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Episode #17 - 3 Areas of Social Media to Focus On. Interview with Lucy Johnstone Social

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on 5th July.

As Florists we have so much else going on in our lives, that Social Media often gets put to the back of the queue. Then comes the guilt and stress because you haven't kept up with your socials or you don't have any ideas for posts. Join me as I chat to Social Media Manager and Content Mentor, Lucy Johnstone Social, about the overwhelm and 3 key areas that you can concentrate on when it comes to your Instagram and Facebook, so that you see results and don't feel like you need to be doing it all!

Speaker 1:0:06

Well , hello there , my fellow wedding, florist friends, and welcome to the wedding florist social podcast. This is the podcast for wedding florist to learn all about acing their online presence. I'm your host Vicki laughy , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now, and a certified digital marketer, I want to help you get the right clients. Get more followers and never be stuck for content ideas. Again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding florist guide to social media content creation today. Well , hello again, my fellow florist . Welcome to this week's episode of wedding florist social. Um, we've got a fabulous , uh , guest on today. We have Lucy Johnson, social who I'll get to , uh , introduce her in a moment , uh , who is a social media manager and , uh , content mentor. And I, you know, it struck me that I , you know, a lot of you are, you know, we're just one land bands. We're just solo preneurs as the same goes. And with the best will in the world , um, you know, social media goes to the back of the cube a lot of the time, doesn't it. And we feel this pressure to, you know, that we're falling behind or to keep up with it or you, but , but there's always so much more going on in life. So I brought Lucy on because she were in a masterclass recently, which was all about , um , how to help you focus on the social media, that she's gonna go through three areas of social media to focus on, to just help you guys with the overwhelm. You know , cuz we feel like we need to do it all. And we see other people or the Flut kind of really , uh , you know, just succeeded and getting all of the followers and uh , you know, lots of likes and engagement and you know, all of that sort of thing. And you are sitting there with, with two likes on the latest reel that you posted or uh , you know, it's total ghost town on your Instagram and you're thinking, what am I doing wrong here? And it just makes you wanna give up. So I brought Lucy on to , to help us with that. She's gonna go through the three main areas to focus on, but first of all, Lucy , uh , I am rabbiting on. Do you , would you like to introduce yourself? My love ,

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Thank you so much for inviting me Vicky . Yes. Hello everyone. I'm Lucy Johnston. I'm a social media manager and um , content mentor. So I help , um , women in business to learn about social media to build their businesses online. Um , and I fully appreciate the amount of time that it takes , um , to be doing this online. So my, my aim is to break things down, to make it easier for you to understand firstly, to understand the updates and to be able to make the most of it as we say, to sort of work smarter and not harder. So I try to incorporate those in the week.

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My , my followers are used to me seeing , uh , work smarter rather than harder. I think I'm gonna get that on a t-shirt uh , actually , um ,

Speaker 2:2:53

I think we all should.

Speaker 1:2:54

<laugh> absolutely . It's some excellent advice I was given 20 years ago and I it's always stuck with me worked smarter rather than harder. Absolutely. Um, so Lucy , um, you know, I followed you on Instagram for a while. There's the power of social media, first of all, you know, that's how I , I came to know you. Um, so it's, you know, it is , it's definitely worthwhile doing this whole Instagram and Facebook business because that's how you get to make connections and meet lovely people like you, Lucy. And

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I think that's it, like you said, people will be following you and, and not liking and not engaging mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> and they're just like, oh that somebody pops up on their feed and you're like, oh yeah, you are like constantly there. And they keep seeing you so that when, when you are in the mood , when you are in the frame of mind and when you do need something, you , it , they come to mind first and that is the power of social media. So absolutely. And it's not always the likes and the engagement it's people are always there looking and watching and taking in what you're saying. So yeah , not to get too disheartened with the , with the engagement sometimes.

Speaker 1:3:55

Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of lurs in the background and yeah , I forget the latest figures on this, but there is that thing of , um, you know, just before we get into all of this areas to focus on there is that thing of people need to see you a certain amount of times before they actually take any sort of action with you, like DM you or book you possibly .

Speaker 2:4:15

And , and I think that has gone up, especially in the last few years with , um , a lot more people on social media , a lot more businesses on social media and our attention span going down. So it's definitely there and I'm, I'm a Luer for, for other , um, businesses and it's something that you see somebody you're like, oh yeah, I know. I , I'm gonna have to think about that in about six months time. Mm-hmm , <affirmative> so brilliant and you keep seeing them. So it's not , um, I think lurk is the kind of the , the best really, cuz they're there, they're constantly there and, and taking in what you're saying. So you just dunno about it. That's all . So that's , if you , if you're worried about the post and the engagement keep posting, because there are people watching that you don't know about. So that's kinda

