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Episode #9 - Nobody Is Seeing Your Posts!

This blog is a transcript from our Facebook live recording on Thursday 21st April.

You feel like nobody is seeing your posts and don't know how to fix that. Join me on this episode as I talk about the reasons why your followers (aka potential bookings) may not be seeing your posts and what you can do to change that! You make beautiful wedding flowers, so lets make sure the world sees them!

Brilliant. And we are live guys. So , uh , normally I would say happy Wednesday , oh , something like that, but it's Thursday to day and I haven't been well. And , um, as you know, earlier from , from my, from my post earlier in the week, I haven't been well and I was meant to do this yesterday, but you know, sometimes , um , sometimes you've just gotta listen to your body. Um, so thank you so, so much for bearing with me , uh , while I've not been well this week. Um, I have two busy weddings on two pretty decent sized weddings on this week as well. And as I work on my own, sometimes you just gotta look after yourself. Haven't you? Um, so if you hear say hi , uh , I am going live both on YouTube and , uh , Facebook group at the same time . So , uh , pop me a comment. Uh , let me know , uh , that you can hear me and see me and just tell me how your week has gone as well. Um, uh , but thank you to all those who've wished me well and , um, you know , uh , while I , while I've not been well and sent me, sent me kind wishes and , uh , things like that I've really, really appreciated them. Um, my hubby blessing has been looking after , um , he's mid sure . I'm fed and watered and <laugh> things like that. Um, so yeah, let me know if you are here. I know it's not our usual time to go alive , uh , but I wanted to , uh, you know, still, still do something for you guys this week. Um, so yeah. Want to chat a little bit , it , uh , about , um, the issue of people not seeing your posts. So we'll, we'll chat about that in a little bit, but , um, I wanted to give you some news about a book I've written recently. So despite being ill, I have also written a book <laugh> this week, as you do the joys of being a neuro divergent ADHD person. Uh, so yeah, in a book , um , you know, people were often asking me about things like, you know, how do you run a consultation? What do you ask people during consultations? How do you , uh, how do you cost things out? And, you know, all , all the , sort of these questions about the business side of , uh , wedding Flory. Um, so I decided to make a book about it <laugh> so that will be available soon. I can't wait to tell you about it. Um, but basically it's all , um, full of forms and templates and like samples of questions and things like that. Um, so that, you know, you , you can use this during your own consultations and , um , you know, in your own business when you're quoting and doing proposals and quotes and things like that. So you're really looking forward to that book coming out. I will let you know , um, that keep an eye for, for messages about that , uh , on the Facebook group or on my social media. No , I will splash it all over social media. Um, so that's the news this week written a book and also thank you for bearing with me for not being well. Um, so welcome to this week's life . Um, you know, I really wanted to talk to this to you this week about the issue of , um, people not seeing you posts. Um, I'm often seeing this with , with people. Uh , they , they they've told me that they feel like their followers just aren't seeing what they're posting, you know, and the people put a lot of effort into this, you know, creating content and posting things, and then nobody sees them , you know, nobody likes it or share or comments or anything like that. And it it's you post and it's just crickets. And when people have looked further into it, people are telling me that, you know , um, their followers have said they , they , they haven't seen their posts pop up in a while. Um, you know, and , and they end up either, you know, blaming or hating the algorithm or, you know, maybe even posting somes thing , desperate sounding to get you seen more. Um, but in all honesty, you know, the , the most probable reason for this is that, you know, you're just not creating enough engaging content or appealing to your , um, your customer's pain points and , and emotions. Um, that's, you know , the algorithm doesn't really change. It's , it's , it's more about kind of what you post and, and how people are interacting with it and things. Um , so what , what do we mean by pain points and , and emotions and , um, you know, do, do you let me know if in , in the comments or, or , or on an email or drop me a DM on Instagram or whatever , um, whatever your preferred platform is. And let me know if, if any of this is resonating with you , um, have you ever been in that position? Um, but what do we mean by pain points and emotions? What, what we mean is , um, for anyone who doesn't know, who's listening , um, pain points and emotions , uh , pain points are, you know, perhaps things that your couples, inquiring, couples perspective couples , um , who are, you know, scoping out on social media, what , what , what are they going through? What are they feeling right now? Um, are they particularly worried about a certain thing? Are they experiencing certain issue? Um, you know, the , the pandemic was a , a great example of this, you know, that was probably quite an obvious, easy example to , um, you know, to tap into, you know, and , and posts that really , um, tapped into that, that , you know, what couples were going through in terms of , um, postponing and wondering if the wedding was ever gonna happen and wanting to get on with starting a family, but they didn't want, you know, they wanted to do the wedding first and then start the family and , and , you know, those all sorts of issues and thoughts and worries, and experiences that people were going through. So that we mean by, you know, pain points and , and emotions. And , um, you know, you absolutely have to appeal to those it's , uh , I've said before, you know, social media is social. It's not just about you. So , um, you know, if all you're doing is, is kind of posting pretty things , um, then you're only doing half the job really. Um, you know, if you are only posting things that start with, oh, we just love this photo shoot of blah, blah, blah, or congratulations to today's couple who married and blah, da , da , um, then, then what is there in that sort of post interact with, or, you know, what , what is in that post that's speaking to them and, and you know, what they're going through and, and how they're feeling , um, you know, it's, it's not to say that you should never have posts like that, but it's just, there are other options. Um, you know, when , when you're creating your captions for these posts, I mean, you absolutely need pretty pictures and interesting pictures and videos of course, but, you know, if , if all you're doing is kind of showing off what you've done , um, then there's nothing in there. What , what are people meant to, to say to that? You know, if you're starting a post with , uh , you, oh , we just love this , uh , latest , um , such and such buy such and such a supplier, or, you know, or maybe you did a photo shoot , oh, we're loving these images. Thanks. So, and so for sending them over then, I mean, that's like , what is there for , for people to, to grab onto what what's gonna capture their attention? There are options. Um, so get creative, get creative with your captions, tell a story , um, phrase your initial line as a question , um, capture their attention with , uh , you know, videos, reels lives, make it about them, let them behind the scenes , um, show them who you are and what you are all about, what your business is all about, what your brand personality is, you know, who who's the person behind the business , um, what goes on behind the scenes with you? Um, cuz what we want for them really is to, you know, the main aim with all of this is for people to, to stick around and hang around on your , uh , your social media on your Instagram, on your Facebook. Um , because you know, essentially that's what those platforms want us to do, that , that that's their , they're a business and they want people to stay on their platforms for as long as possible. That's their, that's their Mo <laugh> . Um, you know, that , that , that's what they do and, and everything, you know, all these algorithms, all these other words that you hear, they're all designed to, you know, to promote things that keep people on their platform at the end of the day. It's as simple as that really. So if you are creating content that , um, makes people want to stick around and read more or comment or interact , um, if you are , you know, creating content that helps them engage and , and , and interact and , uh , content that kind of puts you on their radar essentially. And , and lets you know, that they , that you are right for them, that you , you both will be a good fit. Um, then Facebook and Instagram will notify more people of your posts. It's, it's that simple really essentially , um, create more interesting content. That's about the people who are viewing it, not about you, not about what you like necessarily of course tell a story about you and the person behind the business. But if you are , if all you're doing is singing about yourself or selling your product, then you know, there's nothing in there for people to latch onto either emotionally or physically it , you know, they're not kind of what doesn't make them want to , uh , know , press that heart button or comment saying , oh my goodness, yes. Uh, you know, people need to like know that you are for them. You know, the scope , a lot of people out on social media, I've had couples who followed me for, for years , uh, while before the have even been proposed to , um, they've scoped me out for years and , and , and they've told me during consultations as much, and they've been following all sorts of supplies over the years because they know that when they do get married, they want this sort of , um, design or this sort of person or , um, they like such and such a photographer style. Or , um, and by that point they've gotten to, to know me almost , uh , from social media. So, you know, the way to, to do that, the way to, to get Facebook and Instagram, to , um, get people to see your post is, is quite simply to create content that people will engage with , um, rather than thinking about you , uh , and what you like and what you want and what you think sounds good. Switch that around a little bit and just think, what does my ideal client want? Um, what are they going through? What they experiencing, you know, you may see these things on , um, like for