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Episode #16 - Getting your head around social media when you've been a Florist for a LONG time!

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on Thursday 22nd June.

Social Media, Websites, online forms, cloud storage...If the thought of these fills you with dread because you're an older Florist for whom the online world is still a fairly new and scary thing, then this is the podcast episode for you. Join me as a chat to Viv Bradford, fellow Florist & Coach, about the changes that have occurred in the industry over her career, how she got her head around social media and how important it is to your wedding florist business.

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Speaker 1:0:06

Well , hello there , my fellow wedding, florist friends, and welcome to the wedding florist social podcast. This is the podcast for wedding florist to learn all about acing their online presence. I'm your host Vicki laughy , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now, and a certified digital marketer, I want to help you get the right clients. Get more followers and never be stuck for content ideas. Again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding florist guide to social media content creation today.

Speaker 2:0:35

Well , hi everyone. And welcome to this , uh , next installment of wedding florist , social, really , really happy to have you here. Um, really greatly glad you're listening. Appreciate every single one of you. Um, but I , I wanted to talk about something a little , uh , little different today. So kind of a little tangent , um , rather than just trying to kind of teach you all things all the time. I wanted to get this perspective of a , a fellow real life flourish on this particular topic. Um, we're gonna be talking to, to Viv Bradford. Um , and she is , um , the , the owner of Mrs B flower company , um, who has been around , uh , a long time. I'll let Viv , uh , Viv talk you through that in a second. Um, but she's also a , a flourish business coach predominantly to , to , to new florist . And , um, I'll get her to, to give you the details at the end, if anyone is interested, the , the link to our group will be in the podcast show notes. Um, but we want to , to chat today about , um, those florists who have who've been in the industry a long time. Um, and , and , and they don't know how to use social media, et cetera . Cause I deal with a lot of Flut at different levels, different ages , uh , abilities , stages of their career, et cetera . And they come to me because they need help with their business and , uh , their social media and , and website , um, and just their wedding Flos business in general. Um, but some of have never learned about social media for business , um, because you know, so some of those are Flos who who've been in the industry a long time and, and are finding themselves kind of con confronted with this situation where they're having to, to learn about it and , um, kind of incorporate it into their lives, cuz in this day and age it's , it's crucial to business and attracting clients. Um, so , uh , first of all, I'll let Viv have a little chat Viv , uh , hello and , and welcome. That was a bit of a big preamble from me, but , but hello and welcome. It's lovely. Hello. Thank you for inviting me. No, it's, it's lovely to, to , to speak to you for the , for the first time thanks to online technology. Absolutely. Even though we did have a little technical hitch where we couldn't hear each other , that recording , which only probably proves VVS point even more. But , um, but, but VV , do you wanna tell the audience a little bit about yourselves ? You know, how long have you been in the industry, you know, or how you first started out and things, things like that.

Speaker 3:3:01

Absolutely. Um, so, well my first put in hole I made when I was seven. Wow . And my aunt worked part-time in a florist and I just loved being there with her. Mm . Um , so she used to take me and we used to make trays and trays of Carnation, but holes wrapped in silver paper. Oh , I

Speaker 2:3:18

Remember those

Speaker 3:3:18

Trendy in their dad . <laugh>

Speaker 2:3:20


Speaker 3:3:21

So I've moved on a little bit from that. Um, went to live in west Germany in the eighties and actually trained as a florist over there. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um , and when I came back to the UK, I couldn't get a job because I could only do a hand tied bouquet mm-hmm <affirmative> and here we were still doing bouquets in those cake bag things. Do you remember

Speaker 2:3:39

Those? Oh yes. Those flat bouquet. Yeah . You said ? Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3:3:43

Um , so at hand was a , was a strange and exotic beast to the UK in the late 1980s

Speaker 2:3:49

For those American Flos who are watching us. We we're talking about the European hand tide bookie as you guys call them . So yeah, that , I didn't realize there was a day and age. I forget in the , I grew up in the eighties and it was all flat kind of Bookes what that you would normally just use for funerals now, huh?

Speaker 3:4:04

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah . So that was, that was quite an eyeopener. And I came back and then obviously I've worked in lots of different areas in Floris straight , um , opened up my own business after running other people's businesses and making them rich about seven years ago. And, and it is , I'm very lucky. It's been very successful and it's, mm-hmm , <affirmative> , it's very busy, but I'm at the age now where I feel, I want to give back a bit more to those that are coming up behind me. I was really looking , had some amazing mentors. Um , so that's yeah, that's part of my motivation now. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um , but, but like you said, social media for somebody of my age is actually quite difficult to get to grips with, you know, I can remember taking into floor orders over the telephone. Yeah . That's how we did it. So, you know, even email was a huge deal mm-hmm <affirmative> um , and while I've got to grips with the basics of it, it's not something that comes naturally. It's not like floristry. Um, for me , um , the other day my grandson was here who was 18 months old and he swiped the telly with two fingers and I just thought, that's the world you live in where everything is swiped to make it work. And he was genuinely confused that TVs don't work that way. Well, I guess some do, but mine ,

Speaker 2:5:16

Some do actually. Yeah.

Speaker 3:5:17

Yeah . <laugh> , I'm not that posh. I haven't got one of those. Um , and , and it's just really underlined the difference between what it's like for somebody who's perhaps just starting out their Flory career, you know, as a student now, straight out of school, mm-hmm , <affirmative> , they're immersed in this social media world, everything about it. Um , and then if you are a career changer or somebody who's been doing it for a long time, like me, it's actually a whole new skill set to learn. And, and I think we're a little bit scared of it. If I'm honest, I am definitely.