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100% . I mean, I , I , um , I've had people who'd book me for weddings. Who've actually followed me for a couple of years that , you know, they've been following me even before they were engaged. Um , you they're just hypothetically planning this perfect wedding day of theirs . And then when the other half finally does propose, you know, there's this start contacting all these people on Instagram. Yeah . Um, but they see , you know, in , in terms of, you know, we can't do it all. Can we, as, as small business owners, as solopreneurs, as, as that saying goes , um, you know, there's , there's always something else to do. There's the kid to look after or there's , uh , or there's the, you know, the delivery to be done or, or , or the accounting and the bookkeeping, you know , we have to be everything and, you know, with the best will in the world, social media goes to the back of the queue a lot of the time. Um, which just adds to that pressure cuz you , oh , I've gotta catch up on my social media. I must catch up. And uh , all of that sort of stuff. So, so , um, if , if , if somebody's in that position, if somebody's listening in , they think, well, yeah, that that's me. I don't have time to do everything that I should be doing in quotes. Yeah . Um, you know, what , what are there certain areas that, that people can focus on ? You know , what , what's three main things.

Speaker 2:6:10

So the , so the , the first main thing , um , I would suggest is to have a , um, phone stand set up where you work. So if you are , um, if you , if you have a workspace and you , that's where you finish your , um , your bouquets and that's where you do all the work, literally have a stand set up there. So every morning when you , um , or whenever you're doing your work, you have your phone and even have a little sign saying, start recording. So have your phone recording what you're doing. Um, because having, having content is something that, that's what we need. We need to be building content . We need to be , um, getting videos and behind the scenes of what you're doing. So if you have a stand already get into the habit of putting your phone there, recording you, making what you're doing, and then if you do that every single day, and if you get into a habit of it, cuz I think that's the thing until it becomes a habit, you , you are having to force yourself to do it and you forget it. Yeah. And you've made a beautiful bouquet and you're like, oh, I , uh , I , I could have done like the workings of it. And every time you make a bouquet, if you forget to do it during the workings of it, mm-hmm <affirmative> then just record if you have a stand or record it. Um , so even with a real, like , I would like to just have the phone really close to the , um , one flower and just pull it back slowly and say, oh , you can see the whole bouquet and that's you finished. You're done. Yeah . But that takes quite five seconds to do so do that for every single bouquet that you, you do or every single flower, everything that you do. Um, and then, so I'm kind of like, oh technically that would be really good if you have the bouquet sitting in your work space and then you get the camera and go close to the flower mm-hmm <affirmative> and then once you've set it up or , or the , the bride's wearing it up , wearing it, holding it. Yeah. Then you can do another video, really up close with the flower and then pull it back and then that's a beautiful reel. Um yeah . But until you start doing the videos and still you , until you start collecting this content, it's gonna be on or you're on the back foot . So having that record everything you do , um , mindset, you're gonna end up with a phone full of content and you , what I do is put them into a particular folder. Yeah . Yeah . So if I'm sitting there thinking, oh no, I haven't done anything. So I can go into the folder. I'm like, brilliant. I've got something right there that I can put straight on and then you'll get into , um , being able to be a bit more technical with it. Like I said, that, that real idea having it in your workshop. Yeah . And then having it, like if you're doing a centerpiece on the table and then you're having it in the , in the room and you can see, see everything. So, but video video is key nowadays.

Speaker 1:8:54

This is it. I mean, just to pick up on something you said there , you , you know, I'm often telling people, you know, you can't make reels or you can't do posts if you haven't been photographing or videoing anything throughout the day. And you know, it , it is that muscle memory thing. Isn't , isn't it almost where , where like you have to get into that habit of it where it doesn't seem like a , a real slog to kind of all right , okay. I'll have to set my camera up and then what am I gonna do for this real ? And , uh , you know, you should, as a matter of course, as a wedding flourish, be taking photos and videos at every stage. Anyway, even if it's purely just for a record of what you've made, you know, in case there's a complaint or anything, which Touchwood is few and far between , uh , you know, you should be doing it purely for that purpose anyway. Um, but you know, just be photographing and videoing everything. I must take hundreds for every wedding that I do. My poor phone is bursting the seams <laugh> and you know, you , you've just, you have to have to be capturing that content in the first place to , to be able to actually post anything, cuz otherwise it gets to the end of the night , uh , where , you know, when you've maybe put the kids to bed and you've actually had some dinner and you know, you sit down and you think, oh, okay, I've got time to post on social media. Now there's nothing to post

Speaker 2:10:10

<laugh> . Exactly . And having, yeah. Having those things in place, like you said, actually having the , the content there, ready to go. Yeah . And

Speaker 1:10:16

It doesn't have to be a fancy expensive stand or anything. It , it could be propped up against a plant pot or

Speaker 2:10:22

<laugh> . Exactly, exactly . And that's what a lot of mine is . So that's, that's probably something else to say. Now look , we , we have, especially this year in the last year, we have moved away from wanting the perfectly poised, perfectly filtered, perfectly wonderful grids. What we want to see is actually I say authentic, the authentic self or the raw images. We want to see all of that because people are past wanting to see all this filtered stuff. And they're like, well, that's not really showing me. I remember actually seeing somebody. Um , I was, I was watching somebody doing some training and I ended up having a discovery call with them . And I , when I went on the call with them, their face, I was just staring at their face because I was like, how you look so different? And it's because she had such a strong filter mm-hmm <affirmative> on every single video that when I finally saw her, I was like, oh, so that's what you look. I thought she was ill because she like , am

