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Episode #15 - Should you take on work that isn't your style?

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on Thursday 18th June.

One of my Facebook group members asked an excellent question the other day - Have you ever turned away work because it didn't fit your style?

This is interesting! Because what we put out there online is what we attract more enquiries for and we have a brand to protect too! Join me as I chat about the answers to this question and what us Wedding Florists can do in this situation.

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Well , hello there , my fellow wedding, florist friends , and welcome to the wedding florist social podcast. This is the podcast for wedding florist to learn all about acing their online presence. I'm your host Vicki laughy , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now, and a certified digital marketer, I want to help you get the right clients. Get more followers and never be stuck for content ideas. Again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding Flos guide to social media content creation today. So welcome. Welcome to today's. Uh , today's session today's topic is, is quite an interesting one. I think , um, this all came BA about because of a , a question that one of my group members asked me over on the, on the worldwide wedding Floris community group. Um, Samara asked , uh , the other day , um, just for some general opinions on, on the group. And it's great that we have such a supportive community to kind of come in on that. Um, she said, have , have you ever turned away an inquiry because it didn't fit your style of work? Um , she just, you know, just to give a bit of background to this, she posted a picture of her really , uh , sort of nice long trailing fill Opsis white orchid book , um, and a , a bride had center that as inspiration as they do. And they basically had said , um, you know, that they'd seen her online and, and that they'd kind of, you know , sent her this picture. Can you do this, that sort of thing? Um, we've all been there. We all get DMS with inspiration, pictures on and things like that. You know, let , let me know if, if that resonates with you, if you're watching us live today. Um, but you know, this is, I thought there was a really interesting topic and this is why I'm doing the live today because , uh , first of all, to answer , um , Samara's question a bit more thoroughly, but also because I think we could all learn from it and all benefit from it. Um, cuz I think if the , in this day and age of, of , you know, Pinterest and online searches, Google, social media, things like that, there are images everywhere and it can be a bit of a double edged sword. You know, it can be useful in some ways it can be , um, you know, useful to get a visual on , on what they're like. You know, I , I couldn't do my job without seeing inspiration images, for example. And you know, if a bride comes to me and says they want a more colored flower that's or a coral colored flower, that's one of those colors that, you know, everybody sort of has a different version of in their head. So I need to see an inspiration picture to see kind of what they're , um , what they're thinking of and uh , or , or if they say wild flowers and , and often what they mean is just something with us , like texture to it or things like that. So, so we need these inspiration pictures to be sent to us, to , to kind of fully get the , the vision across fr from the couple who are , who are inquiring. But sometimes, you know, in Samara's situation , um, the , the , the couples just aren't educated enough that they don't , they don't know, they , you know, this is probably the first time they planned a wedding and, and they don't know that they , they , they aren't educated. They send us pictures of things that are kind of unachievable for whatever reason, you know, maybe it maybe it's silk. And in Samara's case it was a silk , uh , bouquet , uh , or maybe it's availability or something like, like that, or, or maybe, you know , again, in Samara's case, they , they , they are , um , they've looked around for Flut , have liked her work, but sent her a completely different picture than her style of work. Um, cuz they just think, oh, that's nice flower . She's a good florist , you know, let's , uh , let's send her this picture. Um, so it's a bit of a double edged sword, but we can use it to our advantage. I think , um, there's , there's a couple of different ways this can go really, you know, you know, she's got the choice here, where could she take on this, this work? Um, or does she at this point decline before she spent too much time on it , um, before she's gone and had a consultation with the couple or , or, you know, provided quotes or anything like that at this point, she could just say, no thanks. It's not my jam . <laugh> , you know , uh , you can maybe even recommend some, somewhere else. There's no right or wrong answer to this either is absolutely fine. Um, you , you know, I , I , I am all in favor of, of using our online person . This is kind of, you know, a big basis of, of what I teach to you guys use your online person presence to kind of a filter out people who aren't quite right for you, even though they might be very nice people. They're just not your thing, you know, filter them out , um , and, and use online tools or , and you know, such as emails and, and , um, you know, maybe florist software or whatever it is you use , um, to make sure you're not spending too much time on it at these beginning stages, for example, because of like Pinterest and emails , um, Asmar has found out at this stage, like this client, it perhaps isn't quite right for it . And she can make a decision on whether or not to take this book and not take it further at all with , with this client. Um, so , um, I would be interested to know like what, what you would do, please feel free to drop me a DM or an email. Um, and, and , and let me know , uh , how you would handle this. But like I said , there's no right or wrong answer. You know, we , we have our brand to protect as well. So our brand is quite important to us. Um, so, you know, some , some flourish purely