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Episode #20 - Are people saying your wedding flowers are too expensive?

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on 28th October

Have you had a number of enquiring clients lately, telling you your wedding flowers too expensive after you've gone to all the trouble of sending them a quote, or having trouble getting people to book? A few of my followers have mentioned this has been happening to them, so I wanted to address this in a podcast. Join me as I tell you my experience of things and why you shouldn't feel bad when someone tells you you're too expensive.

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Hello there , my fellow Wedding Florist friend and welcome to the Wedding Florist Social Podcast. This is the podcast for Wedding Florist to learn all about acing their online presence. I'm your host, Vicky Laffy , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now and a certified digital marketer, I want to help you get the right clients, get more followers, and never be stuck for content ideas again, click the link in my description to get your free Wedding florist guide to social media content creation today. Hello, my fellow florist and welcome back for another episode of Wedding Florist Social. Uh , it's lovely to see you back again, and I'm really enjoying being back in the swing of things after , uh, a bit of a break in the series. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I've noticed some changes lately and a number of florist I've spoken to have too . And I wanted to do a bit of a podcast on this topic. Uh, I wanted to talk to you about , um, a question that a lot of other flos have been given me. Um, you know, a handful of floss have been in touch recently to, to tell me that , um, things like the , they're losing sales because they're , maybe they're , they're , they're quoting, but they're not quite managing to seal the deal for whatever reason. You know, maybe they're , they're being told they're , they're too expensive, for example. Now this all came about because , uh, um, I had this idea because a particular florist got in touch , uh, and, and she felt so bad about it that she didn't want to post it publicly on my Facebook group over on the, the Worldwide Wedding Flourish community link for that is in the podcast description if you wanna , uh, join up if you're not already a member. But she didn't wanna post publicly cuz she felt so bad. She says, I , um, I struggle with pricing. I live in a small town, and although I've done several weddings, I don't manage to seal the deal quite often. I give a fair and reasonable price, and they act like it's too much. And, you know, I'm, I'm seeing this sort of thing happen more and more often. I think , uh, certainly, like I say , a number of floors have got in touch , uh, in my own business. Uh , uh, I'm seeing, I'm not saying people not spending, but I am noticing a change. I mean, I think with all of the stuff going on in the world at the moment , um, you know, certainly in the UK there's, there's an energy price craziness going on. You know, the , the cost of our , um, both business and home electric and gas and things like that is , is it's just going sky high . Fuels gone sky high too. And just all of our costs seem to be rising in , in turn. That means our, as wedding florist are , um, our , our , our actual product is , is going sky high as well because our growers are having to, you know, heat their , uh, greenhouses and, and things like that and, and, and the transport costs of thing , getting the things to us. And that's before we've even done anything with them. Everything's just going really, really crazy in the world right now. And as business owners, that makes us nervous , um, because, well, two reasons really, because, you know, personally we're thinking, how are we gonna afford this? But also people are coming to us with stuff like this as well. I'm certainly seeing a societal change after this post Brexit , post covid craziness that's going on, and you , you know , I'm seeing people just kind of valuing different things. Um, uh, I'm , I'm also seeing a shift in people, you know, the kind of weddings I'm getting through for lower budgets as, as well. Uh, not sure if other people are seeing this, but you know, there was a point where I wouldn't generally do lower budget weddings. Uh, not none out of choice . Such people didn't really come to me for those sort of things. You know, people would come to me. My , my average spend was about sort of between two and 3000, that that was quite a normal , um, thing. And, and I certainly still get those , uh, but , um, seeing more people having smaller weddings now that generally for me anywhere means two things. They're , they're either doing a small wedding and then really enjoying having the spare money to spend on the decor and ha you know, maybe like a huge long , uh, runner of flowers along a big banqueting table or something. Or because they've got less tables and they're, haven't a feed left . Less people out there having, you know, the big table centers they wanted or , you know, that sort of thing. Um, excuse me. Um, or they're just having something low key . They just want something nice for the registrar table or signing table or whatever you choose to call it , um, during the ceremony , uh, bouquets, buttonholes, things like that. Now, generally for me, in the past, in my experience, I've, I've found the kind of people who just order things like that are the kind of people who don't value flowers and, and they're not really bothered about having flowers. They just want to order a few key pieces because flowers don't really matter to them. Whereas now, I'm, I'm kind of saying people just, they're more bothered about getting married. They're finally getting married <laugh> , uh, because they've been with each other for years and they've delayed this after covid. Or maybe they've just got, you know, due the cost of living crisis, they've got different things to spend their money on. Uh , there's , there's a whole host of reasons why society is, is changing right now, and why I'm seeing this shift in what people are ordering . So, so as a result, I'm seeing people, you know, seeing these more low-key kind of, you know, bouquets and buttonholes and, you know, just a few key pieces sort of weddings actually