Speaker 1:11:15

I speaking to the same person? <laugh>

Speaker 2:11:16

Yeah. So that, so we are past the very filtered things. We just, we literally want to see what you're doing. We want to get to know you. And we want to get to know the behind the scenes of what you do and to do that. We need to see , um , the , the way that you work , um , video, as I said is absolutely huge. So to, even for , for when we are , when we are gonna be buying from somebody, we want to get to know how they work. We wanted to get to know who they are and , and their sort of values and being on video is the best way to do that. But if you are uncomfortable with being on video, getting , we wanna see your flowers all the time. Yeah . The way you work and , and set up. And we want to see all of that and just taking those small steps with, like I said, having it set up ready to go, but you said having the content, having a bank of content there, you're already like five steps ahead of just sitting down and going, oh no, I haven't done anything. Yeah . I need to post something. So that's, and if you can get in front of the camera and if you can let people see you and get to know you , um, cuz yeah, we don't want to see all the same , um, same posts that everybody's doing. We want, we want to see why you are different and why we want to work with you as opposed to somebody else. So,

Speaker 1:12:30

Absolutely. I mean, I posted , um, just, just to sort of show you guys , uh , to explain to you guys how important video is and um, how simple it can be. I , I posted a , a reel other day , um, and my followers will be familiar with this reel . It was a beautiful bouquet with like peaches and blues and stuff. And it was really pretty. And I , I just, I got my creative on one day and, and just kind of bought a few pretty things in and made something beautiful out of it and got loads of content out of it. Yeah. And it wasn't anybody's wedding bookie . It was just a me playing. And um, I just did such a simple video of , you know, the bouquet was propped up on someone's really pretty mantle piece. And um, I just literally panned the , the camera from the left to the right past the bouquet and then around on top of it. And the whole real was just that there was no fancy kind of what they call transitions, you know, things going in and out or , you know , things disappearing or reappearing or anything like that. It was just a seven second video yep . Of me panning around no , no text or anything. Um, and , and it was my most popular, real to date. Yeah . It's, it's 7,000 Fs in counting. So , um, you know, it's, it's done really, really well and you know, so that's like the power of it and now I didn't appear on the video. Yep .

Speaker 2:13:52

Yeah . Which you don't have

Speaker 1:13:52

To, it was super simple. You don't have to be technically fancy with editing or anything like, like that. It's just bam, there you go. Flowers doing the talking

Speaker 2:14:01

Short videos as well. So having around seven seconds is the ideal amount of time. Mm-hmm <affirmative> because we don't, if we are scrolling, we don't, we are not watching long things unless it's somebody that you know, that you really enjoy their content, you're going , oh yeah, I know them I'll stop and watch it. We , we want the , the quick winds all the time and actually on the, on the kind of rawness I did , um , a TikTok last week that was very beautiful on the beach and I kind of panned up. I was like, oh , lovely. Um , switching off on the Sunday. Wonderful. Um, and that had something like 200 views. Yeah . And then the next one I did was the reality of yesterday, which was two cold wet children <laugh> and we were seeing jellyfish on the speech and everyone was worried about the jellyfish and we had the, we had three dogs with us and one of my dogs is quite old and she was running around and she was running around too much that she sort of got , uh , stiff. Um , and the reality one, I think it was something like on tick socket , it was like 13 , um , or 1,300. So what , five or six times the amount of the beautifully set one. And that's the reality. People want to see the reality of life. They ,

Speaker 1:15:15

They can't relate to that.

Speaker 2:15:16

Exactly. Relate a lot more to, yeah. Two very whingy children who were getting cold and had to pass my jumper to them and yeah . That , but that's life. And people want to know that you are a human who has these ups and downs as well and is dealing with things that you are dealing with. So , um , seeing those things are , um , are gonna help people relate to you.

Speaker 1:15:38

Absolutely. So, yeah , so , so video is a really important area to focus on. So, so that's and yes . Was there a couple of other areas that you wanted to cover as , as well?

