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The Best Stock Image Sites For Your Business

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

So maybe you're just starting out in business, or you've been in business a while but want to give your image a complete level up. You're possibly sitting there looking at your competitors social media or a professional blog and wondering 'how on earth do they make that look so good? Where do they get those beautiful images from? I can't afford a photographer to do that for me!'

We'll first of all (before any of my photographer pals see this and get annoyed at me!), if you want anything bespoke to you and your brand, a professional photographer is always a good investment, so I'd highly recommend booking one.

But if you're just doing day to day stuff like, perhaps making your insta stories look great, designing a business card or poster for your shop, creating a blog, or making rich pins, then chances are, a pro photographer won't be cost effective for you.

So... Where do people get these photographs from??

I'll tell you....

Stock Image websites!

It can be a bit of a minefield, so I've listed some of the good ones I for you, which I've used myself and trust!

1) Canva

Canva has been a game changer for me and I don't know what I ever did without it! There is a free version and paid Pro (I have Pro of course!), but with either version, you have access to some wide variety of stock images and videos as well as graphics, templates and other tools to help you design your own stuff! I love it.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

2) Your Own Website!

Before I starter The Content Quarter, I was in business for almost 10 years as a wedding florist (still am) and I looked after my own website. I still kick myself that it took me so long to discover that it has a stock image library feature!

I use Wix, but WordPress and Squarespace also have this.

3) Shutterstock

Is one of the big names in stock images. They have a huge variety and you can pay for just a few images or buy a monthly subscription. At the time of writing this, they hae a special offer of 10 free images when you subscribe to a monthly plan too!

CLICK HERE to check it out

I hope this helps out you & your small business. But don't forget, if it gets too overwhelming for you or you just don't have the time /inclination to do it, then getting support from a content consultant/coach like myself can be worth it's weight in gold AND save your sanity.

So CLICK HERE to get in touch and see the many ways that I might be able to help you and your business!

Take Care!



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