being really enjoyable to , to , to work on. They're , they're usually quite local to me , me , um, and the , the , they're , you know, that they're easy to do that , but they're also lovely people to deal with. And that's a , that's a huge thing for me. That's part of my criteria for taking on a client, absolutely, because it could be the most wonderful wedding in the world, but if the client's difficult, that totally ruins it for me, no matter how much they've spent. So I'm definitely saying this shifts and people ordering different things, but I'm also hearing from other flutists , um, that people are just being really cautious. Or maybe the, maybe the, I dunno whether it's, cause maybe the cost of flowers has gone up so much and people are just kind of shocked now to, to, to see such in what is in their mind a high figure. Uh, when you send them the quote. What I would say to that is, you know, to help any fellow florist who might be out there listening is to just, I know it's difficult, but stick with your cons here . It's more important, you know, more now more than ever to , to , to stand firm with your pricing. In the past, maybe we could have gotten away with , um, you know, just being a little bit y you know, taken pity on the person or whatever, and charging a bit less. So maybe just throwing something in as a, as a little extra or, or thinking, ah , it's okay. I like that person. I'll, I'll , I'll, I'll let them have that lower price, or whatever, you know, the case is. But, but, but now more than ever, we absolutely have to stand firm with our pricing and, and we can't allow ourselves to be beaten down or made to feel bad because somebody out there thinks that we're too expensive, <laugh> , um, you know, the , there's, there's just, there's no margin for error es essentially , uh, there's, well, there's very little margin for error. I think we have to be quite smart with our buying now. Uh, so that's one side of it. We , we have to, we be very , um, careful in how we deal with customers in terms of , um, promising exact varieties and things like that. I see an awful lot of florist on Facebook groups , um, showing, you know, an inspiration picture of a bridal bouquet, for example, and saying , the , the brides asked for this. What varieties do you think are in it? Absolutely. Try and snap out of that, you guys, because it, it absolutely matters. Not one jot what that specific variety is for a start. The photographs probably , um, photoshopped and edited and stuff , uh, to make the colors not realistic anyway, but , uh, your future self won't thank you, <laugh> , uh, when , uh, you know, it's stressed in the future when it comes to the time of, of the wedding when you can't find that exact variety anyway. So just be very general when you are quoting for people. So , um, most of my florist choice now, there , there's, there's now and again, you know, when you need something particular like a , a white orchid or something like that , um, there , you know, there's nothing you could substitute it with really. Um, but , uh, I , I , I'm always, you know, very sort of general , uh, with everything else. Um , you know, I would never say , um, white avalanche rose, for example , uh, uh, I would at most say white rose and even then to make sure that they know it's not white, white. Um , but I would be quite general, I would maybe even just , um, say something to match, you know, this is in the description on the quote by the way. I would say something along the lines of, oh , um, so something to a beautiful hand tied bouquet , uh, in, in the style of the flowers on your inspiration pictures that you've sent , uh, you know, maybe whites and greens , uh, in a rustic style or, you know, so something quite general like that. And may put suggested flowers include, you know, roses or stocks or whatever. Um, but not, not all the time. Um, I , I , I think it's more important to, you can talk that out during the consultation. You could really make them feel comfortable during the consultation that you have your , their vision in your head, but you don't have to be too specific about it. To be fair, even if you did quote , quote them for like 10 stems of avalanche rose in something, they're not gonna understand what that means anyway. Uh , they may go away and Google avalanche rose, and then that rose could look totally different than the picture you showed them during the consultation. So just be, be super general about it. This will help you keep your costs down , uh, when it comes time to the wedding. Cuz if you've promised like an exact, you know, say a ply Alan Rose or something like that, then they're gonna expect that. And if you can't get ahold of that, or you can get ahold of it, but it's like twice the price it normally is, and then you all of a sudden make no profit from it, then it makes the whole exercise pointless, really. So be very general. It allows you to maybe shop on your wholesalers website and, and have the freedom and the creativity to, to shop for things that would really make a beautiful bouquet for them and keep in with their theme and , and the kind of style that they want whilst also making sure you make a profit as well. Cause at the end of the day, that's why, why we're in this. Um, so yeah, so Stanford firm with , with , with the pricing for , for , for that reason , um, you know, and , and that's some, some way we can , we can actually help you do that. Um , you , you honestly, your future self will absolutely thank you , uh, because you'll be you , you'll be less stressed, I suppose, because you'll have a diary full of lovely clients who actually value your pricing and who don't quibble over it. Um, and also you'll be making a profit too. Now, another way to help you with that is your online presence. Um, it's <laugh> , it's absolutely key. And I know I bang on about this, but this is what I teach you guys. You know, this is all about your online presence. Your online presence is there to , it's not just to , to get your phone on Google. It's there to help you be found by the right people and help to sort of filter out the people who aren't right for you as well. Um, you know, somebody may find your website on Google or I don't know , come across a , an Instagram post that you're tagged in, and then check out your profile on there. And they might look at you and think, eh , well their style's