Speaker 2:15:48

So that's sort of just coming on from what I was saying, the , um , being relatable connection is another big part and that's , um , being able for somebody to connect with you. So it's not just on your business, it's it's you as a person. Um , so whe if you, especially, if you are in a particular area and your business is in that area, so making sure you are , um, they know where you live, <laugh> not exactly they know where your studio is and you know, where you're based , um , and having that connection in the local community. So if you are going to the local fairs or if you're doing different things, people can then see that you're doing all that, and then you are part of your community. So they know you , um, or if you are watching , um , stranger things on the TV in the evening, and then somebody can then jump on and say, oh, I haven't seen that yet. And you're building those connections. You're starting those conversations because that's what it's about. I think. Um , so I, I , um , when I started, I kind of , I was learning all about Instagram and originally I was only really on Facebook and Instagram for personal , uh , things. And I never really gelled with Instagram. Whereas actually, when I started doing my training into social media, I fell in love with Instagram and how much easier it is to start those conversations. Mm-hmm , <affirmative> in the direct messages, as opposed to Facebook, I would never have messaged somebody in Facebook. Yeah . But over on Instagram, if you are on your stories and you are , um , just chatting with what you're doing , um, people will pick up on that and they'll respond and you can ask them to respond and like using the engagement stickers. Um , a few weeks ago where a few months ago I was finishing , um, I do a reels course and I was just finishing the editing of it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> . So I just literally did a to-do list of what I was doing that day. And then somebody came in and said, oh , you're doing a reels course. I'm actually in looking for , um , how to do reels. Can I , um , sign up mm-hmm <affirmative> and she signed up and paid that day. Amazing. So I ha I, the intention of putting that on was not to get people. It's just letting people know what you're doing. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and letting them get to know you and having that connection and the relatable things with having young children, having two Springers , um, people then will having those connections. You kind of narrow down who you want to work with. Um, you know , oh yeah. Well, I know her cuz like she , we , we like the same things on TV. We, we have dogs that are the same. So you actually start to build because sorry, I'm jumping all over. But being on social media, we have this barrier up. We're not in person. You can't walk into a , a floristry, you shop and start having a chat about the weather and, and getting to know whether you like this person who stood in front of you. So we have to help people break down those barriers, like having a shop front , your mm-hmm <affirmative> your social media is your shop front mm-hmm <affirmative> . People will come and they will , um , see you. And they'll have a few seconds to decide whether they wanna stay or not and have giving those opportunities for them to get to know you. They're more likely to stay if you are their type of person, if they're not brilliant as well, because then you know that they're never gonna buy from you. Mm-hmm <affirmative> . So if that works both ways. So when people have UN followers, please don't worry. <laugh>

Speaker 1:18:58

Oh my goodness. Yeah. Yeah . Cause

Speaker 2:19:00

It's , it might either be a bot the Instagram's clearing mm-hmm <affirmative> or if people don't want to see your stuff then great, cuz they're never gonna buy from you. So my , my thing is not worrying about the numbers, worry , like more focused on , um , providing for the people that are in your audience and for the, your target audience, the people you want to work with.

Speaker 1:19:21

Well, that's, that's the thing, you know? So, so , um, you know, I was like extremely pleased with my 7,000 views on that really other day, because that's the most I've ever gotten that . And you should only ever measure against yourself. You know, if I looked at another flourish, you know, I could name a few, but I won't. Um, the , you know, they , they consistently get like hundreds of likes on each thing and they've got like 20,000 followers. Yeah . That , things like that. If I compared myself to that flourish , that that would be whether you're comparing apples and oranges, aren't you? Yeah . And , um, and that only makes me feel bad, you know, you've , you've already got yourself , use

Speaker 2:20:03

Yourself. It's the only outcome. Yeah .

Speaker 1:20:04

<laugh> yeah, absolutely. Um , you just gotta , you know, think of, okay, well what did I do last time? How , how can I improve? What , what's my aim, you know, do I want to, like, why do I want to get this 10 K follower thing? Like what's why is that the magic number? What's that actually gonna do for our business? Which it ,

Speaker 2:20:22

It doesn't do anything anymore. Can we ? Yeah , exactly . That used to be the whole swipe up thing, but then we all have a link sticker so we can all mm-hmm <affirmative> um , that , that , so yeah, that , and I think with them , with numbers as well, we it's it's come out a lot that people have bought their followers or so just to throw in there , buying followers, engagement, loops, all of , uh , follow for follow or follow and unfollow. Don't do any of those because, because if the , the thing with an engagement group, so if you're in a group and everybody says, oh yeah , let's all like each other's post or like each other's next post , um , follow each other, then what will happen is that they they'll do that. And so the algorithms like, okay, yeah , let's , uh , the algorithm's not working against us. Let's just Chuck that one in there as well with us . They'll like that post. And so the engagement will go up and then they don't like anymore because they've just gone in on your thing to, to , to like it go. So then it will drop down again. So you're then even lower than you were before. Um , so all of those things, all of the numbers, we don't know how those people got to those numbers and we don't know where they are in their journey. And ,

Speaker 1:21:27

And those people in those fellow loops are , um , they're not your ideal clients. Anyway. They they're like fellow florist or fellow business owners. They , they're not the people. Um , you know , Instagram's looking at this algorithm is looking at this and , and sort of thinking, okay, well, those sort of people are liking that account. So let's show it to more of that sort of person. Yes . Yeah . Not , not the people that you actually want to be targeting, you know , which is , uh , couples who are wanting to get married.

