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Episode #24 - Making the Leap Into Wedding Floristry

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on 21st December

If you're working your day job whilst building up your Wedding Florist business and are desperately trying to make that leap into Floristry full time, then this podcast is for you.I can relate, i've been there and left my 'safe' job at the bank and leapt into running my own Floristry business. So listen while I share my experience and give you tips so you can finally be the wedding florist you want to be!

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Hello there , my fellow Wedding Florist friend and welcome to the Wedding Florist Social Podcast. This is the podcast for Wedding Florist to learn all about acing their online presence. I'm your host, Vicky Laffy , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now and a certified digital marketer, I want to help you get the right clients, get more followers, and never be stuck for content ideas again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding florist guide to social media content creation today.

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Well , hello you guys. Thank you. My fellow florist . Uh , thank you so much for joining me again for another episode of Wedding Florist Social. Now, today's , uh, podcast is about , um, making the leap into floristry. Uh, I know some of you are very experienced florist already, but I noticed a lot of you are , uh, you know, a lot of my followers and on my Facebook group and Instagram, et cetera . Um, a lot of you are in a position at the minute , uh, a very exciting and nervous one by the way, where you kind of work a day job. You know, you're just, you're just making your leap into the, the , the business of floristry really. And you, you perhaps work in a day job, wherever that might be, and you , uh, study floristry, maybe even do it part-time or as a side hustle, and you're trying to build your business up to a point that you can, where you can leave your day job and go self-employed full-time. You know, you're , you're waiting for this kind of magical moment where you reach this point and you , you know, you're looking at your diary and you can say, all right , okay, I've hit that point and I'm going to hand my notice in at work as of next month, and I'll have enough money to keep me going and match what I got paid in my job. Now, is that sounding familiar to anyone? Can anyone relate to that? Uh, I think a lot of people who follow me definitely can relate to that cuz I , and I see this all the time on Facebook groups as well, you know, people who are just making that leap and , um, you know, is that they're waiting for this magical moment that seems to the thing to think is gonna happen. Well, you know, I'm here today to tell you that it's, it's not that simple. Um, not trying to discourage you there at all, but , uh, I , I just think, you know, whilst , um, I have a v faith that you will absolutely get there and become the wedding florist that you want to be, it's just unlikely to happen in such a, a smooth transition as it were. Just to give you a little bit about my background for anyone who hasn't listened before and doesn't really know me. So I made my transition into floristry , um, back in 2011, actually, I started it back in 2010. I started my training and things like that while I still worked at my job. Now I, I went from banking, you know, the it department of a major bank to floristry. So it was quite a leap and I just reached a point where I desperately needed to do something else. So I started retraining , um, run my business for six months or so whilst I was still working at my job. And I was, I was lucky enough to get some, some redundancy to leave with, cuz this was in the wake of the financial crash as well. So I, I started <laugh> a business , uh, in the, in the midst of redundancy and , uh, recession really, which a lot of people thought I was absolutely mad. But , um, you know, and that , that sort of helped me to get along. But I know an awful lot of people ha ha have this point of , um, you know, whether , whether that they wanna reach where they're like, well , I , I need to, I need to build the business up and I need to , uh, I'm gonna work in this business , uh, in my job, sorry, until such time as I, the business is built up and I can leave , um, you know, the , the , the job, the day job as it . So , um, it's kind of what I did, but I was lucky enough to get redundancy, but I'll say this an awful lot with you guys. So I wanted to do the podcast on this. Um, firstly, I would say if, if you have a job , um, if you're not going to be able to work on your business as much as you need to, so, you know, I just wanted to sort of make a couple of points about, about this, you know, for the , give you guys some who are going through this at the moment, some , some pointers. Um, so if you , if you have a job, you're not going to , uh, you're not gonna be able to work on your business as much as you need to in terms of kind of drumming it up. Um, you know, drumming up new business and, and working on your website and your socials and attending wedding fairs, making orders, dealing with clients, you know, all the stuff that's involved in running a business. Uh, so, so that in itself is stopping you from reaching your potential and , uh, reaching that point where you have enough business to, to leave that day job or , or at least it's going to slow you down anyway. Um, there's also your mindset, you know, if, if you are working , uh, in, in a day job , um, whatever that might be, in my case, it was, it, then you are not gonna be in the right zone that you need to be in in order to, to build your business because your headspace is literally just taken up with other things. So something has to give at some point. Basically, you know, you either, you know, get wrong at your job because you're constantly trying to work on your business and not doing your , your work or your business , uh, doesn't do as well as it should, takes a long time to get there, et cetera, because you are not able to physically think about wedding floristry and, and doing all the stuff that needs to be done in order to build the business to get to that, that level like you need to in order to leave your job. So it's very catch 22 really. Secondly, I think a lot of people , um, they kind of expect that they'll learn the same money they did in their job, and they will be able to kind of make that leap without any dipping income. And it , I just don't think that's necessarily the ca cases . It's not very realistic. It takes time and effort to build this business and then build it to a level where you're , you're making good money as well, and sometimes that takes years, you know, from what I've seen it, it just doesn't work like that. Not just in my own business, but from seeing other flutists go through this. Um, I've, I've seen some business owners , uh, you know, that they don't take a , a wage at all for the first year. You know, with , with weddings there's also that delay because we book things in advance. So, you know, you perhaps get a, a deposit and then you don't get your actual money for the work till the , the next year. Um, although I suppose, you know, in , in certain ways that could be worked to our advantage because, you know, roughly sort of what level of business you can expect next year , um, and then perhaps no way you can sort of take that leap , uh, as it were. But, you know, it's just, it's just unlikely to to happen and , um, in , in the way that you expect anyway. And something's gotta give , uh, it takes good to make that leap, and I know that I made that leap myself. I'm , I'm not just sitting up here on a pedestal and telling you all <laugh> , um, what to do and making stuff up, you know , I've been there, I've done that. I've, I've made this leap. Um, and I think as an employed person , um, your , your mindset just isn't the same as a self-employed person. You , um, you know, when you , when you're , when you're employed, you , you're in the safe zone where you, well , you , you just, you know what you're going to get paid every month and you know where you're told what to do and when to do it and what the rules are. And you know, you , you're given a , a pat on the back when you get things right and told off when you do stuff wrong. And , um, all of this is very different to the world of a self em , uh, employed person where, you know, you , you make the rules basically, you decide , um, or you, you get to decide what happens and how much you get paid and how well you are doing. And , um, although this is a great thing, but it can be very scary and unknown and a bit uncomfortable at first because , uh, when, when you're looking around for someone to, to tell you it , you know, if you've done the right thing or not , but that there isn't anyone because you are that person. But you guys, this is a good thing because it means that you are in control of your destiny, not someone else. And it can take a bit of getting used to. Um, and I think that's possibly why so many people ask on Facebook, Facebook groups, what do you think of this? Or what do you think I should do about that? And , uh, you know, it's , it's because you are coming from this world of employment or you know, you , you're perhaps not used to the world of self-employment yet. Where , where you get to tell yourself, yes, that is good, that's what I wanted to achieve. I am proud of that design, or I handled that situation with a client well, et cetera , et cetera. Um, so what can we do to help you make this leap? And, and what advice can I give? What can Auntie Vicky do for you, <laugh>? Um, I would say, you know, give, give yourself a a set date for leaving. First of all, I think if you don't do that, you know, if you don't at least sort of aim, you know, that might be in , in a few months time or it might be in a year's time, whenever that is for you. Just set a date is if you don't do that, I think you will just sort of delay that , you know, you're not gonna give yourself a target. You're not gonna be able to say, right, let's aim for this. Let's have, I dunno , 10 weddings booked in for this time next year. Or , um, you know, whatever that might be. And , and I think if you don't have that, you're just gonna delay yourself and , um, poodle along until such time as you see the figures look right on a spreadsheet and , and , uh, you know, there's gonna be no sort of intention to it. Um, it gives you , basically, it gives you a deadline to work towards. And I think a lot of us work better towards a deadline, don't we? Um, I would then also use this time to build your online presence as well. So don't wait till you've actually sort of left your job and started your business. You can be building that right now. Build that up. Capture the content post on your social media, get more bookings. Build up your website as as as well, because , um, we cannot just rely on social media. Your website doesn't happen overnight. It's, you know, if you put , uh,

