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Hi, I'm Vicky,
Wedding Florist of over 10 years and Certified Digital Marketer



I'm Vicky, Owner of Floral Quarter Florist and Director at The Content Quarter, and it's lovely to meet you! 

I live ‘up North’ in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, with my devoted Husband, Adam and two Budgies!

As a Wedding Florist of over 10 years and a certified Digital Marketer, i'm passionate about the wedding
industry and helping other wedding Florists be their best and ace their online presence! My speciality is explaining technical things to non-technical people, in an easy to understand way.

I strongly believe that it’s not about getting ALL of the clients or 200k followers on Instagram, but it’s
about attracting the RIGHT clients and creating a wedding business that you enjoy running. After all, having
hundreds of thousands of followers or website visits, is pointless, if they aren’t people who will book you for
their big day. So I want to help Wedding Florists across the world, get in front of their ideal clients and
book more of them!

A lot of Florists (and small business owners in general!) struggle with Social Media. They know they need a
presence on there, but struggle with knowing what to post, how to post or when to post it. They need someone
to help them with knowledge, confidence, content ideas and making time for social media in their busy lives. That's where I come in; to help you with that!

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