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Episode #8 - What's the point in social media anyway?!

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on Wednesday 13th April.

People are always telling you stuff like 'you need to post more on social media' & 'you can't have a business without social media' etc blah blah (That's me. People is me). But you just don't see the point in it so you have no inclination to post anything whatsoever. It's a chore. A grind. Is this because you tried it for like 5 minutes before and it didnt work? I get it. You want to see followers growing, more sales/bookings, physical money in your bank! But you tried it and didn't get those things straight away. I want to help flip that mindset. Social Media DOES work. The algorithms aren't against you. You just need to change what you're doing. Join me in this podcast as I talk about 3 reasons why you should be using social media in your wedding Florist business.

Oh , hello there . My fellow wedding florist friend , and welcome to the wedding florist social podcast. This is the podcast for wedding florist to learn all about acing their online presence . I'm your host Vicky Laffey , and as a wedding florist of over 10 years now, and a certified digital marketer to help you get the right clients, get more followers and never be stuck for content ideas. Again, click the link in my description to get your free wedding Flo guide to social media content creation today.

I hear you guys. Hi, we are live and we are trying something , um , a little new this week as , as well. Um, I am simultaneously going live on both YouTube and Facebook and Facebook group . So this is fantastic. Um , first time I've done this, I'm going live via a streamyard and , uh, I can see two of me on the screen, so that's fantastic. It's obviously working. <laugh> do drop me a comment. Um, if you , uh , are watching , uh , I'd love to see the comments come through even just to see if this technology works as well. Um, and I'm also gonna test this on my phone just to, just to check that those , uh , that it's kind of working and that it's coming through. So say, hello, if you are, are , uh , if you are joining me, say hi , um , pop something in the comments and then more people will be informed that we are going live. So if you've never joined one of these lives before welcome , uh, this is, you know, probably more applicable to you, YouTube people , um, because if you've already just joined me, we're going live on YouTube as well as Facebook. Um , so hello to , um , my new YouTube people. <laugh> this is great. Um, so welcome to this week's session. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. I wanted to chat this little , uh , a little bit this week about , um, I just wanted to kind of elaborate, read on , on something we touched on last week. So last week we talked about , um, wedding Florence and , um, the three main reasons that you guys really struggle with social media and, you know, posting on it and keeping up with it. And those three things were , uh , the lack of time, the lack of knowledge and the lack of, and we're really kind of focused on the lack of time part of it last week. It's a big issue for a lot of you guys, but this week I wanna focus , uh , a little more on the , the lack of inclination part of it. You know, what , what , where does that come from? What , what gives you the, this , this dislike for social media? Why don't you the point in doing it? And , um, I mean, there's possibly a couple of reasons, but for , for me, it seems to really, you know, from speaking to a lot of you guys from speaking to a lot of wedding flutists , um, it , it really seems to kind of come from this, you know, you kind of, you feel like you have to do it because people say you do, and then, you know, you , you , you post and get no comments and it leaves you feeling kind of, what's the point in this, or my content must be absolutely rubbish. Um, and you feel like it's kind of more time and energy than it's worth and you end up presenting it and hidden doing it. Um, so I wanted to, I guess, first of all, say , um, I hear you <laugh> , you are certainly not on your own. Um, but I , I wanted to just mention that I do just have so two simple rules when it comes to this sort of thing. Um, the first rule is to just have fun with it. And the second can , is to , um , is , is that basically that social media has to work for you, not, not against you, but those things probably mean, you know, absolutely nothing if, if you are really disheartened and don't see the point in social media anyway. Um, so today's episode is really about, you know, saying that I hear you, I get you, and you're not on your own, but secondly, I wanted to help you realize that there is actually a point to it and how it can really benefit your wedding florist business. Now I know that it can be a drag at first , um, but bear with me here. Um, so I , I , I've basically done, you know, I've quit , it's sort of three things. I , I wanted to talk about three things rather , um , that would really help with this and, and help you realize hopefully , uh , that, that it is worth it. And , um, I think once you, you change your mindset around it and start seeing the point in it, then hopefully that will change for you. So, number one , um , I would say first of , uh , first and foremost, it's, it's free marketing. Uh , you can attract a much larger, more , more quality audience organically than you can with any paid ads or, you know, just word of mouth alone. Um, you know , that goes for paid ads on, on Facebook or Google or even magazines or newspapers, you know, local stalls or any , you know, any , anything , um, paid ads , uh , paid advertising, paid marketing can , um, it's, it's a real art in itself. And , and unless you are really, really good at it and you know how to target things exactly, then it's not really gonna work. You may as well throw on my down the toilet and social media is, is free. You know, like I say , you can attract a much larger , larger audience organically than you can with, with paid ADSS . And it , it's not about the larger audience more . It it's just, it's more than that. It is about , um, the quality of it. It's , it's about attracting your sort of people, people who genuinely want to hear from you. Um, so I guess the best way to say that is to that you can attract a much larger quality audience organically than you can with, Hey , that's , um, number two , uh , help attract the, it helps attract the right client as opposed to just getting lots of bookings. Um, as you know, if you've followed me for a while , like if you follow me on Instagram or the Facebook group or, or wherever , um, you you'll know that I'm all about filling your diary with the right clients, as opposed to just simply getting as many bookings as , as you possibly can. And, and social media is, is one of the ways that you, you can basically pre-qualify clients and make sure that you are basically attracting a high percentage of those who are right for you. Um , I cover this in depth in my florist foundations course, but essentially it's oh , you know, by, by putting the right things out there, you in turn, attract the right sort of client back, and that makes your life a heck of a lot easier. Believe me. Um, if you don't believe me, see, see my interview with , uh , Sam from ID action consulting in, in episode seven of the podcast , um, it makes such a huge difference and , um, <affirmative>, you know, so , so, so get yourself out there, put putting the , the , the right stuff out there to attract the right sort of client back to you is 100% more worth it than simply just attracting a load of sales , uh , or a load of bookings. Uh, and this is a , a biggie as well. Um, it's an ideal way to show off your brand's personality and, and the person behind the business as well. Uh , social media does this, like no other platform. And it works so well for small businesses like ours. You know, people buy from people. I think we we've all heard somebody on the internet say that, going yourself online , um , showing you the , you know, the behind the scene of the business and , um, choosing words and music for your posts and, and stories that you like all help differentiate you from the other 12 floors they've been looking at on Instagram while planning their wedding too . So hopefully I've given you three, three reasons why this is, you know, here important and , and why social media is absolutely worth it. Those are , those are just three of the reasons. And I know you don't feel like it's worth it. I know you've tried it before. Maybe you've, you know, dabbled with it for five minutes or tried something that some expert on , on, you know, the internet said you should try, and it didn't quite work at first or, or hasn't worked as quickly as you expected, and you've just given up. Um, but you , you guys, like, I can't stress how much , uh , it can really help you in your business. And, and it really, really is worthwhile putting the effort in with it. So I hope you've enjoyed today's episode and , um, I hope it kind of helped change your , your mind a little bit and do do let me know , um, you know , drop me an email or drop me a comment, or , uh , depends which platform you're viewing this on <laugh>, but , um, you know, let , let me know. I would love to hear from you guys, whether any of that's resonated, whether , um, that has helped change your mind in any way at all. Uh , I would love to know so hope you've enjoyed today's episode and , uh , we'll catch you next week. Well , thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding, florist , social, remember the heads of, so that you don't miss out any future episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the worldwide wedding florist community group . I look forward to seeing you there .

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