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Simplify Social Media Marketing With This Ingenious Tool

-Affiliate post -

I get it, you're busy trying to run your business and just don't always have time to keep up with your social media posting. It's not just the posting that takes the time, its the thinking of what to post, it's the deciding which picture to use, it's the figuring out of details such as 'what time is best to post?' . You feel like you're constantly chasing your tail and never quite managing to get on top of it all. There always seems to be something more important to do than social media, so it goes to the bottom of your to do list,

Sound familiar?

Well I discovered an amazing app recently that has saved me hours if not days of posting time, thinking time, image sourcing time and more. It's Angie Gesler's Social Media Content Calendar app.

I bought it as I have a LOT of content to plan, with me running 3 businesses, so anything that saves me time is a bonus; and I instantly fell in love with it.

I mean, it's an app on your phone for starters, not like a lot of the excel spreadsheets you see for sale out there, so you can easily do it on the go, or while you're watching TV after the kids go to bed etc. Literally, in the space of an hour, i'd scheduled 1.5 months worth of facebook posts for one of my businesses. Wow. Cue me sitting back and relaxing know that part of my business was taken care of till the end of January!

There's brain teasers, questions, quotes, daily prompts, all kinds of amazing stuff. But my favourite has to be the amazing copy and paste facility, where it gives you pictures and words to post every day, which you can of course tweak to suit your business. This made my life so much easier and really sped up the process of posting content. Imagine being ahead of things for once? It felt great!

Click the image below to learn more about Angie's amazing app and purchase to make your life easier.

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