmative> , um , to , to make it, you, to , to make it on brand. Um, and so just to sort of chat about the , the elaborate on the workflow , part of it as well, like , like you said earlier, you have to build a system , um , that works for, for you, cuz then there's no one cookie cutter system. Right . And it , and it does take a little while to set it up, but once you've got it, how you want it, that process is just so slick, whatever system you use. Um, so yeah, I , I , I absolutely massively in favor, we we'll we'll have links to both 17 hats and Lobi Lou , uh , in the , in the podcast show notes as , as well. Um, so yeah, so you guys can , can have a little look , um, but, but I'm a massive fan and I would , uh , you know, never go back to the , the old manual way unless , uh , I , I had to , um, uh , but, but if anyone's listening and, you know, I think, you know , maybe if you're first starting out or maybe you , you are a little , uh , you know, you've , you've , you've been in the industry a long time and you , you know, just doing things manually, like in , in writing or whatever is how you learned and you just, haven't managed to kind of get into a new way of doing things. Uh , you know, it can feel a little strange at first , uh , when you kind of start using a system like this, but , but once it's done, <laugh> , it's amazing. Mm-hmm <affirmative> , and , and I'm assuming you guys stuff have like a , you know, good tech support and things like that. So if people have asked , have questions to ask , um, you know, they can just pop you in email or whatever. Um,

Speaker 2:31:17

Yeah. Yeah. We actually have , um, a professional Floris a professional Floris to take care of tech support mm-hmm <affirmative> um , and I think like I do, I do see, I do see a lot of Flos getting , um, not , not , not so much recently, but I do see a lot of Flos like trying to sort of , um , use several tools at the same time. Mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> and, you know, I think , um, I do think it makes more sense to try a tool invest in it , um , for a month or two mm-hmm <affirmative> and then see how it ties into your existing system before moving on. Yeah . So for example, if, if you have like having a website up , that's already amazing, right? And then you have these DMS coming from Instagram , um, and Facebook, and maybe you decide, okay, I need a CRM, we need a customer like relationship manager, and you use that and you try it for a month and you realize, oh, I don't actually need such a robust system. That's good exit . Don't give yourself so much work, but then try the next thing, you know, the next you can try a software proposal system, and then next you can try like a marketing tool, like Hootsuite , especially starting out. We just, we just, you know, we just go crazy. We fire on all cylinders. Um, we try to have like a marketing software tool and TSU and a proposal tool and everything else. And you're like, that's too much do one thing at a time. So I think definitely making the workflow a bit simpler for you. I think that's like that , that was , yeah . Something I wish I , I learned a long time ago.

Speaker 1:33:00

Definitely. And , and , um, you know, having a tool, an online tool, whichever one, it is helps a consistency with that as well. So, so from a customer's point of view, that's really helpful. And because you know, that , that if they've asked their friend who did your wedding flowers and, and , uh , they, they said, oh , um, Vicky at floral quarter , she was amazing. And , you know, to give her a go , she was so easy that she got the quote out really quickly and yada yada . Um , and , and so they say that, and, and then this person comes to you and , and has a consultation with you and gets the quote. And it's a completely different , um, experience to, to what their friend had. Uh, that's gonna be confusing. They're probably not gonna book. Um, so having this consistency with your, like your email templates and , and your , your general process , um, uh , it , it really helps with the consistency and that , and that is , is , is a huge, huge thing that , that I think is , is overlooked with a , with a system like that. It's something you don't get when you are typing up word documents or replying to emails on the fly before you cook dinner, or , um , yeah. Yeah . Um,

Speaker 2:34:13

Um, so I, I listened to Jman lab . I'm a big fan of the podcast and , uh , I listened to a podcast about productivity and just your story about, you know, getting an email and then feeling the need to respond to it right away. Mm-hmm , <affirmative> , it just reminded me of that, where , um , the first eight hours of your waking day, you know, that's when ideally he recommends who Andrew Huberman recommends that we focus on analytical task. And then the second half of the day is second, eight , 16 hours. After, upon waking up, you focus a more creative, so like think morning and afternoon, right? Yeah. Yeah . Um , I do think the takeaway from that is like deciding to respond to an email at night. You're not doing yourself justice. You're not giving yourself the , the best, what way to impress the client. And no online tool can fix that. You know, no online tool can fix productivity habits. <laugh> like it to be real . It makes much more sense to actually batch your work. And then, you know, then I like to do, for example, I like to do all my admin tasks in the morning and get my workflow out and crank out all my proposals. And then the afternoon it's just designing. It's just creative works. And I , I set really hard limits on that, because again, doesn't , it doesn't matter if I have, like, I don't know the Tesla of like proposal tools.

Speaker 1:35:39

Yeah, yeah, exactly. I think that's probably a good, a good way to work at thinking morning and afternoon. So, I mean, the , these workflows, these online systems, these tools, all they're doing is reflecting a , a process that, that you have, you know, you , you , as the human design , the process, you then , um, you know, make the system, do what you want it to do. Uh , and that's the , the beauty of it. You can , uh , they can be personalized. They can reflect you and, and you don't have to fit in with them. They fit in with you. And I think that's what puts a lot of people off , uh , using a system like that , um, is that they feel it might, it might be difficult or awkward, or it'll not quite do what they want it to do. Um, so, so yeah, I love that. That can be personalized. Um, so, so Steph , I think we'll , uh , we we'll , we'll leave it there because , uh , you know, I , I think technology might be about to fail us right now . <laugh> I think in terms of the, the , the sound , uh , but, but it's been, yeah . An absolute pleasure talking to you. It really has , um, uh , you know, we'll put the link to, to Lolo and the show notes , so people can get their free trial and , and things like that. Yeah. Um , yes . Anything you wanna mention

Speaker 2:36:58

I to offer? Um , yes. Yes, I do. I actually wanted to offer , um , anyone who's listening to this podcast a two month trial instead of the two weeks that we , because I do think like, you know, as we talked about this entire podcast, hopefully through the technological issues, is that like , it takes time. Yeah. It just takes time to find your groove.

Speaker 1:37:22

Yeah . Two weeks goes so quickly. Right . So ,

Speaker 2:37:27

Yeah . Yeah . So once ,

Speaker 1:37:29

Well , that's very kinda you thank you much . Uh , really good. If you we'll put the , the link to that in the show notes, and you guys can take advantage of that if you wish. Um , but Steph thank you so much and thanks to everyone for listening and joining us and , uh , flower on , well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding, FLOT , social, remember to hit subscribe so that you don't miss out any future episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the worldwide wedding florist community group. I'll look forward to seeing you there.

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