Speaker 2:5:48

Yeah. Well that that's, you know, thank you for being honest about that. It's, you know, it's , I deal with a lot of people who, who are like yourself and , and , and that they want to learn about such things . So it's really good for me to kind of hear the emotions behind that and , and , and what's stopping you. Um, but yeah, I mean, it's this , it's not just social media. It's it's websites, it's Pinterest, it's everything. The , the , the world we live in now is very different. Even from when I was younger, I'm a child of the eighties. And , um, it , for the first kind of 15 years of my life, there were no mobile phones. Um , I remember being at , uh , being about, I think, 13 , uh , and there was these new things called websites appearing. And , uh , you , you would see things on TV , uh , commercials , uh , with front of them. And you're thinking, oh my goodness, me , this is , this is a whole new will . Um, so whilst, you know, the Internet's been around for, for about, I think 40, 50 years now, it it's certainly, it's not been in common use to , since, till the mid nineties really. Um , and even then I didn't get my first phone till I was about 18 <laugh>. Um, but you know, when I was younger, the , the only computer that was available was one that was at , at the local library. And , and you had to book in to , to use it for an hour and maybe play games on it, or , you know, in my generation, there , there was at least, I suppose , you know, Nintendos and things like that starting to come about. So, but still, you know, I , I wasn't, I grew up in an area without , um, you know, phones, mobile phones, smartphone websites, really. Um, so what I've , I've kind of had both wills, I suppose, the first half of my life has been spent like that in the second half is , has been , uh , well doing what I do for you guys now and teaching you about such things. Um, but yeah, our , our , our consumers, our, our clients are also on online , you know, that they're using things like Pinterest and Instagram and , um, all sorts of things to, as a , as a tool , uh , to , to help them plan their weddings, not just as a , um, you know, some sort of, you know, leisurely , uh, activity. It's, it's , it's, it's an actual tool to , to plan their weddings with , so we have to be on there. Um, so I think

Speaker 3:8:11

You only have to think about the ubiquitous dragon fly Bo bouquet that we've all been sent from Pinterest , you know ? Oh , the white one with the gray foliage around the edge .

Speaker 2:8:22

Yes . Yes .

Speaker 3:8:23

I , every florist I know has been sent that , that pin from Pinterest . I mean, wow. If I'd have made that. Okay . I'd been so thrilled

Speaker 2:8:31

Yeah . For it .

Speaker 3:8:34

Yeah . Yeah . So many platforms to get your head round and , and now to as well, which apparently I'd need to get my head round to . Yeah.

Speaker 2:8:41

I'm only just starting with that to bit to , so , but, but yeah, it's , it's , uh , it's changed the way , um, the internet has changed the way our , our consumers think , um , you know, our potential clients and rather than coming to, to you , um, in say the eighties and , and saying , um, I want to book some wedding flowers in, please, you know, now they're coming to you and saying , uh , well, via an online channel, first of all. And , and then saying , um , well, I've seen these pictures and send you screenshots of this, that, and the other bookquet, you know, Kim Kardashians wedding, or something like that with a 500 pound budget and things like that. And it's , uh , you know , they come to that's, that's how they plan their wedding. That's how they get their ideas. They can't see , um, it's not that people don't have imagination of course, but , you know, they , they can't see , um, it, that the complete wedding in their mind's eye without this , um, um, I'm , I'm , I'm rambling on a little bit there. So I just wanna get back on track with what I wanted to ask you about, but because this is like such a , it's , it's a really interesting subject. Um, but I , I would love to know about your experience of, of this. So , um, you , you know, you were one day working as, you know, a florist with a phone in a shop, and then, then what happened ? You , you know , you mentioned into flora orders at first .

Speaker 3:10:00

Yeah . I think then we started getting more and more by email, and then we had point of sales computers came in and , you know , you kind of learn that operating system mm-hmm <affirmative> and I think that's what makes it easier. And obviously now we've got so many platforms that are all slightly different mm-hmm <affirmative>, so there's a whole myriad of things out there that you need to kind of get your head around as a business owner. Mm-hmm <affirmative> do you just pick two and concentrate on those? Do you try and spread yourself and, you know, go on all of them? I think there's particularly for somebody of my age who's , um , you know, a more mature lady I'm in my mid fifties now, mm-hmm , <affirmative> , um , there's a lot of things to consider and to keep abreast of all of it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> is actually sometimes quite difficult and the changes that come along and obviously Facebook introduce new features all the time, Instagram, you know, you think you've got a handle on it and suddenly there's something different next week that you haven't got a handle on mm-hmm <affirmative> so, yeah. You always feel like you one step behind or I do. Definitely. Um , and, and also there's a flip side to social media whereby it's great when your customers are nice, but also there's a , another side to that where, you know , we have to put up with reviews from people who've never actually used us, or, you know, people can decide that they are gonna have a little dig or, and it's, you know , that's a whole learning curve in itself.

Speaker 2:11:22

Oh my goodness. Yeah . You know, we could do a whole podcast absolutely . On that . I think. Absolutely. So at , at what point did your business , um, you know, ha get a Facebook page and , and things like that, for example, and , and what made you kind of think I really need to get this Facebook page.

Speaker 3:11:38

I sent Mrs. Bees up seven years ago and I , it has actually had a Facebook page from the start now . Mm-hmm I am no expert Vicky . I'm not like you , um, I'd love to be, but I'm just not, but I can make it work for what I need it to do. Yeah. Um , but equally I'm quite happy to reach out to a professional and say, I don't understand this. And if my business is worth investing in, then it's worth paying money to , to do that. Mm-hmm <affirmative> , mm-hmm <affirmative> um , I think, and I think a lot of, a lot of Floris concentrate maybe on, you know, doing training courses on their Flory , but don't actually see this as being part of their business, but these days it absolutely is. Mm-hmm <affirmative> , mm-hmm , <affirmative> social media is your shop window, particularly if you're studio based

Speaker 2:12:20

A hundred percent . Yeah. Yeah. Um, so I guess, you know, seven years ago was the first time you'd really started using , um , you you'd worked for the people of the businesses I assume before then. And , um, and did they have Facebook theaters ? And so yeah , not

Speaker 3:12:36

Brand ,

Speaker 2:12:36

No , to you.