example, bridal Facebook groups or wedding based Facebook groups. And, you know, a lot of couples will , uh , put, put posts on there asking for help with a certain issue, for example. So, you know, those , that's a , that's, you know, an ideal <laugh> thing , you know, scope out these , these groups and, you know, see what are people going through and is there a certain thing that keeps cropping up certain thing that they're experiencing or , um, you know, that sort of thing and , and, you know, make your posts about that even better if you've done some work on your ideal client and, you know, you are basically sort of, you know, in tune with what they want, what they need, what makes them tick essentially , uh , then even better because you can then really tailor posts , uh , around that and really think, what do they want to hear? And, you know, when you are posting something that, you know, PE makes people want to , um , engage with it, interact with it, comment on it, like it, share it, then, you know, similar to this live, actually, you know, the more , uh , you know, if , if you're watching on the , uh , Facebook group, cuz we are recording this, this live , um, you know, people will tell , uh , sorry, Facebook will tell people , uh , that I have gone live. It just , it , it , when more people start interacting and commenting and liking , um, if nobody does, then it won't tell anyone basically, which seems a bit unfair <laugh> but you know, it's, it's not just going automatically tell people that I've gone live . For example, just as your posts, won't tell PE uh , you know, Facebook doesn't just automatically tell absolutely everyone, it will only present people with the content. It thinks they will be most interested in because again, they want to keep people on their platform. So they're not going to present them with content that they, you know, will think, well , is this boring and make them click away , uh , et cetera . So I hope that's helped today. Do let me know , uh , if any of that resonates , um , it's simpler than it sounds really. I think people get themselves quite worked up about, they don't know what to post and they do want to talk about that in , uh , next week's episode as well. Um , cuz I'm gonna give you a few ideas next week , uh , as to, you know, what kind of posts you can create and um, what you can say during your posts. So yes, well , uh , thank you so much for joining me. If anybody has any questions or anything do pop them in the comments, let me know. Uh , if you're part of the Facebook group, you can pop them in the DM , um, or you can , uh , pop them in the comments rather there . Um , let's see if there's anybody from YouTube, where is my YouTube fam at <laugh> ? I can see a couple of people watching on YouTube. Actually, this is great. The system I'm going live to both YouTube and uh , Facebook group at the same time. So , uh, Facebook, Facebook user says, hi Vicky , and a little emoji. I can't see who you are, but thank you, Facebook user <laugh>. Um, so yeah, so , um, keep an eye out anyway for when the , uh , when the , when the book comes out. Um , I can't wait, I'm launching two things actually. So I'm gonna be launching the book that I mentioned , um , which is basically full of things about the business side of , uh , wedding Flory. So, you know, templates forms, sample questions to ask during consultations, things like that. Um, but I'm also gonna be launching a digital version , uh , where you will have , um , the actual spreadsheet that I use for my bookings and creating and chloral recipes and , um, you know, they have PDF downloads and , uh, there's been a couple of videos and the content planning spreadsheet, the exact content planning spreadsheet that I use . So there's gonna be a couple of things coming , uh, out recently , uh , sorry , soon. Um, so I am really looking and forward to telling you about those. Uh, do keep an eye out, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. If you don't , uh , you will see some announcements there, don't you worry? I will splash that across every platform , uh , cuz you know, I'm a content creator, so , um, yeah. Okay. Well, we'll leave that , that for today. Uh , and once again, thank you so much for all your well wishes. Um , I am almost out of the other side of this cold that I'm going through. I've managed to slap some lipstick on today and chat to you. Um, uh, yes, I hear you still a bit sick get well soon . Thank you so, so much. Yes. Um , I hope that doesn't come across too badly on the <laugh> on , on the recording. Um, but yeah, thank you so, so much that a lot . Um, just have to keep my fingers crossed that I get through the , these weddings all . Alright , it's gonna be a long day tomorrow and I can't wait to collapse in a heap on Saturday afternoon , uh , and just relax with probably a very large bottle of wine. So <laugh> um, cool. Okay. You guys , uh , thank you so much for the listening and watching and uh , we'll speak to you next week. All right . Take care flower on. Well, thanks so much for listening all the way to the end of wedding , florist social. Remember the hit subscribe so that you don't miss out any feature episodes. And if you want access to some free community and support, then head across to Facebook and look me up on the worldwide wedding florist community group. I look forward to seeing you there .

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