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There today , um, so times

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Of roll out , um, it , it , it's just a , it's just a strange one. It's, it's it , you know, it, it takes time. So you might as well start building that up right now. The third thing was, I would say use this time to become used to and comfortable with selling to people and charging correctly. And , you know, you know, while you have the financial security to make the odd mistake here and there , um, and make the, you know, the undercharge people by accident or , um, you know, cuz I , I don't think a lot of people feel comfortable with charging what this should immediately. Uh, I , I think, you know, there is that thing of , um, I'm not very good yet. I'm just starting out. And, and that's not necessarily the case. You know, you still need to be making that correct amount of money. You know, maybe some people don't even add the correct amount of markup or labor or anything like that. So use this time , um, whilst you're still, you know, whilst you've still got this financial security of a wage coming in every month to get used to , um, charging correctly and, and, and that thing of selling to people, because that can say often feel a bit icky head faced , can't it when you, when you're trying to sort of sell your services to people. Um, and that would also finally just make , you can maybe even start putting some money aside to give you a bit of a buffer once you do leave as well. Um, it doesn't have to be loads, just, just, it might make you feel better if you've got something set aside , um, to, to keep you going for, for a month or two perhaps , um, while you're still building that up . So I hope this has helped you. Uh, I hope that , you know, if you are listening to this and you are in this position where you are working a part-time job or a full-time job even, and you're doing this on the side and you're really desperately trying to build your business up , um, do get in touch. Let me know. I would love to know if that's been really useful for you. I I hope it has and I wish you all the luck in the world. I'm sure you will get there. Um, but you have to put a bit of pressure on yourself , I think, to, to , to leave and you have to , um, you , you , you can't have both. I think, you know, I don't think you can have this element of , um, financial security of a , of a, you know, a job every, every month , um, as well as fulfilling your destiny as a wedding flourish. You know, you , you just can't fulfill your potential , um, and grow that business as much as it should do if you're still working at a job and still thinking as a self-employed, sorry, still thinking as an employed person. Um, it's, it's nice to have that security, isn't it? It's a lovely security blanket when you know what you're gonna get paid every month and you've got someone there to say, well done Vicky <laugh> , or whatever your name might be , um, and, and give you your workload every month and you've got set working hours and all that sort of thing, it's much easier to plan your life around that, isn't it <laugh>? It's , uh, you , you know, as a self-employed person, it works very differently. So I , um, I wish you luck. I wish you well with your journey into wedding floristry. Um, do take advantage of my free Facebook groups and things like that following an Instagram. Join the free Facebook group. The link is in the description there. And , uh, I wish you well do let me know how you get on and if this has been useful. Well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of

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Wedding Florist Social. Remember to hit subscribe so that you don't miss out on any future episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the Worldwide Wedding Florist Community Group. I look forward to seeing you there.

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