Speaker 3:12:37

Yeah . I'm in , in rural link , so we're quite backward , <laugh> , it's a lovely place to live, but it's a very slow base of life . So yeah, it , it haven't quite caught up with the , uh , revolution. Um , so no , the , the shop I left had no Facebook page, didn't actually have a website at

Speaker 2:12:53

That point. Yeah . Yeah.

Speaker 3:12:55

Um , they do now it's been taken over a book by a bright, young pretty thing. Who's an amazing florist and a really good friend, so she's really on it. And , but I realized that if I was going to work from a studio mm-hmm <affirmative> , then I needed a way to get myself out there. And social media is amazing for that. Yeah . Um , and I kind of , yeah, right from the start had a Facebook page and then Instagram came later than that . I find Instagram quite clunky . I'm comfortable with Facebook and maybe that's because it's my age group that tends to use Facebook more.

Speaker 2:13:30

Yeah. I , I guess, you know, each platform has its own kinda

Speaker 3:13:34

Yeah , absolutely. And its own demographic

Speaker 2:13:35

Demographic. Yeah, yeah , yeah . That's the word I was looking for demographic <laugh> . Um , but , but yeah, this is interesting. I mean, you know, going back to, you know, you were talking about the excellent Floris , who's taking over the , that all the business that , that , that you used to work in. And , um , you know, when I first started out in , in Flory, I did work experience , um , in a shop that I actually ended up buying , uh , a year or so later. Um, and then the lovely Linda at the little flower shop took me under her wing . She was in her early sixties at the time. So she'll be in a early, early to mid seventies now. And , um, you know, she, she had nothing like she , she had no website, no email, no social media, no, nothing. Everything was done by via phone. Um , and when it came time to her selling the shop because of retirement , um, it actually it's sold for , for a lot less, you know, for , for , for a pretty good price actually. But I , I knew, you know, even though I looked at the figures and the accounts and stuff and thought, oh gosh, those figures are a bit low. I knew the potential in it. Yeah . Because first of all, people knew the shop was there, but also I knew I could bring social media , um, websites, all sorts of things on online channels in , into it , um, and , and make a success of it. And, you know, thankfully I did, I'm here 11 years , uh , later. Um, but yeah, so no , this is , this is quite interesting. So , um, so would you say it was , it did kind of change the way you do business and , and attract clients and things like that?

Speaker 3:15:10

Absolutely. Yeah. I can run my business without social media because that's how people find me. Mm-hmm <affirmative> , I don't spend money on advertising. It, it's all word of mouth and often, and I'm sure you find the same thing. You know, we've all got community groups on Facebook, haven't we , and somebody will say, I'm looking for a wedding flourish. Yeah . And that's when you start getting the tags and the hits and, you know, I mean, it's brilliant because I can be sitting on my sofa, eating my tea and somebody else is doing the marketing for me, it's bad . Um , but I do think you have to accept that it is part of your business and you do really have to be on top of that. And if you don't know, go and find somebody that can teach you so that you can have that because it's such a valuable asset , um , be able to just put post out there, you know, even if it's just to get rid of flowers that you've got left over, they're gone. Yeah . It's easy . You put picture on they, they go in no time at all. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um , so I think as hard as it is for , for me to grasp the technology and I do have to work really hard at it, I also understand that it is massively important to, to my business to be able to do that. And I think the pandemic in a way helped because, you know, we had to get to grips with zoom and things like that. And it was that, or not eat that week. So that kind of concentrates your mind a bit. So I think, you know, it , it is possible, yes, it's probably makes your head hurt and <laugh> , you'd rather be doing 1,000,001 of the things, but it is vital, I think, to business these days to be able to do social media well

Speaker 2:16:45

Hundred percent . And I was gonna ask you what sort of important you place on it , but, but that's kind of answered , uh , that , that I think, you know, whether you work , um , from a studio like yourself , uh , or, or from home, or even at , in a retail shop. Yeah . You know , social media and website's vastly important when I ran my retail shop, you know, I'm , I'm a wedding specialist now from a , from a studio. But , um , when I ran my shop, it , we , we couldn't have survived on just walk, walk in traffic alone. Um, and, and also, you know , you need a website and , and I, I spent a lot of money on a website that was no good at , at first and, you know, looked excellent and it functioned, but it just, it brought nothing in. And, and then I , um, from a recommendation from a friend, I , I went with a florist window website , um, which is, I , you know, couldn't recommend highly enough for , for those UK florist listening. FLOT windows was fantastic for my business. Um, you know, I mean, I know we we've got steering away from weddings right now and more retail, but, but it's , um, it was fantastic. And , and I started to get people coming into the shop who wouldn't have previously come into the shop that they would come into , maybe order some funeral flowers and say, we've seen this on your website where the family would like to order this. And I'd be like, okay, brilliant. Um, or you'd even get people ringing up and saying, hi , I would like to order , um, some flowers , uh , we're looking at the golden hand, tied bouquet on your website and I'm , you know, I'm thinking, okay, so you've found me, you're on the , you're on my website now. <laugh> , but you're still ringing up. Um , which I've always found strange, but I was grateful for the order nonetheless. But , um, so I think, you know, whether you're retail or not , um, you know, or a mix of both , um , you know, there's , it's just having an online presence is , is , like I said earlier, it's , it's your shop front , isn't it. Um , and I mean , you do a mix of like weddings and , and retail. Don't don't you?