Speaker 2:21:53

I know. And I know it's hard cuz it's kind of like the, the instant gratification. But I think the, the , the it's the way that I think of it now , um , is that we are not doing things we're not posting for the instant hit mm-hmm <affirmative> what we're doing is building in marketing over each week, each month, each year, so that the aim should be building in marketing into your business. So whether that's email marketing, whether that's social media posts or it's network marketing, you're , you're setting out an hour, two hours a week to focus on that. And that is your goal. That's, that's your role as opposed to um , oh, brilliant. I've got um , 2000 likes and then the next day, oh no, I've only had 20 likes of views and themes . Um , and then so all that happens is your emotions go up and down and you're like, well, what's the point of doing it? Whereas if you , if the focus is on getting the content out there, mm-hmm , <affirmative> creating the content, recording the content and building it into your working week, then over time, those views , um , those , uh , people engaging with you will go up. So yeah,

Speaker 1:23:01

Yeah, absolutely hard . I know play the long game, I guess. Yeah. And , um, just , just on that note as well. So I did live to my , uh , Facebook group the, the other week. Um, I had an absolutely fabulous wedding in may, may was actually full of really nice big, you know, get your teeth into it kind of weddings actually. Um , it was very busy, but you know, I got loads of good content off it after , anyway, I digressed. Um, so I had this fabulous wedding and , um, you know, she had like aisle Meadows and arch and all sorts of stunning stuff. Uh , and I'm really, really pleased with how it turned out and everything. And a lot of people liked it, but it was a very interesting thing to post on social media because it was bright colors, which isn't what , what I'm known for. You know, if you look at my Instagram, a lot of it is , um, you know, it's blushes and whites and greens and pretty things. And, you know, I do put color in there occasionally, you know , if it's like OT or I might put a bright, a pink or something, but I'm not known for this kind of bright summary color kind of thing. So when I posted the pictures and reels and stuff like that on there, a weird thing happened . So I , so I actually got people unfollowing me. Yeah . Yeah . Um , you know , I'm not hung up on that. It's fine. I know like , oh my God. Um , so I , I kind of got unfollows. I was just looking at it more like from an analytical point of view, I just thought it was really interesting . Uh , people unfollowed me, which whatever that's fine. And , um, but , but then the , the it didn't and they did post didn't do as well. I either , as , as other things have done, which is often the case, I think, you know , uh , you know, Bluss and whites and pinks and stuff are , are easily likable. Yes. You know , so they're always gonna do well. Whereas something like this is a little bit more niche , um , and something I'm not terribly known for. So, so unfollows less likes, but I got three inquiries from, from just posting those things. So from , from the people who did like it and see it like three people, which is, is quite good, but , you know , uh , in comparison to other things , um, you know, within a couple of weeks, three people came back to me and they were like filling , oh, filling it . Oh, I'm getting married at that venue. Or , you know , filling in the inquiry form or, oh , uh , I saw the , the pictures you did at that venue , uh , a while ago. And , and I loved something like that, please, you know? Yeah . So it's like, it was really interesting. So just because it didn't do as well on social media doesn't mean to say that it's, you know , in real life, <laugh> exactly it didn't do

Speaker 2:25:36

As well. And that , and that's the thing people are gonna , um, people are gonna like, you , you , you don't know , sometimes you think you do an amazing reel and you think, yeah, I did . I did . I really did work really hard that people are gonna love it and you post it and it doesn't get the reaction. You're like, oh, but there's so many factors that go on into it . Mm-hmm <affirmative> that people might not have seen it or , um, they might have liked, they enjoyed it, but they didn't like it. And you there's so many things that go into it that it's really hard to tell sometimes. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, yeah. Sorry, when you were talking, I was thinking about , um , something as well, but I it's,

Speaker 1:26:11

It's gone . It's totally got outta here . I do that all the time , uh , in my sort of perimenopausal days, you know, I I'm just like, I just brain

Speaker 2:26:20

Children feeling sleep <laugh>

Speaker 1:26:24

So, you know,

Speaker 2:26:25

Sorry, I have , sorry, when you were talking about niche , um , sorry. It was just that as you were talking about that, it was when you're trying , when you're doing reels and you're posting things , um, to focus on the people that you want to be , um , seeing, instead of like, I've got two dogs and we, and I they're , they're very photogenic <laugh> , so I could spend a lot of my time , um , getting videos of them and slow motions through the films and all that kind of stuff. But I'd get lots of people who love Springers following me, which is brilliant, but not for my business. So it is to when you are , when you are posting things on Instagram , um , or , and Facebook it's being very clear on who, on the type of people you want to be attracting. Yeah . Whereas things like in , in the stories, you can be a bit more , um , this is me, this is what I'm doing and hundred

Speaker 1:27:11


Speaker 2:27:12

Yeah. Yeah. So that was the kind of thing. And if you're worried about social media, it's the idea is to try and focus on one platform. So not try and think. Well , I've gotta do all of them. Try and focus on one platform and get , um , get going on that in terms of motivation of doing it and knowing the platform before you start kind of going onto different ones. Cause

Speaker 1:27:33

Otherwise , yeah , I would recommend that . I know , I know . Um , I would recommend that be Instagram to anyone watching, because for , for wedding FLT , um, our couples at the moment they're on Instagram, that that's where the , the they're , you know, looking for the wedding and , and don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't post on Facebook, but I don't put a half as much effort into that. Uh , you know , it's all about Instagram. So if you're gonna master one of them , uh , make that Instagram. Absolutely. Yeah . Um, so we've got , um, you know, video connection. Um , they , they're the two , two of the points, two of the areas to focus on what , what's the third one that you wanted to go through.