not really for me, and that's fine, you guys, that's absolutely fine. On, on the flip side, they might think, oh , this is amazing. This person's stuff is amazing. I love this florist. I wanna take it further. And, and they go through your , your , your process. Um, by the way, listen to my podcast on three reasons why you need a website inquiry form , because that will help you with that. But your online presence is key here. What you wanna be doing is attracting the people that are right for you. And what that does is ensure that you attract people who aren't going to quibble over your pricing, cuz they're gonna be sold on you before they even, you know, get the quote that they're gonna be , uh, looking at you online and thinking, I I love their stuff. I want , I want this person for my wedding. Or , um, I really , really hope I can get this person for my wedding. Um, they'll have a consultation with you, whether that be on Zoom or phone or in person or however you do them. And they're , they're gonna , that's only gonna further cement the fact that they want you for their wedding. You know, they're , they're hopefully gonna leave that consultation with some , um, y y you know, like confidence in, in in you. And they're gonna leave it thinking, oh , right, I've got a really good idea of, of like, well, at least a much better idea of, of what my wedding's gonna look like now. And I'm really confident that Vicky can carry that off. Uh , she has some really good ideas and that I feel really like comfortable and , and that she's gonna, you know, she knows her stuff and, and things like that. So, so this, your online presence is key to attracting that sort of person. Um, the more you work on that and more you, the more you work on attracting your ideal client through your online presence. So your website, you have Instagram, your Facebook, your TikTok , whatever you use , um, the , the , the better the end result's gonna be and the , the , the more time you're gonna spend on people who are the right clients as opposed to people who , uh, actually, you know, spend all this time with you and , you know, you spend all your time, time and energy on them in , in the consultation and creating your quote only for them to say thanks, but no thanks. That isn't , uh, an efficient use of your time over the clients, essentially. So I hope that's helped you guys a little bit. Um, I would just further add that it is okay to lose sales as well. Please don't go into every consultation , uh, thinking, oh my gosh, I really hope I get this wedding. I need this wedding. This sounds like a lovely wedding. I really need this and that . I think this is more common , uh, um, amongst newer wedding flos as well. But we all experience it at the end of the day sometimes, but, but please try not to, you know, hang only hopes on one particular wedding or consultation. Um, yeah, it's a bit of a bummer when , when you spend all that time on something and they don't book. Uh, that's one of the reasons why I do my initial consultations on Zoom or phone now and never meet people in person. Um, because I found that it was a , you know , you're always gonna get people who, who don't book, you're never gonna book a hundred percent of the time. Uh, but well, hats off to you if you do, but <laugh> , and in my experience, that's never been the case. Uh , and I think that's sort of fairly normal amongst people. But , um, I've gone off on a tangent there. You see , you know , I've , I've , uh, I've lost my place now, but <laugh> , you know, you're never gonna book a hundred percent of people. So I always do them , do them on Zoom cuz I found that it was, I was wasting my time, you know, I was going, traveling into my workshop , um, you know, leaving enough time to sort of get the place ready and, you know, making sure everything was, was available for people and , uh, all that I'd done a bit of sort of swatting up beforehand and , um, you , you know, gotten prepared for the meeting and then spend time with them and, you know, because it's not just time, it's it's energy as well. You know, you , you , you , you do sort of, you know, you try to sort of seem e excited a about it, show them your excitement and um, you know, show them how all the good things you can do. And uh, and then there's the time afterwards and I never spend too long do doing that either. Thanks to my 17 hat system by the way, you guys, I would highly recommend a system like that to make this quoting process as quickly as possible. So you're not doing, you know, loads of , uh, you know , spending hours email, emailing wholesalers, asking them what the price of red Roses will be in six months time and that sort of thing because it's , uh, that is a drain on your time and energy too, and you, that just makes the whole thing worse when they don't book. You know? So , uh, the this processes , um, there's your online presence and then you , your processes in terms of how you quote and how we run consultations and things that will make your life easier too . But it is okay to lose sales <laugh>. Um , but I think the key is to try and attract , um, more of a high percentage of, of the ones who are right for you so that there is a higher likelihood of , uh, those people booking you in a , a higher conversion rate as it were. So I hope you find that useful. Guys, do get in touch if , uh, if you've got any more questions , uh, check out the links in the bio , uh, in , in the podcast description for the things that I've mentioned that's such as 17 hats. Um , I would highly recommend it . Uh , that link gets you a free , um, trial too, and I think it gets you 50% off if you sign up too . So it's well with it. But honestly, highly recommend it. If you've got any questions, you know, either email me or come over and join me on the Worldwide Red and Florist community group and , uh, join my lovely community if , uh, like-minded florist and lovely people , um, all there to help. Alright , take care you guys and I will see you on the next episode. Uh , flower On . Well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of Wedding Florist Social. Remember the hits , subscribe so that you don't miss out Ernie feature episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the Worldwide Wedding Flourish Community Group. I look forward to seeing you there .

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