Speaker 3:18:45

I do. I do. Although at the moment, I'm in the process of thinking where I'm gonna pivot the okay , business next, I may drop the retail and go on to , um , just do weddings and events just because I don't have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to, the business coaching and mentoring has taken off. And that personally gives me an awful lot of pleasure. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um , and I'm at the age now where, you know, how hard do I wanna work?

Speaker 2:19:10

<laugh> well , like that's ,

Speaker 3:19:12

I need to work smarter, not harder. <laugh> um , so yeah, I mean, a lot of people, I coach, they say to me, I'm not gonna bother with a website. I'm gonna do that a bit further down the line. And I'm like, no, no . Even if you only have a one page landing platform, get me

Speaker 2:19:27

That says ,

Speaker 3:19:28

This is who I am, and this is how you contact me, get it out there because

Speaker 2:19:33


Speaker 3:19:34

Will come , they will ring you and say, I , you know, I found your page or, I mean, I don't actually have an eCommerce website. Yeah. Um , but I still get an awful lot of orders from that website. Yeah . Because people can email, email me through it, contact me, they can see my work and, and they will then go on to make contact.

Speaker 2:19:54

Well, well, you , you , you and I can have a chat about that afterwards, because you should definitely, like you mentioned earlier, smart working smarter rather than harder, which is one of my big , uh , things that I say I should have it written on this. Uh t-shirt yeah.

Speaker 3:20:07

It needs t-shirt .

Speaker 2:20:09

Um , but it's, you definitely need one in , in , even in terms. Cause , cause what happens, those people will email you and then it'll be like , uh , email. Yeah.

Speaker 3:20:19

There is a time lag. That's the only thing. Yeah ,

Speaker 2:20:21

Yeah, yeah . And where , whereas if it's, you know, someone emails you soon , oh , I need some flowers for the weekend. It's like, great. There's my website. There's the link go order there. Um, and, and yeah, for a whole host of reasons that's important. Um, but yeah, we'll you and I,

Speaker 3:20:36

You could work on me later.

Speaker 2:20:37

Yeah. Um , I'll drag you and kicking and screaming into the , uh , 25th century. Um , but, but no, seriously, it's , uh , it's vastly important. But I, I found that, you know, in , in the times when I did retail and weddings , um, I found that the , the , the clients that came into my shop asking about wedding flowers were very different from the kind of people who found me online. And , um, this was one of the big reasons for me kind of pivoting back in 2016 and , uh , becoming a wedding specialist only because , um, like I said , the two clients were very different. The people who just came into the shop because I was the local flower shop, they'd been around the three other flower shops local to me. Um , they'd asked around, got some prices , um , you know, things like that. Um , whereas the people who came to me online , they came to me because they love my work already. Yeah . That that's one step taken out there already. They're they're coming to me. Their , their initial contact with me is, is online. They've seen me, oh, I love her work. I'm gonna get in touch. Um, so they're already kind of <laugh> on , on the hook I suppose. Um, you know, and , and they , they , they weren't coming to me because, you know, they , I , I was local to them or because they were just looking for, for some prices or , um, they , they , they got in touch because they , they loved my WIC . And , and I found that was a huge difference. So I actually split the branding. At first, I had a , a split the , the business into weddings and , uh , retail. So I had floral quarter weddings and , um , the website was very different and it was showing off pictures. You know, it had a , it had a message. You , you know, people who are shopping for, you know, I dunno a bookee for their grandma . Um , and they're on a retail website, you know, that the , the it's a confusing message. If it's all wedding work or vice versa, you know, somebody who's looking for wedding flowers, they don't want to look at like , um, you know, a Bo standard kind of website looking at funeral items and gift bookies . Um , so it's all about that, that message. Um , and

Speaker 3:22:35

I guess the nice thing is about online. You could have three shot windows if that's what you want. Yeah . Can't , you don't just have to have the one, you can be all sorts of things can't you hugely, because you could just have different things for, you know, the different parts of your business.

Speaker 2:22:50

Yeah, definitely. And that's exactly what I did. Uh , um, I mean, I , I , it worked so well that I, I closed down the retail side, went back in 2017 and, and I do weddings now. Um, so, so yeah, like, like I said , it's, it's hugely important to have this online presence. Um, so tell me a little bit about your, your posting habits then Viv as , as

Speaker 3:23:12

Posting habits

Speaker 2:23:13

Presents to social media,

Speaker 3:23:15

Right. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna lie at this point, Vicky and tell you that I look at my insights very often. Um, but I do know when I get the best hit , so I have got that far.

Speaker 2:23:26

Good, good .

Speaker 3:23:27

Um , so I know that , um, Mondays at six o'clock are really good for me.

Speaker 2:23:32

Okay. That's good.

Speaker 3:23:32

So I kind of plan over the weekend. Um , what I'm going to do is my Monday post. Now that might be that I've got like a couple of weeks ago. I had a cancellation , um, for later in the year, so that got posted. Um, it's gone again. Now it went within an hour really? Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, I also have started to schedule posts now. Now I've got my head around doing that. So if I know I'm really busy with weddings, it means that I can still , um, do it. I'm , I'm better on Facebook than I am Instagram, because I just think I'm not that comfortable with Instagram mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um , so I think if I put a bit more effort into Instagram, I'd probably read the rewards. Um , but it hasn't quite happened yet. No , it's a bit sporadic the post on Instagram. Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. So I am your typical 50 something woman. Who's kind of like, yeah, I'll get around to that. <laugh> <laugh>

Speaker 2:24:30

Well , I hope you do get outta no, but I I'm really impressed that you , um, place such an importance on it that, that you check your insights sometimes and you plan, and you, you know, you set time aside to schedule and plan things that that's fantastic.