only do work, which is kind of really nice white, pretty lights and blushes and, you know, light and airy kind of colors. Others are very colorful. Uh , maybe they only do wildflowers or EcoFlow or things like that. And, you know, we do , we do have to protect our brand and, and be careful what we'll put out there online, you know, for , for example, myself, and I've mentioned this before, but , um, you know, I wouldn't, you know, budget brides, aren't my clients. They're not my ideal clients. Um, it doesn't work. I've been there, done that , got the t-shirt and, you know, I therefore wouldn't post things online that would attract that sort of person. So I wouldn't, I wouldn't post pictures of, you know, a small Mason jar with some hessian or Burla as they say in the us , um , around it , um , with some, some gypsy feeler in it or something like that, you know, because that's kind of very , um, it's very, it's , it's the sort of thing that low budget couples , um , want and, you know, that's fine for , for them to want that. Absolutely. But it's not my ideal client, so therefore I don't put that out there on my online presence. So in Samara's case, you know , um , and you know, many other cases I've had this myself before as well. Um, I , I , I don't know what makes people look at that, you know, at , at my work or , you know , Heric and , and say, ah , she would be perfect to create this bouquet that I've got an inspiration picture of. Um, <laugh> it's , I don't know what goes through their minds, but, you know, maybe it's just, oh, she's a good flourish . I'll , I'll contact her. Um, and they don't understand about brands and about styles and creativity and , and that's fine, you know, it's our job to educate them. Um, but you can either choose to take that job on or not. Um, think about things like, does it suit your brand? Is it worth your while, you know, I've done work, for example , um, that isn't my style because it's, it was a great wedding to work on and, and I was happy to do it. Uh , but it , you know, I just didn't post about it online really. Um, had a , a wedding at the beginning of the year, for example, and in , in there were , there were put lovely couple, absolutely lovely couple. And it was a venue that was like literally two minutes from my workshop and it was in January, so there's not much kind of other business coming on in , in , in January. So it was a no brainer for me. There were lovely people. I , I took, I took the job on and, and it was, you know, it wasn't just a , okay . So it was worth my while doing, you know, there , there was , uh , there was like 10 centerpiece , um, but the centerpiece were all , um , they were avid skis, so they , they , they were , um, you know, added them all in , in ski boats . And , um, you know, there was basically just so if you can imagine this was like a ski boot with flowers coming out at the top of it. And , um, whilst I loved doing it for the , for the couple and , and there were absolutely amazing, lovely couple , um, it , it wasn't my normal style, so I didn't really post a lot of pictures O of that online , um, because there is that brand to protect. And when you're posting things that are not on brand , um, it can damage your business more than you think. I think , um, you know, it confuses people. Um, I, I, for example, posted some pictures of a beautiful wedding I did recently, which was very, very colorful. Um, you know, all oranges, pinks, blues, purples, all sorts of things. And it was absolutely beautiful. Um, you know, aisle , Meadows, arches, you know, stunning. Um, but I lost a few followers online because they , you know, just, it, wasn't my normal thing, you know, that people see , see me do a lot of, you know, the whites and the blushes and things like that. And the occasional auto AU colorful wedding, but, but this was, was a bit different. So I did lose a few people and I think it was because of that. Um, however, I did gain a few lovely customers who were, who , who inquired wi with me. So I actually got physical inquiries, even though I lost followers. So, you know, in the case of Samara, she could , um, and if you've ever had this , uh , what , those who were listening today , um, if you've ever had this, you know, you , you can choose whether or not to take that booking on . She could take that booking. If, if, you know, she could maybe even just have that conversation with them and , and , and , you know, have a , have a consultation and, and talk about ideas and , and things like that and see if it is worth it while to , to do this wedding. Um, if it's not, then at that stage, there's , there's no love lost , you know, you can just , um , say no , no, thanks. I don't think it's for me kind of thing, or recommend another florist perhaps, you know , um , you could say, oh, I recommend such and such a florist , and this is absolutely ideal for them. I think they'll do a much better job of it for you. Um, thanks. But no thanks kind of thing. So you can choose to do that and decline in a nice way, of course, or you could choose to , um, take that on and just not post online about it. You know, there might be other ways that it's worth your while , think about why you're declining it as well. If it's just a case of , um, the fact that it's out of your comfort zone, if it's a design that you haven't made before, and it's out of your comfort zone, is that a reason to decline it? Um, cause often weddings like that are fantastic for your portfolio. It's just you, that's holding yourself back and, and you sort of being worried about, oh, I've never made this before. This looks really difficult. Can I do it? And , and yet you're sort of declining , uh , for that reason. Um, so maybe doing a wedding like that would actually make, you know , do you good make , make you better at what you do and push you out of your comfort zone? Cause I've , I've always said, you know , great things occur when you are taken out of your comfort zone. Um, that said, if it's just simply not your thing, then , uh , just don't take it out if that's fine to not take weddings on it . Um, you know, it's absolutely fine. You get to decide, this is what I love about being self-employed you get to decide what you do. You , you get to make the rules , um, you get to decide what your business is like, you get to decide what happens, what the rules are , um, and, and all the processes and , uh , what your business looks like. And , and I love that about being self-employed , um, in terms of weddings, you know, you get to decide what your process is and , and , and how, you know, what sort of couples you take on board . Um, you are under no obligation to take on every wedding that comes your way or every person. Uh , so, so you , yes, you , you know, you could absolutely take that wedding on. It might be that that wedding for in Samara's case was particularly good. Um, and, and maybe it's , uh , maybe it would be great for the portfolio or maybe it's at a venue nearby, or maybe they're actually wanting a lot of centerpiece and stuff like that as well. So it might be a really good job for her . Um, you know, there might be loads of ways, but you don't know until you've had that consultation with someone. And I do all my consultations over zoom or phone for , for initial ones anyway, so that I'm not making lots of trips to the workshop or cafes or anything like that to , to meet with people. Um, so it's not too much time out of my day. Um, so yeah, you can take those on or not, you know, she could choose to take it on and post about it or take it on and just not post about it. You know, maybe they're lovely people in every other way. And that's a good value order that she'd love to take on. Um, or maybe it's, you know, maybe it's just not a worth a while . Maybe it's just a bouquet. Maybe she will spend more of a time worrying , uh , about this wedding coming up and how she's gonna design it and , uh , all that sort of thing. And she passed to buy a lot of flowers and , um, and , and eventually those are the kind of weddings that you end up regretting taking on , um , because you're sort of thinking, you know , you spend too much time, you , you worrying and , and you're not getting paid for that worry time basically. And you , you know, when , when it's finished and over with you , you're thinking, you know what, I wish I just never said yes in the first place. So you get to decide what happens in your business. And, and I think Samara asked a very valid question. Um, you know, can , can you, has she , actually , the specific question she asked was just , um , you know, do you, has anyone ever taken , um, has anyone ever , um , knocked back work basically , uh , because it's not your style. And , uh, it's just, I think it's a very valid question, a very interesting one. And , um, you know, the answer is that you, you get to decide , um, you know, if, if you really, really, really don't wanna do it, that's, that's fine. Uh , if you do wanna do it, you know, you can either choose to do it and post about it, or, you know, do it and not post about it. Um, there are weddings let's face it that we, we take on that are , are literally just because, you know, we need , we need to keep the light on. We need to pay our bills and , and feed our families and, and things like that. Um, or in my case buds , I don't have kids or anything, but , uh , you know, there's all sorts of , you know, we need, we need to take , um, take them , get the money in through the , through the door. And , and there are those weddings that, that just simply pay the bills. And that is absolutely fine too, but does it mean that we have to splash them all over our social media? Not necessarily. Now, I'm always saying that everything is a content creation opportunity. You guys will have heard me say this before, and I will shout it from the rooftops till , till the cows come home. Um, you it's , it's true, but does it mean that you need to post a wedding like this? That's not your style that might do damage to your brand? Not necessarily, you know, but , but , but <laugh> , you could be, you know, while you're making that wedding , um, taking lots of photographs and videos of, you know, maybe individual flowers or , um, taking a selfie of you outside of the venue, or, you know, there's, there's so , or many content creation opportunities there, even though you might not choose to , um , post about the , the final design , um , because if you're posting things that out there that you don't want to attract more of, you know, in , in this case, it was a really big , um , white fill and Opsis orchid bouquet. Um, and you don't want that sort of back if you posting that out there that then , then you're gonna get that sort of stuff back . You're gonna get people who look at it and sort of say , um, you know, that was lovely. I love what you posted the other day. I , I , I want , uh , I , I want that too. Um, so if you don't want that, don't post it. Um, but if you want the job , uh , if you want the money and you think they're lovely people to work with, they're your kind of people then as they go for it. Um , but at the end of the day , it's our personal choice as , as , as business owners. Um, and I think that's the wonderful thing about being self-employed really. So , um, so yeah, I mean, I , I think that's, it's , it's an interesting topic to talk about about today. I hope you have , um, I hope you've enjoyed it and I hope if I hope you can resonate with it really do. Let me know if , if that has resonated in any particular way at all , um, you know, you can drop reviews or comments, or you depend on watch platform. You you're watching , uh , sorry , listening on. Um, so, you know, let , let me know if that resonates and , um, you know, I think it is an interesting topic. What we put out there online is what we attract back. So you don't have to post every single design that you've made, or, you know, every, everything that , you know, think of your brand and think of your, the business that you want to run, essentially. Okay. So , uh , hope that's been great for you and , uh , flower on, well, thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding, florist , social, remember the heads subscribe so that you don't miss out earning future episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the worldwide wedding flourish community group. I look forward to seeing you there.

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