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Systems, Tech, Apps. I've tried them all in my 10 years Floristry career. Systems to make your life easier. Programmes to design, Apps for ordering. Everything.

So let me suggest a few of my favourites, to save you searching for as long as I did, for things that'll improve your life and business

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17hats is AMAZING!

I'm a huge fan of working smarter rather than harder (my clients will tell you that i'm always saying that!). I mean, why would you want to spend more time than necessary on emailing your couples, responding to enquiries, or sending quotes? 

When I had to create and send quotes to my couples manually, I always felt like it was yet another thing to add to my to do list.

I felt the pressure as soon as the couple left my workshop. I knew it was going to take time to put this quote together and knew that it may be some time before they'd receive it. After all, I have a million and one other things to do to!

I also knew that the longer it took, the less likely it was that they'd book me for their wedding and hated the fact that I could put all this effort and stress into the meeting and creating the quote, the Terms and Conditions etc, when they might not even decide to book me anyway. 

This is where 17hats comes into it!  I am so so glad I came across this system. It has been a game changer for my Wedding Flower Business! 

Here's my favourite parts - 

  • I can reply to incoming wedding enquiries with literally just a few clicks, on my phone, while sitting on my sofa

  • I don't have to enter their details onto 17hats, because the enquiry form on my website leads straight into the system and it automatically populates

  • I can create a quote while i'm with a couple and have it emailed to them in a few clicks only 15mins after the consultation

  • When I send a quote, it also sends my Terms and Conditions for them to electronically to sign after they accept the quote. Covering me and my business, without any extra effort

So you see, as a busy Wedding Florist, it A) saves me a lot of time B) makes me look extremely professional to my clients and C) streamlines my processes to the max!

CLICK HERE or click the image to sign up.

There's currently a 50% Off Sale on their Annual pricing through my affiliate link!

Angie Gensler's Social Content App...


Because sometimes you can't think of what to post on Facebook & Instagram or just don't have time! 

You know you need to post but need something done quickly. But you've still got to put your order in for that wedding next week. You've got to help the kids with their homework. You still have to clean up from he last wedding you did! So you just don't have time to think of great posts or know what to write.

Seriously guys, this app can be a lifesaver for busy times like that. Whether you just need some inspiration to spark off your own ideas or need a copy and past solution to get it done quickly, this is the app for you.  

In just 1 hour, I scheduled a whole month's worth of Facebook and Instagram posts.

That was during a particularly busy month for me and I was really struggling with time (I know, even I can struggle with social media sometimes! I'm only human after all). But at that time, this app was a lifesaver! 

CLICK HERE or click the image, for your free 14 day trial through my affiliate link

Wedding Florists, sign up to Canva Pro today! Design your instagram stories, facebook posts and wedding florist promotions
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Canva - What would I do without it!

I'm a huge fan of Canva, especially the pro version! It has so much more than the free version.


Design your own banners, logos, photos, posters, videos (the list goes on) for social media, websites, wedding fayre flyers and more! 


With the huge bank of photos and videos, graphics, fonts to choose from, watch the quality of your online content skyrocket without breaking the bank!

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