Speaker 3:24:43

I think it's vital. I genuinely do, even though I find it such a difficult thing, it is vital to my business. Mm-hmm <affirmative> that I'm out there and that I'm posting regularly and that I'm kind of cooking them on the interest. Um , and I'm very much me online. Um , so I, I write in the same style as I speak. And sometimes it's funny, I think the post that got the most attention, I had a cash back done against me, which was fraudulent mm-hmm <affirmative> . Um , and I was upfront and I posted about it and that just went mad, the amount of comments and things on that. Yeah. So I'm very much be who you are out there as well, cuz people want to get to know you

Speaker 2:25:24

See . Yeah. I , I love that. I am always telling that to people , no matter, you know, what age or stage of their career or , you know, anything like that, that the Flut who I speak to are, I think a lot of people fall into this trap of, of thinking there need to be Floy and , um, you know, speak in a business sort of way. And , and I'm always trying to urge people to just, you know, be yourself online. And , and I don't think people get that. And , you know, I say a lot of florist just saying, you know, the salesy posts , hello, today we have this pink Booker . Uh , it is 30 pounds, you know, get in touch to buy , you know, and , and people don't,

Speaker 3:26:03

It's a bit boring, isn't it?

Speaker 2:26:05

Well , it is it what people trying

Speaker 3:26:06

To do with that. It's a bit boring. And I'd rather, I think if I went into a shop, I'd make a relationship with that person. Well, that's, that's an extension of what would be my shop mm-hmm <affirmative> . So they need to get to see the real fears they need to know me and how I work and my slightly bonous quirky sense of humor and that kind of thing. Um , and that's what draws people in. I get the right clients because I appeal to them by the way that I am putting myself out there.

Speaker 2:26:36

Love that, love that. Um, I'm so pleased. You , you have that sort of realization though, but you know, a lot of people think, well, yes, but I need to sell some flowers. I , I need to show off, you know what, and that's fine to do salesy posts now and again. Yeah . But

Speaker 3:26:48

Not all the

Speaker 2:26:48

Time, but no, you , you know, people, people don't look at you as the local flower shop or as their potential wedding florist and, and , um, say, oh, I am glad she sells that pink at 30 pound a ditch . Right . You know , it's , it's like, what is that? You know, so , so showing your , your , your face on online is , uh , well , not just your face, you know, your , your , your personality online . That's what makes people , uh , choose you over the three other florist that they've looked at for their wedding? Um, you know, there's, there's a particular florist , um, you know, near me, and she's fantastic that she's always getting involved in the community groups and , um , just sort of posting, hello, everyone, you know, there's no mention of come and get, you know, we have focus starting at 10 pounds coming on , you know, she's just, hello, everyone, you know, and I'm not mentioning our name on here. And , but she's always posting pictures of, of her and the flowers and , and just saying hi to the community. But if

Speaker 3:27:41

People like you, they're more likely to buy from you . I was in the supermarket the other day, and I'd posted a picture. I'd gone out for dinner with another florist who's local today . And we don't have that whole competition thing. No , at all , that we get on really, really well. And so we'd gone out for dinner and we , and we both posted a picture on social media and somebody tapped me on the shoulder in Morrison's and said, did you enjoy your dinner?

Speaker 2:28:04


Speaker 3:28:05

And I knew that she'd seen it on social media. Yeah . Now that was nothing to do with buying flowers from me. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but that lady and I, I don't know who she is , but we have a connection. Yeah . Because she follows me on social media. And I think we forget that actually people want to know what we are up to as people, and whether they'd like to buy from us because the buy-in will come

Speaker 2:28:27

Yeah. A hundred percent .

Speaker 3:28:28

So , yeah. Um ,

Speaker 2:28:30

So it's kind of, you know, for anyone who , um, you know, at your stage who , you know, maybe they're starting Flory later in life or as a second career or something like that . And , and they're having trouble , uh , you know, I , I get that sort of urgency of, oh , I need some wedding bookings. I'm just not getting these bookings, ah , panic, panic. And you just, you push salesy stuff out there, but, but you know, what sort of advice would you give to , to , to people who are maybe scared of appearing online or don't know how to appear online and, and just be them as opposed to , um , trying to, you know, shove their wedding Flory down people's throats and just say , come, come and book me, please.

Speaker 3:29:09

When I first started, and I literally knew nothing about social media, I went and followed some florist that I really liked their style that I felt was similar to the way I was as was a person. And I almost analyzed how they did their posts. And I structured my posts in a very similar way using very similar language, but they were people that fitted with me anyway, mm-hmm <affirmative>. And I think once you've got comfortable with that, and you've done a few posts and you get a bit of feedback from it and don't be afraid to share it, share it out there, get it in your local community groups. And the worst they're gonna say to you is you're not allowed to post that here. Well, I won't do it again, then I'm really sorry. Yeah . But you know, it's done its job. Somebody's seen you. Um , and I think with things like going live , you've just got to put your big girl pants on and you've just gotta get out there and do it because it feels scary. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but you do get used to doing it. And it does become natural in the end. I mean, I never thought that I'd do the things that I do. Yeah. You know, I , I go live off quite often and, you know, in different places to flourishes or, or, you know , to my customers or whatever. Um , I think you've just got to do it. And if you don't know how to do it, Dan will pay the money and find somebody you can teach you .