Speaker 2:28:14

So the third one's engagement. Okay . So, but to reminder in every single post to put something at the bottom of the post , uh , in the caption, that is a, what we call call to action mm-hmm <affirmative> . So we want, so that , which means you are asking them to do something. So whether it be like this post, share it, comment, send me a message, go to my website, go to my blog, go to this thing. We, and I know, even though I know how, how social media works, I do it as well. I might be scrolling. I'm like, oh, I really like this. And I'm liking it and I'm really liking it, but I'm not gonna click, like until right at the end, it says like this post I'm like, oh yeah, I do like it. So I'm gonna click it. <laugh> so we need to be, we need to be directed how to do things. And a lot of us watch things passively. So , um, you might be watching TV and you've got your phone and you're scrolling. So unless you're told to do something, you're not gonna do it . Um, which psychologically, it's really, really interesting how, how our brains work and how we're evolving with social media. Um , but always use that opportunity. Cuz if you don't, you're kind of putting a post out there without an ending. What , what do you want to happen here? Um , so if you're not like not asking people to like it or starting conversations in the comments or sending them to your , um, your bio and just another point on your bio, be very clear in your bio, who it is that you help and how you help them. Because if, if you see a reel and you're like, oh, I really like this reel , you click on to look at their profile. And it says, so for me, mom of two has two Springs likes Instagram a bit. Um , then be like, oh , uh , okay. Whereas what my bio actually says is social media manager, content mentor helps female , uh , business owners to understand Instagram with and how I help them. And then the link in bio mm-hmm <affirmative> , which then takes people to , um , my website or it takes them to a landing page where they can see lots of different areas where they can go. So make sure all of those links work. So they're not sort of dead links mm-hmm so make sure they're all updated, but even if you've just got one link in there, make sure there's a link that goes somewhere so that they can see more of your work. They can get in touch with you and they can buy from you in the easiest possible way. So not yeah . Can make it easy for them, right? Yeah . <laugh> , I've done it before and I'm like website and they want you to do that. And I'm like, I'm out of here . Whereas if it's a buy now done, I've bought I'm ready to go. Mm-hmm mm-hmm <affirmative> but even if it's a couple of clicks through, you are already thinking, oh, well this is too much hard work. What do I really want to work with this person? That's making it so hard to buy from mm-hmm <affirmative> um , so always have that engagement and if people are commenting comment back, so I've had people say to me that they, their engagement isn't very good. And then I go to their, their Instagram and there's all these comments from people, but they haven't replied to them. So makes , so if you are sat there in the evening and you , um , and you've not posted, or you're thinking about it, just go over your old posts and comment back and have that as actual you're working, you're responding to people, you're engaging with them. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um , you are , you're giving them an opportunity to open a conversation with you. Um, cuz that's what we want. We want to have these conversations. We want to get to know people in a genuine way. Mm-hmm <affirmative> not a , oh , I'm talking to you. Cause I want you to buy from me. You're getting to know people and the amount of friendships that I've made and through, through social media, the connections that I've made with people who've then invited me to summits or to talk in their membership or to then , uh , collaborate on a particular thing. And so people within your industry, those engaging with people and connecting with people are so important. Um , and if you're on stories and if you are , if you are playing around on stories a bit more, make sure you use the engagement stickers so you can have , um, like the different types of flowers and you say, which one do you prefer? This one or that one, getting people to engage to then help you decide how , where your business is going. So if you are , if you are kind of , um , deciding that you're gonna go down a different avenue, you can do your market research within stories. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, mm-hmm <affirmative> and all that engagement is helping you get to know your ideal client, more helping you get to know what they want, which is helping you with your business. So it's all working together. Mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> so yeah , so engagement is the last one and it's the really key to ask people , like direct people, where to go , um , where you want them to go , uh , to engage with you more, but also , um , respond back to them if they talk to you and don't worry if it's ages, cause I've done it where I've had last few months with children being ill, I've missed things. And I , I , I literally like , oh, I haven't, I haven't responded to a couple of people. I'll just go down all of my posts even from weeks ago. Cause it might have been just before , uh , someone was sick and then , uh <laugh> we had a lot sicker <laugh> um , then I will go back and say, I'm really sorry I missed this. And you , you start that conversation again because then as , as well as a , from an algorithm point of view, if you are responding to them , they're responding to you. They're more likely to put your pep your next post in front of them. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so it's all , it's , it's building those genuine connections, but it's also working with social media and the, the , these algorithms that we are working with.

