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Hi, I'm Vicky Laffey

And I help Wedding Florists 'Bloom'!  (pun totally intended)

I've been a Wedding Florist for over 10 years now and have built a business with amazing clients, that are totally aligned with me and make my job an absolute pleasure!

You want more business and more money, but better clients right? A better quality of Bride and Groom that you completely gel with and make running your business a breeze!

Well that's where I come in. As both a Florist and a Certified Digital Marketer (and total content creation geek!) I want to help you build a business that a) you enjoy running b) that brings you amazing couples and c) let's you create the florals that satisfy your creativity.

Facebook, Instagram, Websites, are all essential tools for running your Wedding Florist Business, but it can be exhausting feeling like you have to monitor your social media or update your website all the time. Exhausting trying to think of content to create. A real chore, trying to sift through all the conflicting advice online about how to increase your followers. Never mind trying to find time to do all this!

I'm here to help. I'm here to show you how everything you do is a content creation opportunity and that it doesn't need to take up your whole day. I'm here to show you how to apply that to the rest of your business to build something that works for you and with you, and not work yourself into the ground or fall out of love with creating beautiful flowers for a living.

Flower On!

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