Speaker 2:30:25

Yeah. Like you spent

Speaker 3:30:27

Exactly like you Vicky , because you've spent all that money on your Flory training. And we all know it's not cheap to decide to do this, you know, good quality training cost Maly . So if you spent all that money on your forestry training, why would you not spend a little bit more to actually have another skill? Because it is a skill

Speaker 2:30:46

It's , uh , you know, a absolutely , um, you know, I'm always saying to people, everything is a content creation opportunity as , as , as well. That's another one of my sayings and , um, it's, you know, there's so many content opportunities, you know, like you say, your , your dinner , uh , or , um, you know, a dog's wandered into your shop or, you know , things like that . There's so so much you can be posting you sometimes you don't even have to appear on online and , you know , put your face online even , but , but your personal , it has to come across a line in your , your words, in your posts, things like that. And , um, you know, just to sort of carry on from what you were , you were just saying there in terms of, you know, paying for training and, and what have you, it's, it's just as important as the floristry side of it . I think , you know , people who like yourself who grew up in , in , um, just, you know, without websites and , and things like that in , in business, they , uh , and correct me if I'm , I'm , I'm wrong, you know, but , but you , you sort of, you don't, you , you , you didn't learn that along the way that, that , that was a way of doing business back then. And I , and I think sometimes for people there's like a resistance. Yes , absolutely. And , uh , no, I don't need that. You know, we can do business without that, or you , you know, you have to kind of drag them in , in , into the, you know, modern times. And, but , but I think that the most important thing to say there is, is that business doesn't work like that anymore. Consumers aren't like that anymore. Um , there's a mistrust if you don't have an online presence.

Speaker 3:32:14

Yeah. I think that's very true. I think people see you as a real business, if they can Google you

Speaker 2:32:19

Mm-hmm , <affirmative>

Speaker 3:32:20

Absolutely . That's just how it is .

Speaker 2:32:21

Especially for something like wedding flowers, where , where, you know, you're potentially handing over thousands of pounds , um , to , to book someone for their wedding. And, and if it's just, I mean, yeah, sure. A word of mouth is, is massively, you know, that still still works and it's still just as valuable. But if I had , um , say I'd been to a friend's wedding and loved their flowers, and I said to the , my friend , um , you know, who did your , those flowers, I wanna get in touch with them, I'd then go away and Google

Speaker 3:32:48

Them , check them out,

Speaker 2:32:49

Follow them on Instagram or absolutely things like that. And, and , um, get to know them a little bit first maybe, or , um, but if they didn't have that, or if they had an Instagram that was like really shoddy looking or , um, they had a website that was really clunky or Gordy , or , you know, it it's, that would really put me off or it would make me mistrust them, or, you know, even though I'd seen that work and how good it was in person. So , um,

Speaker 3:33:16

And I think if you're an older flourish, you have to understand that people getting married chances are probably a good couple of decades younger than you, and you have to be in their world.

Speaker 2:33:25


Speaker 3:33:26

Yeah , absolutely . And while people ,

Speaker 2:33:27

My age

Speaker 3:33:28

May not. Yeah . Do you know what I mean? You have to be in their world and, and look at it through their eyes and how they would look, I did 60 weddings last year. Mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> um , and every single one of those came to me online.

Speaker 2:33:41


Speaker 3:33:42

Absolutely . Every single one without fail,

Speaker 2:33:45


Speaker 3:33:45

How important it

Speaker 2:33:46

Is , kind of touch points , really, you know, there is recommendations and , uh , yeah , but people will see you , um, online. Maybe they've just come across you on Instagram, cuz they've seen you Instagram real or something. Maybe it's a recommendation on a Facebook group and somebody's easily being able to tag you in this day and age. People are very , um, our consumers. I mean, I'm a guilty of this myself. I can be a bit lazy, you know, there's more than one ,

Speaker 3:34:09

Nothing will are

Speaker 2:34:10

Something, you know, if somebody had recommended me for example, on a Facebook group, but didn't tag my business page that just wrote my name or just wrote text and didn't tag anybody or , um, it's, it's one more step than necessary. And those people are probably not gonna end up converting into a book , you know, where , whereas if somebody , um , tagged my page or linked my website, you know, so it was clickable and the person could easily just do one click and say, ah , okay. Yeah, this is the florist for me. Then, you know, it , it , it could all end up, you know, being for nothing. Um, you know, the , from a very well meaning kind of recommendation or whatever. Um, so , so, so yeah, there's multiple touch points and you know, people might find you there , uh , so of recommendation, they might then go on your website. They might then go on Instagram and, and you know, there's , it's not just one thing, you know, it's , it's not just a case of walking down a high street, seeing the shop, going into the shop and saying yes or no to a book. And it's, it's , uh , you know, people are very easily able to compare things now nowadays on online.

Speaker 3:35:15

Absolutely. And I think everybody goes and has a little Snoop because I do. Yeah . You know, if I , if I wanna try somewhere, I'll check out the reviews, I'll check out the website, you have a good Snoop don't you and see what they're like. So you have to be you on all of those things.

Speaker 2:35:29

Absolutely. And you , and you have to be on the right platforms as , as well. So , um, you know, the weddings, which is what this is mainly about wedding florist , social, you know, what brides and grooms are on Instagram, most of the time, you know, for the vast majority of the time , um, it's not to show you shouldn't have a Facebook page or anything like that, but , um, I think is a wedding florist. You need to particularly hone in your , your really honing your , your , you know , Instagram skills and really get proficient on there and post the right sort of things on there. Um, I even, I know some people say you shouldn't, but I even just cross post from my Instagram to , to Facebook, which isn't, you know, people tell you off for that. But you know what I means if , if you automatically on, on , on your Instagram automatically goes to your Facebook , um, because who has time for that. But , um , you know, a lot, my clients are on Instagram that that's where they're, they're not necessarily on Facebook. So it's about, you know, being on ,

Speaker 3:36:29

I think it's about knowing your platforms, isn't it. And knowing where your demographic lies. Yeah . Really

Speaker 2:36:35

Like for you in your business, you know, you do retail and weddings. So, so the , the retail stuff will be on Facebook. Yeah . And , um, you know, the , the clients who are thinking about booking you for your wedding or, or, or maybe haven't discovered you yet are on Instagram. Um , absolutely .