Speaker 1:33:33

Yeah, no, definitely. And um , just , uh , for , for people listening, who, who , if you're an absolute beginner and you , you're not sure what we mean by engagement sticker. So when you go to put something on your stories and you post a picture up there there's a little symbol at the top, it looks kinda like a square face. Uh yes . So if you pop on there. Exactly . Yeah, yeah. Um , so , so in that you've got all sorts of things like you , you can put a GIF in there or whatever, but there's various interactive kind of engagement ones. Uh , like there's a little sort of slider, like a hot eyes kind of slider thing . So , so you can put that on your stories and get , get people to sort of slide it up to say how much they love it, you know , to kind of vote on how much they love that picture or , um , there's quizzes, there's , uh , you know , pools , there's all sorts of things like that, that you can put on there . And location helps people interact at location, things like

Speaker 2:34:23

That . You're in an area or if you are , if you are posting from a venue and you can link the venue, cuz then the venue will be no will be notified that you've linked them. But also like you said, with an inquiry, people will be like, oh, I really love that venue. Where is it? You've linked it mm-hmm <affirmative> so you are helping them , um , with that as well,

Speaker 1:34:41

A hundred percent . Yeah. Uh , and you can do those in reals now as well. Of course , uh , that, so that's a relatively new thing . So, so to help people engage on your Instagram reels , um , you know, you can put something like, like I did one recently, which was , um , two different types of pink rows and it was just me putting both of them in a Vaz and sort of saying, look, vote, which one do you like this one or this one? And it just got people interacting it a little bit. So , um, what was the other example I was gonna give? Yeah. So , um , I mentioned earlier about , uh , a , a real, my most popular real letter that I did recently, which was the , the peach and blue kind of que yes . Um, just to sort of go to what you were saying about the , uh , interacting with people and answering their questions and commenting back and things like that. So , uh , it was actually a bridal boutique who , um , put something on there that they put a comment on there and rather than just going, thanks and then tagging their name. I , I , I sort of wrote , oh , thanks so much. Uh , I , you know, I've , was there any particular, one of your addresses that you think this would go with and yes. You know , so I'm sort of asking them a question and getting them to interact even more , um, and then giving

Speaker 2:35:50

Them engagement yeah . For them to have, for them to discuss a , a dress for you, then it all works together. Yeah,

Speaker 1:35:56

Exactly. And , and I ended up , um , they recommended us , I forget the name of the designer now, but they recommended a certain designer. They follow at the stock. And , um, I actually did a thing on canvas with where I put one of their dresses with the bouquet on top of it and posted that on my Instagram stories and tagged that bridal boutique. And um, so things like that, just interacting. Um , I mean, yes, replying is great, but, but , but also there's more you can do with that to try and find out more about them or , or get that relationship going with them and just, you know, like ask them a question in return maybe, or, you know , have a conversation

Speaker 2:36:33

With the local businesses as well. You tagging them and then mm-hmm , <affirmative> you build up that relationship over time. And then if they've got somebody that they're looking for a florist and they're in there looking for their dress and you say , do you recommend anyone? They say, oh no , these people on social media. So all it all kind of fits in together. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but it's all I know. Like you said, at the beginning, it's kind of muscle memory. It's all, it's all things that you need to work on and build on. And that, especially with video content, if you are worried about getting on camera, it that's another muscle to, to learn, to , to build on and to stretch yourself. So start out on stories, which are just 15, second videos that are gone after 24 hours start recording it, but not posting it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and then start building up to then doing some reels where , um , that you see your hands and stuff and then start doing reels with your face, but not, not , not posting it. And then you can build up to actually get it on there. Mm-hmm <affirmative> cause I think people are worried about their, what they look like or they're worried about their hair or an accent or anything don't need to no don't care. I think the now, like I don't, I used to say, oh , you know, sorry about the hair. Or , um , I've got a bit like, nobody cares that , that what they want is to know is how you can help them. So they don't care that your hair's a mess or they don't care that you are , um , got an accent. Everybody has an accent, but somebody was really, really stuck on not wanting to talk because of their accent. And I hadn't even noticed, obviously I , I noticed they were from, I dunno , the Midlands or something. And I didn't really like notice that they had an accent until they said, oh, I'm really embarrassed about my accent. Mm-hmm <affirmative> . I was like, oh really? Why ? So people don't, yeah. People don't care. Um , they just want to know how you can help them or how you can entertain them or , um, provide them with some value. So without providing them with that value, you are doing a disservice to them. Mm-hmm <affirmative> because you're not helping them . So the way I think about it now , I was completely worried about the getting on video. I was the person in the office that hated , um , meetings. I hated role plays . Give me all of those things. I'd go red whenever anyone spoke to me. Um, but the way that I think about it, the person at the other end of the, the camera is, is somebody that I know I can help and I can help them with this tip that I have. And , um, they won't know about it unless I tell them mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um , so I, if I'm worried about it, that's what I think. I just think of that person on the other end of the , the camera that I'm talking to, that one person, not potentially 7,000 mm-hmm <affirmative> , I'm just talking to one person. So it is a muscle that we have to, all of it is a muscle that we have to sort of exercise.

