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SEO 4 Step Action Plan To Increase Your Website Traffic!

Confused about SEO? You needn’t be. With this SEO 4 step action plan, you can make a real difference to your website traffic!

Do Keyword Research!

Use free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to assess where you and your website are at right now and what keywords you’re currently ranking for. Also look into what your competitors are ranking for to ensure that you’re remaining competitive.

Now you’ve got your baseline, figure out what you want to focus on for each landing page on your site. You can’t target all types of client on all pages, and your viewer will have a much better experience if they are looking at a subject that matters to them. So pick something you want to focus on for that page, pick a primary keyword for that, such as ‘Wedding Florist Manchester’ and then pick a couple of secondary keywords that compliment it.

Other tools that I find useful for keyword research and delving deeper into your website are AntRanks and SEM Rush. These are paid subscription software but have free trials so that you can see if it's right for you and your business before committing. The Content Quarter is not affiliated with either of these companies.

Site Audit

Go through your website and do some housekeeping. Behind every image on every page there should be SEO titles and descriptions and alt text, that use your keywords and appropriate wording for your ideal client. Have an SEO title that uses your keyword whilst telling the viewer what the page is about. Same with the SEO description. This is what tells search engines what information is on your page, so that when people search for a certain keyword, it knows to rank your page on the search results. Also look at every image on your site and check that they have alt text behind the images. It’s good practice to do this whenever you upload a picture onto your site, so that whenever that image is ever used on your site, it has that alt text behind it.

Look at Your Existing Content

Work with what you already have on your site, and expand on it.

Make sure that there’s plenty of wording on each page that describes your topic, this helps search engines see you as more of an authority on your niche but also more keywords = more chance of being picked up on searches! So expand on current paragraphs and current blogs, to include more of your keyword that you want to focus on for that landing page, and give more information to the user. The more interesting subject matter they have to read, the longer they stay on your page!

Could you perhaps add more images to your blogs or pages too? (Tip, this is also good for your Pinterest account as you have more images to pin and more reasons to direct Pinterest users to that page of your site)

Additional Changes

Once you’ve looked at your current content and amended it to be more in line with your focus keywords and topics for each landing page; you can then start to make additions. I suggest doing it this way, rather than merging steps 3 and 4, because then it can build into a monumental task! (Trust me, I’ve been down that rabbit hole!) Instead, break it down into smaller tasks like this and then you’ll see changes happening gradually and in a logical order.

So, examples of additional changes that you can make would be things such as –

· Building internal links into your site

· Building links to external sites

· Adding new pages

· Adding a new functionality (such as subscribe buttons or free guides etc)

So I hope you've enjoyed reading this 4 step action plan and I hope you see results from it! Remember, there is no quick win or magic wand to SEO. IT really is about playing the long game and keeping up with changes, frequently updating your site, and monitoring your analytics to keep your site ranking as high as you can. Also bear in mind that it sometimes takes weeks for your changes to fully take effect on search engines.

If you feel the need for further coaching, please do check out the training courses page for details of my Content Clinic, SEO & Google workshops or The Website Edit!

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