Speaker 3:36:51

And TikTok is coming up on the heels very rapidly.

Speaker 2:36:54

Yes. I don't think brides and grooms are there yet, but I , I am starting out with it. And , um , I just, I'm , I'm building up a present slowly on there and, and just learning about it , uh , so that when you know, those brides and grooms become of, of age and are getting married,

Speaker 3:37:11

Because that will be their platform. And that's where they'll be hanging out, which is my granddaughter's 11 mm-hmm <affirmative> . And she said to me, you've got to get on tip top now because that's where my age route will, will be looking in 10 years time. And she's absolutely right. They will be because that'll be their platform. MM's what they've grown up with.

Speaker 2:37:30

Well , there might be wholesome new, new NA thing by , well ,

Speaker 3:37:33

There will be. Yeah . And without doubt, hopefully by then I'll be retired. I won't have to try and get my head around without another

Speaker 2:37:39

One . You're like not another one. Oh my goodness. No , but it's , it's super important. Um, you know, it's , it's about, it's not just about kind of getting more bookings. It's about getting the right bookings. So , um, before we sort of wind up here, I just wanted to talk about that quickly because , um, I am hugely huge advocate of , of kind of getting the right clients as opposed to all the clients. And , um, you know, even in my membership, you know, we talk about, get the right clients, get more followers and , uh , never be stuck for content ideas again. So , um, it's , it's about getting those right clients through , cuz it can make such a difference to your business. You know, you , you're not just taking on any, any old thing, you know, any old book and um , you , you , you're kind of pre qualifying them with your online presence and sending them through your process. And you know, somebody may Google wedding florist , Newcastle, see my website and decide then I'm not for them. And that's fine that that's great. That's the website doing its job. Um ,

Speaker 3:38:44

And all for you having your own tribe because your own tribe makes your life so much easier.

Speaker 2:38:49

Ah , yeah.

Speaker 3:38:49

I mean that's a flourish because they get they've liked that. Yeah . You know , they've liked the way you are. They've got to get, you know, they've understood personality, how you operate the kind of things that you put out there. Yeah . You know, I mean, I've been doing it for so long. I've seen every style come round for probably the third time now. Yeah. But I'm not, I'm not flourished who will put , you know, a diamond pin in the middle of a Gerra . So don't look for , for that. Yeah . Do you know what I mean? Absolutely . So you are already setting your stall out and showing them the kind of thing you do. So like you say, you're getting the people who like what you do and like your vibe for want for a better word.

Speaker 2:39:27

Yeah. And this is why I send everyone the inquiry for one , my website, you know, even if I do get an Instagram DM saying, Hey, are you free on this date? Uh I'm like, yeah, here's the link to my inquiry form on my website. Absolutely . Like that's my platform. That's the only one that I own. And um, you know, I don't own Instagram or Facebook or whatever. And um, so , so people may look at my inquiry form and kind of say , um , you know, they'll look at the price guide, for example , uh , where it says , uh , I ask for budget and it says, people spend approximately 10% of their budget on wedding flowers and they might look at that and go, oh my goodness, no , I was only, you know , flowers. Aren't important to me. I , I , I just wanna bouquet for me cuz I , cuz I'm supposed to have one at a wedding. Yep . And um , that , that's fine. If , if at that stage they sort of say , eh , I dunno , she looks a bit expensive or that seems a bit too much or, or whatever it is then great. That that's my online present stage .

Speaker 3:40:22

Thank you . A lot of time and headache.

Speaker 2:40:24

I would rather they find out then yeah . Then , then uh , that they come in, have a consultation doing all of the , you know, quotes and things like, like that. Um, and , and , and then find out that it's too much for them. <laugh> absolutely. So, yeah. And then I think just attracting the right people who, you know, who want the kind of things that you make and , um, you , you know, just get on well with you who like your vibe and , and things like that. So, so, you know, your online presence, isn't, isn't about just getting all the bookings it's about, you know, attracting

Speaker 3:40:59

And the right bookings for

Speaker 2:41:00

You . Um , just , just quickly , uh , you know, do you use any other online tools such as like a florist software or cloud storage or anything like that? Um, in , in ,

Speaker 3:41:11

I'd like to say that I know what you are talking about .

Speaker 2:41:14

There , you , there you go . I just ,

Speaker 3:41:15

No <laugh> ,

Speaker 2:41:16

I would recommend . So like I , I use a system called 17 hats to , um , you know, to , to , for the onboarding of , of wedding clients and stuff. So I , um, I don't like create a quote for example, on a , a word document and then email or things like that . So it's like an online software that I use for that. And it's makes things super easy and slick and um, you know, people can just click sign to click and then, oh , sorry, click to sign rather. And , um , you know, it's done and there's even email templates and stuff that I have set up the way I want them and that. So it's a couple of clicks for me and, and I've , I've sent them a book in confirmation and then things like that , um, and cloud storage is, is things like , um, you know, somewhere online that you store your images and stuff from weddings. And so rather than being on your actual physical computer. And, and I ask that question because I'm just interested to see like the wider thing of , um, you know, cuz I think some people do have a , like an aversion to online things in general to sort of look at the computer, withdraw .

Speaker 3:42:20

I think that's me <laugh> I am that woman.

Speaker 2:42:23

You , you seem quite good to be fair

Speaker 3:42:24

Actually. You know , it's only cause I've had to force myself as a social media and now you've told me that there's other things I now need to thanks for Kenny .