Speaker 1:39:13

Absolutely. And , um, just before you finish off by , uh , yeah , cuz I know you've got a free , um , free guide for people to, to check out. So just before we , we , we sort of go through that. Um, I just wanted to pick up on a very, like, very quickly on a point that you made there , um, about , uh , recommendations on when we're talking about the bridal boutiques and things like that. Um, uh , the amount of times that I hear that as an excuse for not doing their social media. So like, oh, social media's point. I only ever get a couple of likes on something. All my business comes from word of mouth , blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Um, it, it can be both, you know, there , social media is a fantastic way of getting the word out there for people to then recommend, you know, you're building relationships with people it's not just about going here, look at my pretty flowers. Um, although do do that. Yes , absolutely. Um , but, but in that instance, you know, you're making a relationship with someone online. I've never met in person by the way, that particular boutique , um, you know, but when you're building relationships with them and, and their , their brides are trying on dresses , the need of florist and it's like, oh, you should check out floral quarter . She posted a reel of the most beautiful bouquet the other day. And she's really lovely and blah, blah, blah. Um , I'm not , I'm not blowing my own Trump at there . I was just giving an example. Yeah , no , no , no ,

Speaker 2:40:42

We're there .

Speaker 1:40:45

So it it's just that , that's how you build that relationship and that's how you get the word of mouth. So yes . And that happened because of social media. So don't give up on the social media or , or make that an excuse. It's

Speaker 2:40:56

All is feeding in together. So you don't , like we said , at the beginning, we don't know who's watching, so it could be mm-hmm <affirmative> and if, if, if you know that a particular bridal boutique always recommends someone else, well, they might only do that because they had that connection from social media two years ago. But you don't know whether that, that recommendation's gonna change mm-hmm <affirmative> shortly. You don't know unless you actually put yourself out there and I know putting yourself out there is hard mm-hmm <affirmative> , but again, it's something else that you just have to get into doing and each time you do it, it gets easier. So, and I fully appreciate that from somebody who just was scared of her own shadow , um , to then be out and like being confident on video is that it's, it is something to learn. So it is , and you can do it cuz if I can do it, honestly, if you met me a few years ago, it would be a completely different story, but it's that making that conscious decision to get out of your comfort zone and take those small steps.

Speaker 1:41:49

Yeah, absolutely great advice. Um, so , so what was the , the freebie you have to give away to, to people , um, and, and how can they get it?

Speaker 2:41:59

So the , the , I do have a, it's called a bio makeover guide because , um, I , lots of people, I see that, like I said , um , that the bio is just, it needs to be clear exactly who you are, how you can help somebody. Um , so they know cuz you've only got about three seconds for somebody to jump onto your bio and go, yep . I want to follow you. Um , so that is on my Instagram, within my Lincoln bio. So my handle across social media is at Lucy Johnston with an E social. Um , so if you , you can find me on there and then you can come along , um , and download my guide. I, I do reels training, like I said, so that you can go into the wait list for that. Um, so I'm continuing, I give people the updates of things and let, let you know, sort of break it down , um , to make social media easier so that you can connect with your, your ideal client without making it an insane task at the end of the week. Mm-hmm <affirmative> . So that's kind of the way that I want try to work is to break things down, cuz I don't wanna always give people a massive to-do list cuz I know what it's like with a to-do list, especially if it's something you're uncomfortable with, it will go to the bottom of the pile.

Speaker 1:43:08

Absolutely. Um, that's fine . I mean we'll put the links to all of Lucy's , uh , you know, socials and a free guide and everything in the show notes as well. So you guys , uh , grab your copy, go to the podcast, show notes and uh , click the links to grab your copy. Uh , but, but Lucy it's been absolutely fabulous chatting to you. Um, it's , it's always good to speak to a like-minded person and uh , you know, have a conversation and a nerd out about social media a bit <laugh> um , but it's been lovely. Um , and I'm so glad , uh that's you know, you could make it to today cause we we're trying to arrange this and , and like we say , life gets in the way and a little boy was ill and we had to rearrange and uh , bless him. He's ill again this morning. So I hope he gets well soon I'm I'm he's with his dad right now. So that's alright just for those who are listening interrupt .

Speaker 2:43:57

So that was , I was quite impressed that he didn't interrupt <laugh>

Speaker 1:43:59

There you go. Brilliant. Uh , so thank you so much for coming along and uh , for everybody who's listening, I hope that's been really, really useful to you. Let me know if any of that resonates and uh , flower on, well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding. Floris social. Remember kids have subscribe so that you don't miss out future episodes and if you want access to some free community and support, then head and the worldwide wedding flourish community group , I look to seeing you .

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