Speaker 2:42:33


Speaker 3:42:33

About that's OK . I'm almost up for a challenge.

Speaker 2:42:35

<laugh> um , just, just adding tier to do pilots .

Speaker 3:42:38

Yeah. Do list got longer.

Speaker 2:42:41

<laugh> some people are just scared of online things in , in general they have an aversion to it because it's something they've never learned. So having a Facebook page is , is , um, you know, it's a big deal for them. Um , and you know, so , so if you are that person, you know, don't disregard what I say about florist software and cloud storage and things like that because you know that that's like , uh it's baby steps, isn't it . So , um, I think

Speaker 3:43:03

Once you've got comfortable with a bit of it, then you're a little bit more willing to learn a bit more about something else aren't you, it become becomes , cause you've realized , you know, you can't end the world from your computer. <laugh> any , you know, all the fairies aren't gonna die. If you click on the wrong link or whatever , um , then I think you kind of get used to it a bit more and then you're a bit more willing to try a few other things.

Speaker 2:43:25

Well , I dunno . I think my , my mom could manage to do all of that.

Speaker 3:43:28


Speaker 2:43:29

She be like Vicky , Vicky , what have I done? <laugh>

Speaker 3:43:33

Yeah , I must , my son does get a little bit tired. He actually works in the industry. So he is like, oh for God . So , and then he just the whole click, click click thing. And I go, I didn't see it.

Speaker 2:43:42

That hasn't talked . You just need to do this. Ma'am click, click, click.

Speaker 3:43:45

Yeah . Yeah . If that doesn't work, show me how to do it. I want to know how to do it for myself. Yeah, yeah . So, yeah. But yeah, I'll look into those things , Vicky .

Speaker 2:43:55

She says through grit teeth , I think it's , it's a different way of learning, isn't it ? You know, and it's something that's not new, not sorry. That is new to you , you know, it's , it's not , um, like you say, your grandson just , um, they, they are learning just accepting the will the way it is with swiping screens and , and things like that. But , but , but for someone like yourself who, who it is, it's actually a skill that you need to learn. Yeah . You know, it's it's , I suppose you have to be told exactly what the steps are and , and , and

Speaker 3:44:25

Things that , that is exactly how I have to learn. It is literally click this, go to that. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know , um , I have a, a book called social media for dummies

Speaker 2:44:37


Speaker 3:44:37

And I have to say that's exactly how it's written.

Speaker 2:44:41


Speaker 3:44:41

Yeah. So I can check things out on there and then usually find my own way round it from that point. Yeah.

Speaker 2:44:48


Speaker 3:44:48

Um , yeah. So, and, and I think, I think there's a whole thing about, oh, I shouldn't say that I can't do cause it makes me look stupid. Well, I think you don't, if you don't know something, you have to ask the questions to then be able to learn it. So first of all, say, I don't know . I just don't know that . So help me do it. Yeah . You know , and , and then that is how you will , will learn, but it is a vital skill to have in business these days.

Speaker 2:45:11

Absolutely. Couldn't agree more. Um, so I , you know, I would, I think we could chat for , for a long time about this. I know we we've only got a few minutes, but so in those, this remaining kind of few minutes, do you wanna just tell people a little bit about where they can find you if they wanna maybe check out your Facebook group and things like that?

Speaker 3:45:28

Absolutely. So I have a Facebook group called floristry coach. Um, and that is really aimed, it's like a mentoring group. So there's lots of educational content in there. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so there's files in there that will tell you what the best blush pink roses are for a wedding in mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> , um , there's a sample proposal, that kind of thing. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um , and we do quite often we do question and answer sessions. Uh , we have a , a show off Sunday, so lots of different things that you can join in with or not. You can equally be a member and just be quiet and absorbable mm-hmm <affirmative> um , it's a nice group. I don't allow bullying in my playground. So nobody needs to be worried about whether they can post and get ripped apart. Cause it gen genuinely doesn't happen. We don't allow it. Um , so yes . So you can find me at the floristry coach on Facebook. I do do one-to-one business coaching as well. And that's the place to kind of get me from is from there because my website is under construction <laugh> at the moment, as we say , because it kinda all came out of lockdown and it's all been a bit whoa , 1,000,001 lockdown weddings, and trying to build this side of the business as well. So yeah. But yeah, that's the best place to find me is in the Flory coach , Facebook group.

Speaker 2:46:43

Good stuff. Good stuff. Um, well, honestly, Viv , this has been fantastic. Thank you so , so much for

Speaker 3:46:49

How exciting for my first podcaster.

Speaker 2:46:51

Yeah. There you go. Yeah. I mean, you , you know, yesterday you were to talking about Instagram today, you're on a podcast, you know, there's no stuff like , um, that's brilliant. So , um, so yeah , so thank you so, so much for coming along to everyone. Who's

Speaker 3:47:05

No, you're welcome. I really appreciate you , uh , inviting me to do it. It's been so

Speaker 2:47:08

Lovely to , to , to meet you in chat as well. Um, but yeah, I , I hope everyone listen, has , uh , has really kind of resonated with that and, and found that really helpful to just hear someone else who is in their position and in their frame of mind. So , um, you know, if , if you have any feedback from that, if, if you know, this has been useful for you do remember to maybe put something in , in the , in the podcast review or , um, you know , drop me an email or . And I'd , I'd love to hear how this has affected you if , if it's useful for you. Uh , or if you , if you just resonate , uh , I would love to hear , um, so we'll , uh , speak to you on the next episode and , uh , flower on,

Speaker 1:47:52

Well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding FLOT , social kids have described so that you don't miss out future episodes . And if you want access to some free community in support , then head across to Facebook and look me on the worldwide wedding flourish community group . I look forward to seeing you there.

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